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for Runs Red With Blood

9/28/2017 c1 flowerswithmytea
I just watch the entire series last week and oh my goodness, I'm still in shock that I've been sleeping on the show! It's so good! And they've got some of the baddest female characters in anime ever! I've seen Revy's name on internet polls and forums but Balalaika is the baddest bitch! I've fallen so hard in love with her character.

While watching the show, I shipped Balalaika with Chang because they're the baddest mfs in the mafia but Balalaika can get anyone she wants and I love the idea of her and Revy here. Your story is well-written, brilliant, and in-character. Revy was super adorable, even though she felt so out of place at the restaurant. And I love how you didn't stir away from describing Balalaika's features through Revy's perspective. Even with burn scars and all, Balalaika can get it. She's so much more than a pretty face. That one time she slammed Rock into her rental car, I about cream my panties XD But back to this, I enjoyed the intimate moments between Balalaika and Revy. I love the vibe of "it is what it is" while reading this. I wasn't hoping for anything romantic or confession of love. I don't know if I'm explaining myself clearly but I just like the "comfort-ness" feel I get from this. Their interaction just felt very natural. I love it.
9/26/2017 c1 Fwallow
I'm definitely taking your Balalaika/Revy stories as a continuation of the same universe! They all fit well together and I read it as a chronological progression of their relationship. And I definitely agree you don't need a crazy plot; I love how you just focus on their interactions with each other. They're always doing exciting things, so it's cute to see how they deal with mundane day to day life. Your description of their dinner date was just hilarious; Revy so out of place at a fancy restaurant Bal just finding her amusing. A politician's whore is very apt.

Even though there isn't a lot of dialogue, every action carries a lot of weight. I can't really imagine either of them talking about their relationship out loud; your first story already showed how awful they are at discussing personal feelings. Both just come to a silent mutual understanding (and love?). I love reading the internal angst/emotion both of them suppress; it's very sweet reading it slowly come out of both of them. The last few lines of Bal secretly watching Revy leave is just too cute. And her tenderly moving Revy's hair out of the way, only to have Revy freak out is great.

Also Revy finally gets to see fully baked Bal! And I see there's a continuation of their choking kink ;)

Really hoping you choose to write more. I think you capture these characters very well and have a talent for writing how they speak through actions. Would love to see what else you can dream up about them or even how you interpret the rest of the cast. Again, definitely consider posting on AO3 as well!
9/1/2017 c1 Jo
As Dutch said: Amen, Hallelujah and peanut butter! I missed your stuff a lot, really glad to see you back writing again. The way you write both of them is just...it hits all the right spots!

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