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for Love Goes By Haps: Collected Prompts

8/1/2018 c9 Guest
Well...After having watched the BBC's "The Hallow Crown" and it's 3 stories of King Richard and Henry the IV and V, I feel a little more at ease reading is comfortingly familiar! :-)

I like it a lot! The paragraph that begins with; "Thus he spoke..." is incredibly good. It punches me right in the gut. You have quite a way of describing someone who is painfully in love and must keep silent.

So, I get that Benvolio loves Mercuito. But, in the last paragraph, I wasn't sure if Mercuito prefers, shall we say, the company of men?

Keep Going!
7/6/2018 c8 6Cobainlover4ever
I am in awe of your ability to write such convincing dialogue! For example, I adore the Thor movies, but in the third one, Ragnarok, I felt it was a little too heavy on the modern jokes and usually phrasing that has seemed to become a trade mark of most Marvel movies. I still liked the film though. I just had to make an adjustment in my expectations.

I say this because you have the right balance or realism and reality in your stories which is a very difficult feat to accomplish. It's very easy to lean to one side too much. One of the best things a writer can give her audience is a sense of familiarity, not to be confused with predictability. Certainly we want to throw in the occasional bit which makes the readers say; "Holy shit! I had NO idea that would happen!" But, it's a much different thing to change up our writing such that readers are disappointed. They expect to find all the things they love about the work in each new story, but fresh and fun.

You do that, brilliantly!
6/4/2018 c1 Cobainlover4ever
NO my friend, the ending did not suffer one bit! It fit right in with the frenetic pace and emotion of the gaming portion. It made me think what a perfect analogy for love standing in a gambling table is!

The ending was so real! The line; "He without knowing why that they were doomed..." Perfection! I hope you go on with this particular constellation of characters!
9/1/2017 c3 Cobainlover4ever
So silly, yet wonderful! I absolutely love the idea of taking these characters-their essence in tow and dropping them into modern day antics!

One observation, the accent you write reads more Scottish than Irish. I was with an Irish man for seven years. I kinda still have an ear for it. :-)

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