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4/4/2018 c1 Lady Rosencrantz
Ahh the memories - Mary Poppins was my favourite movie as a child to the point where I wouldn't go to sleep at night unless it was playing.
9/7/2017 c1 27lupsss1412
Oh oh! Do something with Aladdin or... or... the movie now you see meor... or the sword on the stone... the beauty and the beast... please add some KaiAo Heizuha ShinRan and... Idk someone with Hakuba... maybe and OCC in the future chapters, I absolutely love this!
9/3/2017 c1 2LunaraGK
I can see Atlantis or Treasure Planet being good if bittersweet for the boys.
9/2/2017 c1 1Disconsolate Mist
Such a wonderful tale, indeed~ You've done a really well, keeping the characters in character as they watch the lovely classic, Mary Poppins. :3 It really is a joy to read, just going over everything that happened in the movie with our four Gosho Boys. It brings back memories of the movie, for sure, and you kinda feel like your watching it alongside them, you know? -

I have to say, my favorite bits were Kaito/Shinichi interactions, and you know I do love those. XD Its just so much fun watching them argue about the movie in which Kaito disguised as Shinichi (ending up with Shinichi kicking that soccer ball... KILLER SOCCER BALLS, SHINICHI! BE CAREFUL WITH THOSE!), to Kaito being sweet and giving Shinichi the dove he helped out in that one movie for the tuppence a bag... Ahh, even though Kaito used to be my favorite character, I've grown so attached to Shinichi, there's no going back now! :P

Heh, Kaito really just brings the comedy to the group! I really loved the white fox plushie... so much. 3 It was the best! I will now write a whole story centering it... :P Oh, wait, Moonlight Reflections already kinda does that, doesn't it?

One of my favorite bits of this story though was how you broke down the tricks they used in the movie. That was simply the best, and so in character for each one of them. Something they technically all have in common. It really just added so much to the story, a bit of bonding, a bit of awe, and gah, I just loved that so much!

Heh, poor Hakuba and Heiji though... They got pranked by Kaito... ; Though, they may actually end up using that solution themselves. I mean, it would be really useful for nights they're solving cases. It might just be the thing all the detectives need to keep their work going. I can so see why Kaito would need it. :P

That end... With Baaya. XD That was the best way to end it. She is our Mary Poppins, and now I feel there should be a story where she is Mary Poppins, and comes to watch three naughty kids; Shinichi, Heiji, Kaito, and Hakuba. XD It must be done! Anyway, that kite bit at the end was great. Just the perfect ending for any birthday, am I right Hakuba? You really have some of the most amazing friends. :P

Whelp, you have done a wonderful job, and I can wait to see the next movie! :D Keep up your wonderful work. Oh, and a movie I'd like to see you do one day? The Fox and the Hound. :3 I want that, and maybe Zootopia if you ever get the will to do it. XD Love my Disney movies with foxes.
9/2/2017 c1 3Eyeinthesky
I had to march right out with them singing the kite song.
9/2/2017 c1 BlackBlood-Tonic
it was really a nice story

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