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for The Infinite Loops: Disney-Kingdom Hearts Redux

8/24 c48 Kyra
I see that Transcendence Au reference there...
Reed is going to have a heck of a time dealing with Al-V/Alvie/the Alcor Virus
8/22 c23 Guest
When I read this long ago, I had no idea who Tama was. Rereading this now, I wonder if Tama is The Ichitama from Japan.
2/6 c50 secretwhovianpony
10, 18, and 22. Those were my favorites. Though, 10 had me facepalm and groan. I mean, I kinda feel bad for Danny and all... but kill Christmas? Really? *long suffering type sigh* Oh Danny... On another note, 18 and 22 were funny. I very much enjoyed those two. :)
1/28 c48 secretwhovianpony
Number 17... #17... *shakes head* *sighs* I suppose I should have seen that coming... but, I still find it to be soo terrible. Why must the cute teen superheroes boys be so punny? On another note, I would like to request a Fused Loop. A DP/Inside Out where we see what Danny's emotions are like. With a possibility of there being a set for both his sides because of the disastrous "Identity Crisis" episode? Really, I just would like to see more 'Danny Phantom' Loops. Oh! Maybe one where we have a trolling Clockwork in regards to the Loops?
1/27 c48 3DoubleCresentMoon
31.13: You forgot about the Sith Lord Angel Bunny from the MLP loops!
1/21 c46 secretwhovianpony
All very interesting, (love the Danny Phantom, would like to request more) but wtf is this 'Mighty Ducks'? 'Cause the only one I know of is that one movie series about a hockey team. I think there's 4 in total. Does this 'Mighty Ducks' cartoon have a 'Darkwing Duck' character in it?
1/21 c46 36Storygirl000
Ooooh! Sky High is Looping!
1/17 c38 4ShadowLDrago
Oh boy. The Admins are irritated.
1/14 c42 Guest
25.9 Eddie is channeling Sans powers, hence his closing line. What’s another Sans quote? “Get Dunked On!”
1/5 c44 2V01dSw0rd
'neither Lucy nor Ashia WOULD take part' (not wouldn't, because of double negatives)

badass rabbits seems to be one of the prevailent things in the loops- at least, the ones who everyone knows of... (Because they're badass)
12/30/2017 c42 ScyBlade
Thought’d I clarify my Loop this chapter. Space Jam was more about why no one should worry about Eddie facing Doom. The last thing was meant to imply a recent Loop involving Undertale. Whether he replaced Sans or got those skills some other way is not important. Only the Judgement if Judge Doom. Also, I had forgotten I wrote this snip until I read it here.
12/30/2017 c42 V01dSw0rd
I should have caught this... "realizing what she'D done" (she had)

The question is for 25.11, is this a one time thing?
12/2/2017 c25 36Storygirl000
Sharknado is Looping.

I just felt a sudden sense of dread.
9/29/2017 c10 2V01dSw0rd
Huh. The balloon thing is Baymax... (part of a previous loop!)
9/2/2017 c1 35Evilhumour Author

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