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for The Beacon Civil War

5/17 c1 Takuji Ryu
By far the best fun I have had reading a fanfic. The misunderstanding, the plot and ideas used. Truly loved the story.
4/27 c13 kiampp
Amazing story! Unusual style and plot but it worked great. Already read 3 if your stories and will be looking at the rest!
3/12 c2 sgtitanwolf
Why is this so good? No WHY DOES THIS WORK!
2/17 c13 Nokeya
Thank you for this masterpiece. I had a big grin when I was reading this. Again, thank you
2/7 c13 5NlaEid
Jaune von Degurechaff
1/28 c13 Guest
1/23 c13 rRPGaming
Gotta say, cake here from Arc Royale to learn who the “Warchief “ was and I am thoroughly impressed, very entertaining.
1/13 c13 Niuzu0130
Me encanta esta historia
12/12/2021 c13 Thrymr
Wearing its influences on its sleeves "The Beacon Civil War" is a short but fun Jaune-t. Taking a conflict that would be utterly inconsequential in size and scope in Ciaphas Cain and turning it into the main feature.
Not entirely sure how it translates to Warchief in Arc Royale being a genius leader of men, but I am sure it should be interesting to see his contribution in that tale.
12/11/2021 c13 Toasta
haha this is saga of Tanya the evil level of misunderstandings this is hilarious
12/6/2021 c13 Nightmare Club
One of the only stories I haven't read yet, but due to your latest story, I needed to learn who Warchief was. I flipping loved it! You've ruined other Rwby fanfics for me. Nobody else has the grammer, updating schedule, and range of genre as you do. Thanks for another great story!
12/5/2021 c13 6Axel771
Welp. We know who's going to win Arc Royale.

12/5/2021 c13 3The Ruler's Haven
All hail the future winner of the Tournament Arc!
12/4/2021 c1 Mikhail Sharon
Oh my!
11/15/2021 c1 GuiltyEyes3432
One of my favorite stories I love rereading it. Well done couer!
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