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10/15 c13 35sergeant peace
could we have a little chapter showing the guys capturing the points at the end? id like to see that chaos and what was hinted of Cardin attacking yang with a mace, I can only see good humor in that
9/29 c12 PurpleArrowhead
honestly the trajan horse is so unbelievable that it might work
9/28 c10 PurpleArrowhead
F in chat, boys.
9/28 c7 PurpleArrowhead
This reminds me of the story of Genghis Khan. He too was a below average warrior who rose to greatness. Solid story
9/28 c3 PurpleArrowhead
Yang doesn't 'have' another arm
9/25 c13 4DaDragon562
Beautiful ending here

love that Zwei qualifies as team MVP at this point and Jaune has basically become the Godfather of Beacon now and is oblivious lmfao

Kinda wished he'd captured Yang at one point.
9/25 c12 DaDragon562
Oh snap, red wedding time? Guess they inevitably had to infiltrate the enemy forces...in dresses...
9/24 c11 DaDragon562
That was an epic ending, for a moment I thought he was gonna pull a tyrannical sacrifice, but that well played food dillemma and prisoner requirement came in quite handy here.
9/24 c9 DaDragon562
I laughed hard at Blake being so cocky only to get captured and then have naughty fantasies about what the "foreign warlord" would do to her

The whole "i've known these girls for 5 days" bit had me cracking up, good parody of how long it takes to build trust on front lines
9/24 c8 DaDragon562
I laughed at the fake drama with fizzy sodas being used in war

Good chapter, poor Nora

Dramatic Blake, can't wait for her inevitable seppuku scene
9/24 c7 DaDragon562
I laughed super hard here

Between interrogating Ruby with healthy diets, "Jaunehalla" and the "arconaughts" forget the king in the north, i was dying laughing the whole time I read

great chapter!
9/24 c6 DaDragon562
I love how his legend snowballs as well as how he captured Ruby using Zwei
9/24 c4 DaDragon562
I laughed my ass off at how Jaune running to save his skin was viewed as diverting enemy forces away
9/24 c2 DaDragon562
Omg i'm crying, laughing hysterically at every chapter, but especially them trying to steal dogfood from Zwei or even how his disciples have started to venerate him while he calls them meat shields
9/22 c13 Guest
Honestly this ending just makes me wanna see a follow up oneshot of bishops of Jaune arguing about the nature of Jaune, like the council of Nicaea, but with less santa claus beating the shit out of people
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