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2/11 c10 4LenoraLana

Okay first of all, when Evelyn called Mac on the loudspeaker, I somehow thought he was gonna be in trouble or that Joanna had lodged a complaint about him being too forward or something. (I mean... I say that because I know that, in this day and age at least, people tend to be hypersensitive about "harrassment" in the workplace lol) but that was cute and clever... Joanna being "allergic" to the flowers lol.

But the part with the tickets-OMG. I seriously wasn't expecting her to rip them up! That was both too funny for words and also a bit heartbreaking in a way haha.

And then... I don't even have any words for what happened with Jesse... that was a twist I wasn't expecting! Though it also totally fits, considering she is a young girl who's never had a good male role model, so it would make sense for her to let some things involving her... first crush go to her head, so to speak.

At least now Joanna and Mac are talking again! Eh I might read more tomorrow if I'm still in the mood, but this totally made my night.
2/11 c9 LenoraLana
Oh this chapter was great, especially since I love angst! I know this is off-topic, but it reminds me of a fictional romance I delved into years ago where two characters were getting acquainted, and the woman had to find out that the guy was widowed and had a son. It's kinda like... even when the other woman is no longer in the picture, so to speak, it is still so easy for a woman to get jealous and feel betrayed that there was once another... maybe it's also cuz females are hardwired to want to be the first, I dunno lol.

Or maybe I'm just being a silly-goose rambler because I'm tired. Either way this chapter was brilliant! I also liked how Evelyn can be stern (in a caring way) with a no-nonsense approach when she really wants to get through to someone. (Hm almost reminds me of another OC we both know... let me know if you can guess who I'm talking about lol.)

Great chapter!
2/11 c8 LenoraLana
Aw this chapter was so adorable, moving and touching, particularly where Jesse was concerned! I like how Mac handled this. It shows he's one of the better teachers there.

Also I am getting such a kick out of how much Evelyln is trying to play matchmaker, at least it seems that way lol.

And the gradually developing chemistry between Mac and Joanna is great, I love how he was so delighted when she asked for his help on something, it shows he is definitely crushing on her in a way lol.
2/11 c7 LenoraLana
I loved this! I also loved the descriptions of Mac's gaze and how he could "talk a zebra out of his stripes with that look" at one part, lol.

I really like how she finally said yes to having a meal with him, and that they just spent hours talking afterward. It's sad that Mac didn't pass the MRI in the way he wanted to, but I guess it also shows the medical professionals are being thorough. It also means Joanna and Mac can spend more time together hehe.
2/11 c6 LenoraLana
Now that is a great way to get Mac and Joanna alone together, to have Mac's vehicle get stolen! I see what you did there muahahaha

Also that was so AWESOME when Mac got concerned about Joanna going out after dark! In a way, that is kinda every girl's dream, to have a guy worry about that even if she can handle herself lol.
2/11 c5 LenoraLana
I really like the way you took everything slow in this chapter. I mean, it might've been really easy to just have Joanna and Mac go out to lunch immediately, and it makes things more organic and realistic to let stuff build slowly. Plus I can't help but think that, on some level at least, men are naturally the ones who want to do the chasing/pursuing and this gives Mac a chance to do so if he wants to, lol.

It's also really neat how he keeps noticing her looks, and there is that mystery about the ring. I bet that'll get explained later on.
2/11 c4 LenoraLana
Since I'm a tad bored tonight and in a reading mood, I'm reading at least a chapter or two of your story. :D

I loved the whole description of Mac's hair being "long and shaggy" lol. Everything about this chapter is, I think, what anybody might go through if they're having a typical "love at first sight" moment. And then it got really awkward and kinda embarrassing lol.

Very sweet chapter that made me giggle a couple of times haha.
8/28/2023 c3 LenoraLana
Aw this chapter is so bittersweet. I absolutely loved the part where Mac was all like, "I want it I want it!" when Pete was finally able to dangle an assignment in front of his nose.

I really like the way you've been portraying things. One thing I've often felt while watching the show is that any organization, no matter how great its people and leaders are, does end up getting tied down by bureaucracy eventually, especially if its best key players leave.

This story is really sweet so far!
8/28/2023 c2 LenoraLana
Wow, I guess Mac should've realized that things would change after he resigned! That is quite a blow to his world, first losing Sam after finding him, and now this. Though it can be tough to find what your place in the world is supposed to be after a lot of things change.

Thanks for another great chapter! Onto the next.
8/28/2023 c1 LenoraLana
Aw I love this chapter! I am such a sucker for angst, and this has plenty of it! I guess Sam wouldn't stick around forever since he is a grown man who needed to begin his own life, even after finding his dad for the first time. Very much son like father, cannot stay in one place for too long.

I also really enjoyed how much you covered MacGyver's broody mood in this chapter, since I can totally picture this hitting him hard.

Onto the next chapter!
9/21/2021 c38 Karenskatz
OK. I read a good deal of the story that comes after this, which I found on another site, and just recently stumbled across this beginning series. I've been meaning to ask; you live in Milwaukee, don't you?! I've been living here since 1980 (came up from Chicago for a summer job at Old World Wisconsin and sorta never went home) and you've got all the major landmarks and the freeway system correct, though the occasional street addresses and the names of hospitals don't match up with anything I know of (or was that intentional?) I've volunteered at the Pabst mansion, I've had the Victorian Tea at the Pfister with my steampunk friends, I live about five blocks from Harly headquarters and Miller, and I've been to a few of the every-five-year big anniversary bashes that Harly Davidson throws. I keep waiting for you to throw in back-stage at the Pabst Theater or the Broadway Theater Center; that I could really fact-check for you! I'm wondering what building you were imagining for the Challengers School and later Club? What neighborhood did you set that in? Where in Chicago did you picture the Phoenix Foundation and which northern suburb did you imagine Pete and Connie living?
I was also wondering why Pete didn't have something to say about his successor, Stern. You don't get a position like that without working your way up through the ranks or coming over from an allied organization like the DXS. Pete would have known him, or at least known OF him. I wouldn't be the least surprised if Mac had called Pete after his first encounter with Stern to ask, "What can you tell me about this guy?"
9/19/2021 c12 Karenskatz
Did they have body cams back in 1995?
6/23/2020 c16 5j.haerton
You do a great job writing MacGyver! RDA would be flattered.
1/30/2018 c9 11GoodGodHenry
Trouble is a brewing between MacGyver not telling Joanna about his son...but I am more worried about Jesse. Aaaah!
1/4/2018 c4 GoodGodHenry
I love Joanna and her use of a binder clip!
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