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10/24/2017 c37 Murdoc
Well, clearly, you've captured me perfectly. I can't deny that I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to destroy MacGyver's happiness, even from beyond the grave. A shame that Joanna chose to return to him instead of staying in the afterlife. Everything that your depiction of me said about MacGyver is true. It's only a matter of time before she learns that the hard way.

I'm quite pleased with your work this time around. Until next time...

10/24/2017 c37 Sanguine
This is my favorite chapter so far! And I know that I like it for a different reason than everybody else, but still. It's my favorite. :-D

Favorite line: Murdoc' quip about being let out for good behavior. :-D That was so hilarious and it's definitely something that he would say! :-D

I was about ready to throw something at MacGyver when the weirdo blonde lady showed up in his house, but I calmed down when I found out that he was just letting Joanna think that he cheated on her. For a second there, though, I was *really* mad at him!

I also liked the way you revealed Mac's name to Joanna. It's about dang time. And it's probably for the best that this happened that way, because I think Mac would be really awkward if he were to have that conversation with her. :-D

Everything with Murdoc was just great... The conversation with Joanna was great, locking her out was great... And I may never know why this fandom decided that Murdoc's first name is Eddie, but I *love* it and I love it that he was introducing himself that way to Joanna. Agh! And Joanna's reactions were perfect. I just loved this entire chapter. So thank you. :-)
10/24/2017 c37 5AllTrekkedUp
Oh my goodness! This is my new favorite chapter! Well done!
10/22/2017 c36 AllTrekkedUp
Wow! Great chapter! On the edge of my seat for the next one.
10/22/2017 c36 Murdoc
I suppose that this is what you were alluding to in our last correspondence. Of course MacGyver must always rescue the damsel in distress. What a shame that he didn't quite succeed. Perhaps another time, hm?

Much love, darling.
10/22/2017 c36 Sanguine
Holy Shatner! Joanna got shot?! Well, she can probably survive that. But dang. I didn't see that coming. Wow, that was intense.

I also really liked Mac calling the parents out on their hypocrisy (although, I guess it kinda makes sense that they'd want someone stable to be a better role model than they are). And I loved the science experiment with the volcano. So cute, and definitely something that MacGyver would do. :-D

Out of curiosity, is Exeter Street a real place, or is it fictional?
10/20/2017 c35 Murdoc
It's about time that MacGyver has nightmares about me. I hope that I haunt his sleep and his every waking moment until the day that he dies.

Hm. Interesting to see where your little side plot with Mr and Mrs Ugly Divorce and family will go.
10/20/2017 c35 Sanguine
Like father, like son. :-D
I love the interactions between Mac and Sam so much. Mac just tries so hard-"do as I say, not as I do!"

I was hoping that Murdoc would show up again, but at least he's haunting Mac's nightmares. Heh heh heh! ;-)

Also, Joanna and her books-just YES. I agree one thousand percent.
10/20/2017 c35 AllTrekkedUp
This chapter was really good!
10/18/2017 c34 Murdoc
Hm. This one actually got to me. More so than I'd care to admit. Good work, my darling.
10/18/2017 c34 Sanguine
I liked this chapter and I thought that it was extremely good, but it makes me sad because it's a little too true to life.

Mac's definitely a natural with kids, and I liked seeing that side of him. I felt so bad when Sarah was upset about MacGyver on the couch, but it was such a realistic scenario. My heart broke a little.

Also, I can totally relate to those lesson plans and that curriculum these days. :-D
And Frog makes everything better.

Mac's dream intrigues me and I want to see if it crops back up again later!
10/18/2017 c34 AllTrekkedUp
Aw, what a lovely chapter!
10/17/2017 c33 Murdoc
You simply can't trust motel clerks these days. That's why I choose to wear a disguise when checking in. And getting the campsite under your real name, MacGyver? What a novice mistake.

And leave it to MacGyver to take forty-some years to figure out that intimacy and commitment go hand-in-hand. Ridiculous.
10/17/2017 c33 Sanguine
I love her questions about the Westerns. I do that all the time, but with Westerns, you really shouldn't overthink it. :-D

I really liked the exchange between Mac and Leroy about defending Jorge versus representing him. That definitely sounds like something Mac would question, and I liked Leroy's explanation.

I love the way that Mac views intrigue, fleeing through the woods, and narrowly escaping death as a normal day at the office, and I love it that Joanna is a sane human being who questions that for a minute. :-D

The last section was my favorite part of the chapter.
And also, Mac and Frog are too cute. :-)
10/16/2017 c33 AllTrekkedUp
Love this! Great job!
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