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10/14/2017 c32 Murdoc
I'm still very cross with you. But I suppose that this section wasn't too bad.
10/14/2017 c32 Sanguine
Ooooh, teacher burnout. Yep, Joanna needs to stay as far away as possible from a classroom until/unless she recovers.

Although, her taking her fury out on Mac was hilarious. The socket wrench thing was just perfect. :-D

Is it odd that I don't know if I trust Leroy yet? I mean, he did help Mac with his legal issues and he does seem to be a perfectly nice guy so far, but I still don't trust him. MacGyver has waaaaayyy too many people in his life who stab him in the back.

When the door was unlocked and Mac was getting nervous, I got all excited because I thought Murdoc was back. But he wasn't. But Frog is here, so it's okay! :-D
10/14/2017 c31 Sanguine
Comparing Mac and his suit to a Thanksgiving turkey is the most hilarious analogy ever. :-D

Father Mike cracks me up.

I can relate to Joanna's story. Her feelings are very understandable. I liked Mac's reaction to her situation.

This was such a sweet chapter! And it had a much happier ending than I thought it would have... When you titled it "A Night to Remember," my mind automatically jumped to Walter Lord, so I thought the end was near. :-D
10/14/2017 c32 5AllTrekkedUp
Love, love this chapter! AndMac's new roommate! :)
10/12/2017 c31 4Dlwells51
Wonderful conclusion to an epic story line. Well done.
10/12/2017 c31 5AllTrekkedUp
Beautiful chapter! Well done!
10/10/2017 c30 Guest
I just reread it again and noticed a couple more things that I really liked.
I liked that Joanna tried to fit in with MacGyver and his people.
Murdoc's note was great, and I feel bad for that poor old guy that he killed, but that was a diabolical thing for him to do :-D
And he totally psyched MacGyver out by planting the explosive outside while Mac was frantically trying to find the bomb that wasn't there. That was nice, too.

Murdoc should have recognized the poison ivy. But I liked that you pointed it out earlier in the chapter to foreshadow it. That was really nice. Murdoc's death scene really got to me. It's unnerving to see him so scared and helpless. Even worse than when he had to deal with the snakes, because he knew that he was probably going to die. Man...

Asking to see Murdoc one last time was a very believable thing for Mac to do. I was a little surprised that he was actually there, but I liked the medical examiner's comments about him. Poor Murdoc.

But I've been waiting for this chapter for a long time, and you didn't disappoint me!
10/10/2017 c30 Sanguine
He's not dead. There's no way he's dead!
Although the poison ivy thing took me by surprise. I actually really enjoyed you throwing that curveball at me. That was a nice touch.
And I liked Mac's reaction to Murdoc's "death," too. And the bomb in the Jeep!
This was just a really good chapter, so thank you. I have the biggest dumb smile on my face!

And also, you are very sweet! Thank you so much.
Murdoc was planning to thank you, but now he's pouting. Secretly, though, you know that he loves the attention. ;-)
10/10/2017 c30 AllTrekkedUp
This is possibly my favorite chapter yet! Good work!
10/10/2017 c29 Murdoc
Exchanging verbal fisticuffs at work, MacGyver? That's very unprofessional. That sort of thing puts you at risk of losing your job.

Oh, look. You've already lost it. How quickly the tides turn...
10/10/2017 c29 Sanguine
Poor Elliott! He probably had no idea what he was getting into when he agreed to work with Stern.

I love Mac moping around with his Westerns. That's just his go-to coping mechanism, isn't it? :-D

Sam's reaction to Mac kissing Joanna is absolutely priceless. And so is Mac's reaction to his reaction. :-D

Awww, they kissed! They love each other! 3
...It's about dang time! ;-)
10/9/2017 c3 idkidontexist
I love the description! So much detail this has so far been absolutely amazing. (Just thought I should say something now since I've been quiet for two chapters. :'D)
10/8/2017 c29 AllTrekkedUp
I love this chapter! There were some touching moments that werereally nice. Good work!
10/7/2017 c28 AllTrekkedUp
What a great story! Very welly written and detailed. I haven't seen much Mac but this makes me want to watch.
10/6/2017 c28 Sanguine
I loved it!

Oh my goodness, they kissed and it was so sweet and perfect!
And MacGyver remembering her the second time-that was priceless, especially the way Joanna reacted to him. That was such a great moment.

But the car! They killed the Nomad! My mind is racking up the dollar signs and the hours of work it'd take to fix that sucker. Not to mention the paint job... *Dang.*
I feel much the same way that I did when I watched the Collision Course episode with all those Firebirds in the line of fire... But at least this time, it's not a Pontiac. ;-)

Also, I kinda feel bad for Mac, because he is never, ever, *ever* going to pass a concussion test ever again. This has got to be like the fifteenth time that he's lost his memory. It's a wonder that he has any brain cells left. I seriously would be getting concerned for his neurological health if I were him!

Anyway, this was a great chapter!
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