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11/17 c16 arickmaniac2020
such a sweet story. I binged read this. so good. so well written. thank you
11/16 c6 arickmaniac2020
oh I'm in love with this fic xo so well written
8/2 c16 HermioneSnape394
story was really nice,liked it , enjoyed it
8/2 c8 HermioneSnape394
this story is really good, its beautiful , but the one thing I'm not liking is that Severus is so out of character here, Severus Snape is no Severus Snape without his sarcasm, I cant believe he is just listening bullshit from that Cavan without giving him a savage Sarcastic reply, OK I understand he is heartbroken and he is finding himself out of the league but even then Severus Snape don't take cheek from anyone and its really not believable that Harry or that Cavan can defeat Severus in a dual , Severus was a masterspy, skilled in Dark arts and was in Voldemort's inner circle, I'm sure he had faced many many fierce duals and he had spent his school days fighting with Marauders in a 4:1 fight,he can easily sweep the floor with that arsehole Cavan
6/4 c16 31Opal Chalice
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and sweet story. It really got me hooked from chapter 1 and then I can't stop read it!
4/1 c16 pointed.exclamation
This was an incredibly sweet story with the right amount of darkness to balance it out. I never care much for a story that heavily features characters not in the original seriesincluding the kidsbut Rose is very believable and likeable. And it was SO refreshing to see an amicable post divorce Ron and Hermione relationship, I'm tired of the default trope of "Ron is a crappy ex who never matured" even though I understand why it's natural to write him that way. Thanks for writing this lovely tale, you have a follower in me.
4/1 c8 pointed.exclamation
Definitely a fan of the tentative camaraderie between Harry and Snape!
3/31 c6 pointed.exclamation
This is so heartwarming and wholesome, and creates a uniquely warm environment for the reader. I'm very much drawn in!
2/16 c1 Prin2012
This has been a great source of escapism from all things coronavirus! Great little story. Love Rose
11/26/2020 c2 Guest
Sorry, that's not Snape, that's some woman in Snape disguise... And it's not about Snape and Hermione, it's about a five-year old, who is supposed to seem charming, but doesn't quite manage it.
I like real children, but I'd also like to have some rest from them in fanfics. And as all the children like spending time with me, I can say that even with the ones you love, it gets very tiring to have them run after you at every opportunity and for parents to allow it and behave as if it's ok.
Like I said, that's not Snape, not even close.
11/26/2020 c1 Guest
I would expect Hermione's daughter to have at least some manners. She's extremely rude for 5,5. They do have some ability to be polite at that age. Hopefully, she'll gain at least some likability on the way, because at the moment I can't think of one reason someone would willingly agree to invite her.
And I don't believe Harry would talk about him like that in front of the children. It's one thing to say those things as a child about a hated teacher and quite another to say it about the man you called 'the bravest' and named your child after him, specially to the children who would have to deal with Snape in a few years.
11/13/2020 c16 Cmdr.DorkyBadass
Ahh they are just Adorable! I love Rose and Sev'rus relationship
9/3/2020 c16 16Spannerspoon
Awwww! Rose is just a little cutie!

Loved it! Brilliantly written and throughly enjoyed!
8/15/2020 c16 3ArtemisBare
A lovely little angst fluff piece. Thanks for the nice read
8/6/2020 c16 AngelDragon1976
Absolutely beautiful and he deserves both of them.
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