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for The Rose's Thorns

1/1 c4 sunseren
What a great story until now.
I'm so glad I found it.
There are so little stories...unbelievable because the books are so great.
Thanks for writing this.
9/27/2022 c16 4Gringle Kirby
Oh I love this series! I hope you haven't given up on it! I'm curious to see where this story goes!
2/2/2022 c1 AssassinAltar
I'm so glad I found this story although now I'm sad being that I just read the whole thing. keep up the good work!
1/30/2022 c16 stephanieharvey2015
This is Steph again! I had to make an account so I could follow the story, and I was so excited to wake up to an email saying it was updated!
I feel like I can relate to Angela a bit since I've also struggled with body image issues and self confidence; I'm quite thin and it's difficult for me to gain weight because of my high metabolism, and sometimes I have days where I feel like that's all people see. For Angela to have a shei'tan that accepts her as she is gives me hope that someday I'll find someone who can see me for who I am and who won't just see me as this spindly little thing that I am.
So thank you for updating, I loved this chapter!
1/23/2022 c15 Steph
I keep coming back to this story because I love it so much! I want you to know that after months of not wanting to write, YOU inspired me to start again! THANK YOU for that! I really hope you decide to continue this because it's amazing!
9/9/2021 c13 ImperialProcrastination
this Ivan dew fellow is too contrived
9/9/2021 c11 ImperialProcrastination
OOoo very cool. I'm confused as to when and where in the timeline everyone is though
9/8/2021 c4 ImperialProcrastination
Good stuff!
7/20/2021 c15 9Caffeinated Night Shift
This is a very interesting story. I look forward to reading more. Update soon!
6/30/2021 c14 Slytherintobed
I hope you’re able to finish this story because I absolutely love it!
1/22/2019 c13 4LadyCumberBunny
I absolutely love this!
9/3/2018 c1 AdfSj
Veri n1c3RkWst0ri53
4/2/2018 c12 hscholz
Loved it! Can't wait for more! This is holding me over until Wilson writes more in the Fading Lands. Thanks so much.
2/15/2018 c11 Guest
Tajik is Angela's Father?! I'm corious about their coming together. And also about her weapon against seldor!
2/6/2018 c10 hscholz
So excited for this new chapter! But ahhhh I need more! Can't wait :)
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