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for The Rose's Thorns

11/20/2017 c8 Guest
Good chaper, angela approaches cyr, finally(:
Hopefully he doesn't ruin it with the comming fight between him and ravel, oh oh
11/21/2017 c8 hscholz
Yay chapter 8! Thank you so much for writing this story! I'm excited for the next chapter :) *waiting in anticipation*
11/12/2017 c7 Guest
I'm surprised to read a new story about that book, wonderful!
The Idea with the invention of an instrument against seldor is interesting. You have to write more about this. But there are so much good ideas you have to carry on, first of all the romance! :D
Angela and Cyr are so cute together, he's really wants to help her with her unhappy past.
I'm curious that Angela is a real human or a Fey oder have Fey blood, because in the book all shei'dalins have Fey blood(:
Please go on!
10/22/2017 c7 Guest
Thumps up!
Nice Chapter(:
10/7/2017 c6 Guest
I'm bound to say that I don't really understand the thing with the ash and the problem with Angela. But I think it will be cleared up in the course of tale(:
But i do love the slow progress between Cyr and Angela! Hope to read more about them with Angela in better condition(:
9/26/2017 c5 Guest
Cyr is really unspecified in the books. I can't help you.
I'm interested why do you pick him as an protagonist(:
9/10/2017 c4 Guest
I'm so glad there is a new tairen soul story!
It looks really great so far.
Hopefully you can finish it (:
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