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for A Flower for Her Hair

1/24/2019 c1 43tmtcltb
And reading this from Seven's perspective was just as nice. I did want to laugh at the fact she spent over an hour picking her dress. Doing research and primping for a date aren't too far apart, it seems. The comment about Naomi was also great. Very nice piece.
9/25/2017 c1 34VST
Hi, Cheile,

Congratulations on completing the Shipping Week challenge and for having this story selected for the Review Scavenger Hunt.

While I watched probably all but one or two of episodes of Voyager during their original broadcast, it's been quite some time since I've seen an episode but seeing Seven trying to primp seemed so out of character as I thought I remembered her made me laugh. Seeing her trying to do it in the "reflective surface" of the console seemed to be so in character that it made me laugh, too. Therefore, the story was already off to an excellent start and then seeing her realize that "worrying about her appearance was immaterial" seemed to nail her situation, too, and restore everything to full believability.

The Naomi Wildman reference caught me completely off guard. I didn't even remember that child until you mentioned her!

Captain Janeway's arrival and the apparent help she might bring was also quite humorous. Instead of actually helping with the problem, Janeway tries to help further Seven's reintegration into the human race rather than assisting with her actual problem by helping her pick a silly dress. From the way it was worded, Janeway said she'd be happy to make some suggestions but they were either not forthcoming or were so pointless that Seven was forced to ignore them and then spend the next "1.3 hours…sifting through the vast catalog." Or perhaps that was Janeway's point, that Seven needed to spend time looking at the probably boring mountain of possibilities in order to find the one that caught her eye and thereby gain a little more insight into the human condition for those who hadn't taken her particular route through the Collective to get there.

While the stated genre is romance, I noticed one other humorous point. While the Captain tries to help Seven develop "style," Seven's ultimate choice has nothing intentional to do with style itself, but rather, making a selection that she deems to be least "least offensive" to herself and others. However, while she probably doesn't realize it at this point in the process, being able to recognize that is in itself actually a component of style that got a final chuckle.

Then, let the romance begin! Harry's arrival and their brief discussion that follows as they prepare to go one their first public date has that polite, careful feel so common to a first date scenario. The flower was a very sweet gesture on Harry's part, and it was nice that Seven accepted it and recognized its effect through Harry's nonverbal admiration.

This interaction between them, from Harry's arrival to their departure, was the one part of the story that I felt might possibly have been expanded a little to add more depth by exploring it further. What we witnessed felt just a bit rushed to me, but on checking, it appears that it did represent approximately half of the story's length (if not exactly half of the actual number of words). While I would like to have seen a little more, adding additional discussion or descriptions might have caused it to feel unbalanced without adding anything of significance.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this, and while you said it was definitely AU, it felt like it could have been part of canon if circumstances had only been slightly different. Great job!
9/15/2017 c1 21ZadArchie
Just going to say, right now, my old orchestra teacher would be happy to know I’m reading something in a Star Trek universe. He was a Trekkie at heart.

Seven strikes me as a very interesting figure. The name alone gives me pause. Seven sounds so…impersonal, as if lacking personhood. I don’t mean to say that she lacks personality (you do that well), but that as the name would suggest, among her culture, she’s sort of ignored, no, not the right word. More like…personhood doesn’t matter to her culture. It’s kind of like in ancient Rome. Many children had names to indicate their birth order. Octavia for example just meant “eighth daughter.” How would you like that as your name? You’re just the eighth kid born. Still, I don’t know all that much about Seven’s background, so I’ll reserve judgement on this name. It just evoked those memories for some reason.

The other interesting aspect about her is her rather Apollonian personality. Vulcan, perhaps? That typically fits the MO in the Star Trek universe, from what I know. At the very least, she seems to practice a form of stoicism. She cares very little for personal appearance, or the need for a means to observe that (the mirror), as she sees it as only “immaterial.” Hm, that choice of word there…has a very “mystic” quality to it. She focuses less on material needs and more so on abstracts, yes? How fascinating!

Clearly, though, it becomes apparent that she isn’t human, or at the very least, has no connection to Earthly customs. I think this was a good choice when it came to perspective. From an anthropological standpoint, we are more drawn to stories that focus on outsider perspectives, as it gives us a rather fresh, if not poignant interpretation of our own culture. Her need to feel like she can blend in to the best of her abilities, though, gives her that anthropomorphic flare necessary to create a relatable, outsider character.

She reminds me very much of a character I work with frequently, a couple actually, now that I think about it. These are fun characters to work with, and I hope you had just as much fun with the story. All in all, it was cute, and makes for a good pairing story. Nice job!

9/15/2017 c1 67TolkienScholar
Being more canon-familiar now, I really enjoyed seeing your portrayal of Seven. Your word choice really helps to convey the way she thinks: "inefficient," "functions," "immaterial," "satisfied," "impractical," "irrelevant," "least offensive to her own senses," "acceptable," "excessive," "pleasing," "enhanced." So many cold, impersonal words that perfectly portray her lack of emotion and yet are endearing, as they always are with Seven. I also enjoyed her precise calculation of how long it took her to scroll through and the way she's been reading up on "relationship rituals" and trying to follow them "by the book," which Harry is patient with but assures her isn't necessary. And yet he's quite traditional as well, in bringing her a flower to wear. It's so cute and very in-character for Harry, I think. I never even considered the possibility of them as a couple, but now that you've shown it to me, I want more.

I wasn't exactly sure what you meant by "The plethora of designs available was impractical"; I couldn't tell if you meant that it was impractical to have such a wide variety or that every single dress in the database was impractical. Is there a way you could clear that up?

Also, I'm not sure you need to put "research" in quotes at the part where Janeway comes in. I totally understand why she would put "luau" and "dressing up" and "flamingo" in quotes, but as far as Seven is concerned, research is absolutely what this is, and so putting it in quotes kind of takes us out of her narrative voice.

Although they were very short, I really enjoyed your references to Naomi Wildman and Janeway. Naomi is SO STINKING ADORABLE, and I can totally see her coming up with crazy possible uses for a mirror to try to convince Seven to get one. And of course the captain would very diplomatically bow out of giving concrete fashion advice to Seven. All of your characterizations in this fic just feel absolutely right; I love it. Amazing writing all around. :)
9/14/2017 c1 75darkaccalia520
Hello, Che! Pretty sure this story is the answer to a scavenger hunt clue, so here I am.

Okay, still fandom blind to Voyager (but that should change in the near future ;)). But I do recall Seven is like a computer or an AI or something to that effect. Therefore, it makes perfect sense she'd be somewhat confused about dating rituals, if you will. I really love how she never really had use for a mirror before. Not that this situation makes her want a mirror, as she mentions, but she does feel the need to check her appearance in the reflective console for a reason: a date. I do love how she really isn't concerned about her appearance, per se, but she wants to ensure that she looks 'normal' for Harry and the other party guests.

Her dress search was rather cute, too. I understand her frustration when she asked the captain for help. Janeway's answer was very wise, but it wasn't exactly what Seven wanted. However, in the end, it seems like she made the right choice (even though I'm not a fan of pink at all, lol). I'm sure it looked lovely on her.

I have to admit, I don't really know/remember much about Harry from your other stories, but I feel like he's the perfect match for Seven, as he seems patient and kind enough to explain customs of humans. Poor Seven, worried when she notices their outfits don't match, but Harry assures her that doesn't matter at an informal party. I'm not too sure she's pleased with that answer, considering it's their first public appearance as a couple. I almost wonder if she's worried no one will realize they're a couple after all. But again, Harry assures her it's all right, and she seems to accept it then.

Of course, the flower was the gem of the story. It was sweet that Harry helped to put it in place and that she didn't need to even check her appearance to see how she looked, since she could see it in Harry's eyes. Lovely!

This was a sweet piece. Well done! :)

One little thing:

"We did," he agreed.-Since you use 'agreed' in the line just above this, you may want to go with replied here instead for variety purposes.
9/4/2017 c1 337The Bickering Kingdom
I usually don't like Harry/Seven but this is adorable.
9/4/2017 c1 19 Years
Wow, you're still here?
9/4/2017 c1 Daril

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