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7/30/2018 c1 4-6-0-1-7-0-4
... So where in the hell was the so-called Duke bashing or the not so-called flattering scenes? Where in the hell was the S/SC together in this? Where was all the "A collection of ficlets and drabbles detailing the working relationship between S/SE on the newly established GI JOE team. Renegades verse, post-canon."

Because there was NONE OF IT! Because all you have is a dumb short meaningless conversation between Scarlett and Snake Eyes about her dress, then you have Duke going with Scarlett and kissing her, why couldn't Snake Eyes go with her? In the canon comic book (something you should actually read) wore a realistic rubber mask with sunglasses to fool people... oh, wait, that's right... we learned that Snake Eyes is her "boyfriend", she and Duke call each other childish names, he got punched (two times) by her because of the kiss and he was scared off by Snake... wow... bravo... what a not so-called flattering Duke bashing that was and what a great S/SE togetherness scene(s)...

Do you state that all that crap at the top just to see of you could get actually Snake Eyes/Scarlett fans to read this so you could, in a way, give them (us) the middle finger or something? To get a good laugh that you fooled us into wasting our time with this? Because that would explain why you have so very few reviewers from any SE/SC fan or anyone in general... if you hate the pairing so much, don't lie, don't try to fool people into reading this or anything, and don't write about it...
9/11/2017 c1 32Samaritan Prime
Okay, this was too funny.

Snake Eyes has become the first man to tell a woman she actually doesn't look good in a dress and live. Duke, meanwhile, joins a long list of men who said the opposite and almost died.
9/10/2017 c1 2venusmitteer
love it
9/5/2017 c1 45octocelot
Love this as much as when I read it the first time!

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