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4/2/2019 c50 Guest.I
Sorry for the late response, I feel so sorry for Ben, that's just pure bad luck.
But now, they have a future to look forward to, together!
4/1/2019 c50 Guest
3/26/2019 c50 Grace
Awww yay! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
3/25/2019 c49 Guest
next chapter is number 50! I'm so proud!
3/24/2019 c49 Eli201
you are very welcome! it looks so amazing! and i'm so glad to see them using Bal to promote D3! Can't wait for it!
And now, I cant also wait for their honeymoon! It's gonna be amazing!
3/22/2019 c49 Guest.I
I feel so sorry for Ben, he does not deserve all of this negative energy!
Can't wait for their honeymoon! Keep slaying!
3/21/2019 c49 Guest
Amazing! congratulations!
3/21/2019 c49 kate cheese
I need their honeymoon fast! Like, right freaking now!
I want to see Zohu and Ben's friendship again, but I'm kinda pissed, he does not deserve Ben's forgiveness, maybe later, who knows?
3/20/2019 c49 Mary Pan
Zohu, sorry but I still don't like you, you are the one that needs to work hard to get my love back.
3/19/2019 c49 Guest
I need someone to sit down with Mal and remind her that she is married now. I know she wants to remind Evie that she is her best friend and will always take priority in her life but that is not really possible now. She has spent more time alone with Evie and her other friends and family members than with her new husband. The key to a healthy marriage is communication and making time for each other. Without those two things a marriage can and most likely will fail. Maybe Mulan can talk to her about it?
3/16/2019 c48 Eli201
Zohu please, don't fuck things up more... My babies already have a lot to deal with, leave them alone, let them be happy...
I'm starting to believe adam and belle are blindand extremely selfish... Like, they can't see anything besides their own opinion and are ignoring their only son feelings... Everyone is crazy except for Mal and Ben!
BTW have you seen the new teaser?
3/15/2019 c48 kate cheese
I'm so happy right now! They did the right thing! Their happiness is the only thing that matters!
3/14/2019 c48 Guest.I
You tell them Ben! I'm so angry with their attitude... I mean the kid already did not feel confortable to invite them for the wedding and they think the best way to go is to attack his happiness? That's some dumb shit!
3/14/2019 c48 Mary Pan
Thats my boy! so proud of you Bennyboo!
3/13/2019 c48 RocketGurl92
Yay a new chapter! I can’t wait to read your next installment! Please update soon!
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