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5/8/2020 c3 BeatriceRicci
I loved it
6/6/2018 c1 8Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
I definitely had a different childhood than most kids then, because mine started out with my Fear Emotion being in charge. There wasn't much of a choice, since I was born premature. Joy then took over, then it was both Fear and Joy, then Fear, Sadness and Joy. By the time I got to my adolescence, Joy and Fear had to give up their leadership roles to Anger and Sadness, while the previous two took a long, well deserved break. Then, Fear and Sadness were my lead emotions in my late teen years, then Fear and Joy, along with Sadness and Anger as second in command in my twenties. Everything's much more balanced, now that I'm in my early thirties, with everyone having an equal role to play. Growing up is very hard though, no doubt about that!
1/30/2018 c7 CNBW
YESYESYESYESYES. This was such a cute story and I loved ALL of it. Can't wait for the next one! :)
1/29/2018 c7 2Tripledent
That was a nice moment between Disgust and Joy. Fear did show his smarts with his explanation of why he was late arriving that morning. Eh, what Anger doesn't know about the cookies won't hurt him. Here's hoping that Fuzz and Twink can keep being the support that each other needs all the way into the future!
1/29/2018 c7 5Orangebird124
Aw, the StarNerve story is over already? That stinks! :( Oh, well, at least I had a lot of fun reading it! It's always been my pleasure to support you and I'll be waiting right here, looking forward to your upcoming stories soon! Anyway, let's get to reviewing the last chapter right now! :)

Joy woke up at four in the morning and she didn't even wake Anger up when she went into the kitchen. Even though she had trouble sleeping, she decided to put all of the troubles behind and return to her positivity self by making cookies for everyone! Yay, the old Joy is back! I loved it when she reminisced her chat with Fear from last night and especially when Fear feels protective and brave around her and when Joy sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" from "The Lion King". Just as she put the cookies in the oven, the Emotions woke up and they smelled the smell of cookies and I'm so happy that they forgave Joy after what's been happening to her these past few days. Hey, Fear didn't show up yet! Oh, well, I think it's because he overslept. While Disgust went to Fashion Island and Anger and Sadness have their quiet times and relax in their rooms during their day off, Joy cleaned off the dishes and then, just like magic, Fear returned! 'Fuzz' and 'Twink' will be together now and forever! Oh, so Fear wanted Joy to think that he overslept, but he really didn't! Fear, you are such a jokester, lol! I'm happy that Joy is lucky to have his 'Fuzz' with her and I smiled when she kissed his cheek. Uh-oh! While Joy went to go get some tea, Fear was at the console and I noticed that Riley was on the poor verge of freaking out on the math test because she forgot to study for it! Good thing Riley kept her cool because she's right, it's not the end of the world depending on what grade she'll receive. I felt bad and found it funny when Joy returned and scared the pants out of Fear! Oh-no, Joy dropped the cookies and the tea and now 'Fuzz' blamed himself for not being brave and he called himself a coward! At least 'Twink' was able to cheer him up and that was funny when he mistook the strawberry jam for blood from the corner of her mouth and she even got the cookies of the floor that didn't reach the five second rule! Whew! Now this is what I call a happy ending for these two lovebirds! :)
1/19/2018 c6 2SolarGoddess99
This was such a nice addition to the story! My heart melted when Fear sang a song for Joy and pretended to be her doctor. Those moments were pure sweetness!
I'm looking forward to spend more time with "Fuzz" and "Twink". :)
1/18/2018 c5 SolarGoddess99
Oh no, things really went out of control this time, just because Disgust couldn't keep her mouth shut. Instead of being a good friend and trying to counsel her friend about her obvious struggle, she bad mouths her like this. I would've given her silent treatment for months if i were Joy.

On the other hand, i'm glad Fear managed to find Joy just in time, and provide her the comfort she needed. I hope things turn out better for Fuzz and twink in future chapters.

Keep up the awesome work Svinorita, you are doing wonderful. :)
1/17/2018 c6 2Tripledent
Anyone who has read this story up to this point might be suffering from StarNerve happiness overload! Fear is such a sweetie and romantic inside, he just doesn't really show it... until now to Joy. Those new lyrics for his song were great! I think Disgust still needs to work things out a bit. It was very in character for Fear to actually get nervous being the centre of attention like that. Poor Sadness crying that much, maybe she can make some of her empathy rub off on Disgust eventually. But Disgust also wouldn't be Disgust without her sassy divaness.
1/16/2018 c6 5Orangebird124
Another chapter posted? Svinorita, you are on the roll and I can't wait to see what's going on with my O.T.P. after what happened last time! Btw, thank you for mentioning me in the author's note! I really appreciate that! That was so cute when Joy aka 'Twink' and Fear aka 'Fuzz' spent the whole day at Family Island and when Fear made his sweetheart a floral crown and then placed it on her head. *squeals* I gotta love that kiss on the cheek! I'm so glad that Fear has made Joy happy again and I liked how he reassured her that he'd always be here for her when she got scared before going back to Headquarters in the recall tube. Anger was surprised to see Fear and Joy return and everyone was beginning to think that Fear might've gotten lost when he was with Joy on Family Island the whole time after he found her! Aww, that was so heartwarming when Sadness started crying by saying how much she missed Joy and then hugged her! Fear really is a good speaker like when he told everyone that Joy has been going through tough times and needed her rest. I liked how Joy invited him to come to her room and I loved how she thanked him for everything! Oh my God, I loved it when Fear was massaging Joy's feet and when he sang a song for her! To be honest, I was expecting Joy to like it instead of just laughing at him. That was really romantic and adorable! I loved how he kissed her cheeks before 'Twink' went out for the night. Just as Fear returned to the control room, he announced to his coworkers that they should support Joy and one of them were trying to figure out who should take over as the leader in a few years. I'll still never forget the time when Anger reminisced about Riley trying to run away back to Minnesota. I agree that everyone should support Joy and when everyone went to bed, Anger went on Dream Duty.

I'm always looking forward to some new stories and/or updates in the future and I'm doing my best to support this fandom. Thanks for writing this chapter and I can't wait to see what'll happen next!
1/12/2018 c5 Orangebird124
Hey, it's okay, Svinorita! I knew how busy you were with the stories that you had to work on and let me tell you, they were all a success and I was very happy with how they all turned out to be! Now that this story is back in progress, it's time for me to review this chapter, so here goes!

It's so nice to see Joy wake up with a smile on her face the first thing every morning. Joy is my favorite character along with Fear and Sadness. I still loved it when Fear gave Joy a rose in the last chapter. I can see that Joy burst into the kitchen with happiness when Disgust and Anger were in a middle of their conversation and that was nice of Joy to apologize to Anger after what happened before. It's a good thing Anger didn't lose his temper after Joy apologized to him and that's what I like. I don't agree with what Disgust said when she mentioned the apology was out of line and Anger didn't want to start any more fights which was good, it really was. That was sad when Joy told them about having someone else take over as the leader until Fear and Sadness came into the scene and I liked it when Sadness was doing her best to comfort her because Joy knows how much she cares about Riley. Whoa, I did not expect Disgust to release her anger like that, especially the way Joy shouted that maybe she could have the job if she thinks Disgust should take over as the leader. Oh-no, Joy ran into the recall tube which meant that she left Headquarters before anybody could stop her! I especially felt really bad when the Emotions were looking for Joy and poor Fear! He's lost without his 'Twink'! :( I felt glad when Fear found Joy on Family Island, but sad to see her crying. I knew that he would find her and all that matters is that she's safe and sound. :)
1/11/2018 c5 2Tripledent
Disgust made me think of Raphael from the teenage mutant ninja turtles. They both think they could be leader... and they're both green! Well that settles that then - twins separated at birth! It must have been tough for Joy to run through such a range of emotions in such a short time. I wonder if Disgust is gonna be to proud to apologise, I really have to wonder what's gotten into her! Fear has to get Joy to come back to Headquarters soon, Riley needs all of them.
1/11/2018 c5 CNBW
Disgust was a bit harsh.. dang. I love it when they say each others nicknames, so cyoot. :3
11/6/2017 c4 Tripledent
Joy definitely let Sadness in on her crisis! I wonder if it's possible that she'll ever get that low again during this story. Joy helped Sadness out as well earlier in this chapter, it's not a good feeling when you feel like you're intruding on something with no intention of doing so. Fear certainly knew what to do to make Joy happy!
11/5/2017 c4 2SolarGoddess99
My, this chapter was so darn amazing! All of those precious moments between Fuzz and Twink were so heartwarming to read, especially the part where Fear left a rose and a love letter for Joy in her room while she was out.

Keep going Svinorita, you are doing wonderful. :)
On another note, it is not important at all but i think you forgot to mention me in the author's note.
11/4/2017 c4 20HollyAnne1084
Wonderful! StarNerve has finally came in this story! I loved Fear's (or Fuzz's) reaction when Twink unexpectedly kissed him on the lips! And wow, I never knew that Sadness was this good at comforting people. She may not be the most positive person ever, she sure cheered Joy up a lot! I love where this is going! Great work! :)
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