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for Danny's Hawaii Hate List Rant

5/24/2020 c17 80mrspencil
An interesting scenario and an engaging tale:-)
1/14/2019 c12 Andrea Wells
I am really enjoying your story. Thank you. I agree with you the house lifting was so bad I do like Tani but junior is so Blar he is mono tone and has no range of emotion. I think he is surpose to be Zen like Chin but instead comes off very boring and bland.
10/16/2017 c17 19Cubit2
I've been away and had a hard time finding time to read and review all the chapters people have posted this week. I really liked these two chapters. Steve's explanations for things made sense. The driving one makes much more sense than the carsick lie. Totally loved the tip of the hat to Mad Skillz Scotty.
10/12/2017 c17 cargumentluv
I loved each chapter. Even better with a bit of Danny whump!
10/11/2017 c17 daleaikman
That was a great story from start to finish.
10/11/2017 c17 Long Live BRUCAS
HA!1 Funny ending. Would of love it if Danny was able to catch up to Steve.

Look forward to new story. It has Danny which is my favorite.
10/11/2017 c17 1bswindle20
Love this ending, and I'm looking forward to your new story.
10/11/2017 c17 stefrosacarnevale
Magnificently written ending
10/10/2017 c16 stefrosacarnevale
Amazingly written ending
10/10/2017 c16 Long Live BRUCAS
Good reasons Steve and and make perfect sense.
Nice way to end the had a nice diner with the kids and things with them are back to normal.
10/10/2017 c16 daleaikman
That is the best chapter in the story. Steve and Danny are two of the best brothers in TV history.
10/8/2017 c15 Guest
Oooo, what a cliffhanger. I love it! I'm really interested in how this gets fixed, and also why you should think Steve always has to drive and why Chin told Danny good luck with Steve. This has been such a fun story to read.
10/8/2017 c15 Long Live BRUCAS
I think there have just been with the other to long b/c of the storm then being together in 3 different houses. They need some time apart in different houses away from the other for a bit.

next one sound very interesting.
10/8/2017 c15 bswindle20
Can't wait for more.
10/8/2017 c15 stefrosacarnevale
Another fabulous chapter
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