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1/24/2019 c1 45tmtcltb
This made me laugh *so* hard. The horrible cold that you think is going to kill you (but is really probably one of the mildest things that has happened to Chakotay during his time on Voyager). You perfectly captured that push-pull of exasperation and sympathy.
12/23/2018 c1 17Scousedancer
I can definitley see Chakotay being cranky when he's sick! How typically Kathryn that she knows exactly how to cheer him up
9/27/2017 c1 20December Sapphire
Hi Hi, Che! I'm here to give you your prize review for completing the Scavenger Hunt event! Thanks for playing! :) I am extremely canon-blind, so pardon if I get something wrong here.

I absolutely adore the beginning. The imagery is brilliantly written! It kind of suggested something very ominous and you've created this atmosphere that readers would suggest would be rather dark and scary. She's looking outside into the darkness of space, not knowing what could be out there looking. Very atmospheric. Then you come back to a comfy living area, still very dark, very ominous. She doesn't seem scared but the way you worded it could be a very chilling feeling. Really good at tricking the reader.

Then it changes pace, and this is what really made me smile. You stuck to the imagery but you introduced a character who you said that "died an hour ago". Immediately I'm like oh snap it's a dead person. Then you do a 150 on the tone and atmosphere as you create this warm feeling. The woman is taking care of her sick partner and I'm guessing the darkness was because he probably has a head cold. Wait, can you get a head cold in space? anyways, this was executed perfectly. Even in the small 500 words, you've made a really brilliant scene.

Very well done, Che!

9/15/2017 c1 5Whovianeverlark17
this was sweet. and I totally heard Chakotay saying he'd died an hour ago in his voice. Well written.

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