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for He Shouldn't Be Alone

4/21 c10 EllaWaterfall2
Omg, I almost forgot about this! I'm so glad you updated and I can't wait for the next update!
I wonder how long Hope would stay there. Do you plan on making her watch the crucifixion of Jesus?

Take care! And thanks for the update!
4/15 c10 1Christfollower316
I love it! Oh can we be friends? You did so good! I loooovee your writing.
4/15 c10 Christfollower316
Oh! It’s so good that you’re back! Please stay and please keep writing.
12/28/2021 c1 Christfollower316
Please please please please please update! Christian stories are awesome. Merry belated Christmas!
9/6/2021 c1 Christfollower316
Hi there, please update
8/25/2021 c9 EllaWaterfall2
I love this because I can finally get my 'meet the Jesus' through Hope's eyes. I am from a very Christian family, tho not to the extremes, and I used to think about how cool it would be if I could go back in time to meet Jesus and see some miracles myself. My faith is wavering, but I still believe they existed and that Jesus was a man born like any other but with powers from God.
If I could go back in time, I'd definitely go to a time and place where Jesus was to see him and feel his aura. Like, I don't even need to touch him or his robes, I just wanna see him and then draw him the best I can XD

I hope you update soon, this is awesome!
8/21/2020 c9 2Disney fan5
I loved this chapter I also love the little trivia at the end about your research
6/30/2020 c8 DJpaigeDJ
I just want to say that this story is very well done, I hope that one day that you may return to it and I may read more on what Hope experiences from the Bible.
6/27/2019 c8 1MyladyNancy
Thank you
6/24/2019 c8 2Disney fan5
I love how she is fallowing jesus. Will she get to talk to him or just observe
4/21/2019 c7 1MyladyNancy
it is easter sunday. thanks for sharing. please continue.
12/1/2018 c6 11geistklempner

I'm very curious to see what the Doctor will do about the whole "End of days" thing, which he clearly does, because the Universe keeps going for 100 trillion years in DW canon.
11/26/2018 c6 2Disney fan5
yes I'm sure it will this actually helped me with my own bible fanfic I am working on
11/26/2018 c6 11chrissymama
11/25/2018 c6 12Bomberguy789
I'm not much of a fan of the bible, never really believed in it, but when I came to this I was sort of hoping for more of what was in chapter 2 - a genuine look at how ordinary people looked and spoke about Jesus. A woman worried for her brother, the cultural differences between now and then, people talking in ordinary language about what they considered to be ordinary subjects. It's something that would, in my opinion, really give it that Doctor Who vibe. For example:
"Hey Jamie, you know that Joseph fella?"
"You know, that prophet guy."
"Dude, he's called Jesus."
"Fine, Jesus, whatever. Point is, he's really starting to rile up those Romans."
"Don't you mean the Rabbi? Probably because of all that "I'm the son of God" stuff. Talk about delusional."
"I dunno, for a delusional guy he really seems to... get God you know? Sure helped me understand my wife anyhow."
"Enough about Jesus already. You mind helping me out at the market, some livestock's come in and I need a hand getting them to the butchers."
"Jesus says all who follow him never go hungry again."
"Well Jesus clearly has a good diet program. You coming or not?"
"Yeah yeah. Not for too long though, who knows what the slave and the missus might get up to."
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