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4/19/2018 c31 23ScruffyStarWarsFan
Im not sure if I missed anything in the beginning, but I didnt spot Vali and Ve, Odins brothers. Or how they killed Ymer. That would have been sweet to read about. Good idea for a story, good job!
4/16/2018 c37 13GoodForBad
"Odin had little time for the son that drained the utmost of his patience."

Why do I feel like that line could be applied throughout the duration of Loki and Odin's lives/relationship with each other?

I love love LOVED how you wrote Loki in the last chapter. Silently fuming, ever-sarcastic, bitter and hurting and sad. It's absolutely glorious. I also love (and you can expect that word a lot here) the idea of Odin having Loki brought to him multiple times - that what we saw in the movie was not just a one and done deal. It's interesting to think about the burden Odin was carrying here - the turmoil in the realms would have a direct impact on his day-to-day and Loki being a brat was just an added burden. God, it kind of hurts to write that but it's the truth, isn't it? Odin wants to know and understand what happened, but his kingdom - and in a sense, his legacy - takes priority. I can't blame the guy for that, but it still kind of sucks.

"I have never dwelt in hope for my menfolk." Holy crap, I love that. Frigga's long-standing love and forgiveness is such a beautiful thing to see reflected within this context. I miss her.

"It had not been so long ago that Odin had thought to hear that they planned to wed." And BOOM there it is! It's fantastic that he sees Thor's fondness for Jane/earth as a 'foolish preoccupation.' It really just lends itself to his attitude in TDW and those tie-ins are my favorite thing. I am still loving this, like, a ton.
4/16/2018 c35 GoodForBad
This one hurt me. That's really all I can hurts.
4/16/2018 c34 GoodForBad

Even after all this time, I have not forgotten how much I love this story. There's something deliciously unique about a timeline that's entirely from Odin's perspective, and I freaking love how you're handling it. As we well know, Odin has been the character I've understood the least as the years have passed, but the light you're shedding on his internal processes is nothing short of phenomenal. This section here is particularly poignant, since all of us have been screaming WHY since Odin uttered those two famous words as Loki dangled over the abyss.

I never thought before how Frigga might not have wanted to lose him too, but that was really touching to see. It just adds to their dynamic as a married couple, which I think often gets lost in the mix. I also love how you added in Thor not speaking to Odin until the scene we see in the film - I somehow never considered HIS reaction to everything that happened when it comes to his father. I mean, he was there...that must have SUCKED. How would you even address your dad after seeing all that shit go down? Yikes...

It still amazes me that you get my mind going this much with these sweet little snippets. And that last line? Sent chills down my spine. Ooph.

11/5/2017 c32 GoodForBad
Never before have I encountered any kind of explanation/description of the Odinsleep but you, my friend, have taken the damn cake.

The way you've woven Odin's past into the movie canon is leaving me sitting here mystified and absolutely starstruck. Applying your background to the context of the first film is making a huge difference within my own mind (which we know is quite a scary place). It almost makes me sympathize with the guy. Almost. "He knew not the meanings...through fractured nothings, he understood..."

That struck me as deeply poetic, and it's going to leave me pondering for hours.

Thank you for this...that's really all I can say. Thank you.
11/5/2017 c30 GoodForBad
*passes out*

My sole regret is that, due to time constraints, I am unable to review every chapter. But I'm still here, bound and determined to read each and every one (which I am) and also review all of your newer stuff (which I am getting to. I promise).

I just LOVE Odin's perspectives here. Truly.

"Loki had not grown with years out of his silence and his tricks any more than Thor had grown out of his stupidity and pride." DUDE. This hit me HARD. I guess I just adore the fact that Odin KNOWS what's going on, even if Loki thinks he's smarter and Thor thinks his ways are better. I mean, it's brilliant. Truly brilliant. They don't call him the Allfather for nothing, but it's way too much fun to look at these scenes from his point of view. Seriously have no idea.

And I guess Loki was right, after all, about the guard taking way too long. He does indeed deserve a flogging.

11/1/2017 c32 faeriefloss99
awesome story, you write the characters and drama so well.
10/31/2017 c21 GoodForBad
I relate to Odin on a spiritual level here.

Not because I'm a father or because I'm a god or anything like that (not yet, at least) but because of the lovely, awkward scenario you displayed here.

Kids get me too, man. I have no idea what to do with them.

And yet this ended on such a precious note. "Odin's heart did something peculiar in his chest" is something I just might have to steal.

I LOVE how you write little Loki and little Thor. Seriously, it gets me every time.
10/31/2017 c20 GoodForBad
*skips happily into this review*

Ah, though it's been a long, long while, I still hold all of your theories in high regard. The Bor bit was spectacular. And I simply have to mention the stillborn child - that was unexpected and left me breathless. My brain is firing off happy dances faster than I can process them, so apologies in advance for these sporadic reviews.

And little Thor! AHHHHH I LOVE IT

I love how personal you've made this, how down to earth the "sweet images of domesticity" are despite the fact that we're dealing with gods and monsters and other worlds. I think I mentioned to you once long ago that I get super excited when the details are filled into existing canon and friend? You NEVER fail to deliver. There's something so gloriously sinister in Odin's magic and it's incredibly fun to watch you weave it into the movie's back-stories. And all of it being from Odin's perspective is just totally refreshing. I can't get enough.
10/31/2017 c18 GoodForBad



Might I also add that I find the concept of Odin seeking counsel from the dead absolutely stunning? We as fans don't really question WHERE his power comes from, save the vague connection to Asgard and his might, etc. So this little theory you're spinning here really gets me thinking and I think it's bloody fantastic. Once again I'm sitting here in a totally quiet room, grinning from ear to ear, trying to stifle my own excited exclamations.

Just thought you should know. Still loving this.
10/31/2017 c17 GoodForBad
"Teaching people things like hospitality, raping their daughters, prepping for the end of the world, etc."

I nearly died. Seriously. I just...LOL

Okay, well, just wanted to pop in with a rare moment of Wi-Fi and say that I am still thoroughly enjoying this. I went back and re-read the last few chapters so I can get my head back in the right place. I'm so sleep deprived I'm honestly mixing up your story with some things in the new movie (I kid you not, my dude). Or perhaps it's just giddiness? Either way, forgive me if I've already said this, but I LOVE what you did with Frigga. I love how she fell into the role and how you're incorporating the finer details of Odin's rule here. It's positively fantastic and this is a short one because I want to read the next chapter while I still can. :)
10/15/2017 c22 Guest
Oooh, another good one. Damn, I don't have words. This just makes my soul all happy and smiling.

10/15/2017 c21 Guest

I can't form a coherent sentence. I just. I can't. It's so impossibly adorable and perfect and JEEZ, some wonderful Odin-Loki Time I can't freaking PROCESS. This is PRICELESS. THANK YOU. Thank you for making Odin understood, cause it's not that he sucks as a father, hes a king with a heckuvalot of stuff on his mind. This was beautiful.

10/9/2017 c2 40Sorrow Reminisce
It's refreshing to come across a Thor fic that explores pre-canon, and focuses on someone other than Loki (not that I can criticise such fics, being that all of my mine focus on Loki. :p)

I'm enjoying this so far, and look forward to finding time to catch up with the rest!
10/2/2017 c7 13GoodForBad
Aaaaaaaaand I'm back!

So this was great, and I chuckled my way through. The way they snip at each other is glorious, knowing that they end up together at the end of the road. I've said it a thousand times, but it's worth mentioning again: you have such a penchant for dialogue. The fact that you captured both of their characters in their younger forms is absolutely astounding me.

When she said, "They burn my father's dun," a shiver went down my spine. A shiver! Yes, that's right; your writing now elicits a physical response (though I must admit, this is not the first time this has happened). It's freaking fantastic, and I love the imagery you presented with the sliding rocks and the burning dun in the darkness.

Favorite part: "Only a woman would be so passive in attack." The snark! The double meaning and the subtle dig! Frigga's reaction was perfect.

I must say, I do love the idea of these two having such adventures long before the well-known rivalry of their sons. It adds a depth to the characters that makes me appreciate them all the more, and I didn't think such a thing was possible. These pages are a beauty to behold.
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