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for Nier: Automata (RE)Birth

9/21 c52 ChavezzL
Fire will flood the lands,
Blood will blaze the skies,
While decay will dry the seas,
As the war against the crazy Purple Athena has begun.
9/16 c52 1W8W
So war have started. Something Alex never experienced I wonder how it will affect him.

2B not being allowed to fight because of pregnancy makes sense.

Am I only one that is afraid that Blue will serve as backdoor for Purple?
9/5 c51 W8W
Very nice chapter. Crime was interesting and I really like deduction.

So 2B will have twins(which make them unique) and because of their environment they will have very strong magic(another thing adding to their uniqueness).

It looks like Purple Athena will make move soon which suggest that we are entering endgame.
8/17 c49 W8W
Few more clues and I still can't figure it out.

Organization of the process sounds reasonable and should please everybody politely.

Looking into past seems like cheating but you can't question it effectiveness.
8/4 c8 Rodimus Speedwagon
Pascal is male btw
7/17 c46 Nullblaster
POD Dad is probably the funniest thing I've seen in a good long while.
7/16 c49 W8W
Foreman being concern but loud was funny.

Different opinion about memory backup between YoRHa and normal androids is nice touch.

I think that you do good job with this mystery. 2 more suspect are added. At this point I think that Wallflower friends did it without her knowledge and after the fact she decided to mess with memories to take the fall for them.
7/5 c48 W8W
Investigation is interesting. It is suspicious how obvious and slopy are evidence. Cleaver look like prime suspect with his mysterious past and purple instead of red markings.

I really like part about Wallflower and Adaline friendship.
7/5 c48 Mikhail Sharon
How very, very interesting. Now it's no longer certain what happened.

I appreciate Alexander's ability to be discerning along with his honest approach of doing things.
6/16 c47 W8W
I wonder what is it with 2B and her kid.

2A spare with Alex was fun.

Cleopatra starting to fly around is funny.

Crime is interesting topic and sending Alex as investigator and judge looks like best solution.

Looks like Blue may have another competitor for Alex heart in form of 7E and this time she is not crazy bitch. I still cheer for Blue but she really need to get herself sexy body, it is only thing holding back her victory.
6/15 c47 nexus95
Nice update
6/15 c47 Mikhail Sharon
This story is surprisingly deep. I love you incorporate law and morality into the story but I was even more impressed as to the necessity of it. What is a society without either of them. More than constructs or anything material: the true value of civilization lies with the human character. Of how you live your life and what you believe in.
6/4 c46 Lio D Polash
next chapter plzzz
6/4 c46 Mikhail Sharon
Ok that was hilarious!

Good chapter.
5/23 c46 6jikker jack
You have no idea how much it bugged me that POD 042 wasn’t in this. Now I can’t stop laughing. This might be my favorite chapter yet.
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