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for Nier: Automata (RE)Birth

9/16 c35 1W8W
Very nice chapter showing Blue perspective. Different way of thinking (how she give designations to everything) is really nice touch. So she feel either jejunity or lust.
Memories of sister are also great.
Ending is really ominous and I hope that everything will end well.
9/16 c35 Brother Bov
9/16 c35 kilerog
Well, if Athena is going to try and bodyjack Blue, I say turn around is fair play. Quickly Blue, seize that sexy biological form for yourself and go bag yourself a husbandu! ;p
9/16 c35 3BanzEye
So…yandere Blue? This is either gonna be a comedy of errors (unlikely) or tragic as hell.
9/16 c35 Shikyo no Kyoufu
Poor Blue.
9/13 c34 5Guts and Toes
at first i like this... but it feels so off the moment the boy becomes philosophical just because he reads about his own kind. lol
8/15 c34 Guest
Blue's eyes flashing purple? Emil's dialogue on that? Oh shit, she's doomed
8/17 c34 lelcar
You lured us with a cure story about a human boy being raised by Yorhah, with the gloom and tragedy of the setting being mostly replaced by sitcom situations, and things steadily getting better for androids, machines and humans alike for once...

...just to pull the rug from under our feet with more tragedy waiting around the corner. Bravo.
8/16 c34 1W8W
Nice weapons for Alex. Argument about who will be teaching him was really funny.

Interesting thought that machine's ability to focus on single tasks leading to tunnel vision.

So Athena have some connection to Blue. It is bad thing but there is also possibility of this link leading to Blue getting sexy body.

I think that you did one mistake. YoRHa are not like other Androids they cores are made from repurposed machine life forms cores.
8/10 c33 1Arkraith
Started playing Nier Reincarnation a few weeks ago and decided to check out Nier fanfics. Found this one and honestly have had a blast with it, then I noticed it hadn't been too long since you updated, THEN I saw you actually hadn't updated in 3 years, which is wild and awesome that you continued it again! Keep it up, homie
7/17 c33 1W8W
Good thing that Alex shared with his family knowledge of his dreams.
2B and 9S argument and making up was really funny.
Show of magic was also nice.
Talk about Android desire for humans was really interesting as well as Alex did not feel need for them.
Teaze about his relationship with Blue was also funny.
7/17 c33 alexrolf37
Actually, it's something I'm curious about. Will newborn humans with his DNA also have magical abilities like him? Hive mind... That's a bit difficult, if you've watched the anime "Attack on titan" there is a psychospace that the Eldian race can access with their minds. Why don't you do something like this in public?
6/30 c32 2That One Zergling
Nice ch.!
6/20 c32 1W8W
Very interesting chapter.
While this development is concerning there is also lots of funny moments. My favorite are Purple wondering about breast(and explanation) and Alex reaction that he have stalker.
I hope that at some point Blue will also get herself upgraded body, she is already jealous of others attracting Alex attention.
6/17 c30 Guest
I can't blame Alex tbh, Pop are Dev are pretty much waifu materials, since they seem to care about humans the most.
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