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for Nier: Automata (RE)Birth

5/14 c69 1W8W
Nice warm ending of the story. Reunion with Blue was satisfying and nicely explained. Family that come to be over course of this story is really heartwarming.
5/10 c69 Axel363402
Man, this was such a fun ride.
5/10 c69 Gorp2323
I'm so glad I found this story when you first published it. It's been a fantastic ride! Great job!
5/7 c68 W8W
Extra rules for the duel was clever way to deal with Alex limitations.
Athena is so mad that she thought that it was game.
Funny that for all of her madness Athena was more aware of Alex feelings toward Blue than he himself. Unfortunately her logic only made sense to her.
Alex went berserk. Usually letting your emotions control you in battle is mistake as it make you sloppy but it only matter when opponent have cool had to take advantage of this. Athena never fought or train for this and panicked. All her power points as she was unable to think about using it. Rage is way better than fear in combat and she never experienced it. No wonder she loose and all this because her insanity make her make stupid decisions.
13R surprised me. I knew that she was crazy yandere but I didn't expect that she wanted to backstab Athena whole time. Honestly being loyal and taking 9S as a pet would be much more reasonable plan.
Nice showing of experience and teamwork value. A2 move surprised me. I forget how replaceable are androids bodies.
I suspected for quite some time that Blue will end up with Athena body. It looks like we are going there and it looks like you have smooth and reasonable explanation for it happening.
5/5 c26 Axccel
"Fresh human DNA" can be made in a lab, though. And they had the genetic data of humanity and all other Earth life in the human server.
5/5 c41 Axccel
Cities aren't really a good environment for humans psychologically and emotionally. As history shows. Especially recent history. They're fine if they're spread out enough like many small cities and particularly dense suburbs show.
5/5 c3 Axccel
The Replicants weren't an attempt to use androids to revive humanity. It was an attempt to essentially wait out the maso infestation by separating the soul from the body and then returning it after the particle had faded away or some other means had been used to remove them. This failed. However, the program did lead to what eventually succeeded: creating a special android to contain the particles and expel them back into their original universe, which saved humanity. This ironically backfired as having lots of maso around to fight the aliens would have made kicking their asses easy. In hindsight, it should have been stored. Realistically, it would have been stored and made use of, not expelled out of the universe. In fact, that would have happened first and very shortly after it's powers were discovered. But hey, if people in stories and games did what humans would actually do, there would be no stories and games.

With movements like they're doing, I'm surprised the baby's neck hasn't snapped or its brain splattered inside its skull.
5/3 c2 Axccel
Welp, that baby is dead. Unpasteurized milk is dangerous and crammed full of pathogens. Non-human milk is also a good way to ruin a human baby. Basically, it's doomed to die of either starvation or sickness.
5/3 c1 Axccel
Honestly, the lie about humanity's extinction doesn't even matter in the setting. The server is itself enough to fight for. A chance to restore humanity and the Earth and all the life destroyed on it. I don't see what the problem is or why characters in NieR: Automata were bothered by that. I mean, yeah, there wasn't an actual civilization they were protecting, I can see that being upsetting, and the sense of failure. But, they were fighting for the future in the first place.
4/30 c68 4Fedbax25
Fue un gran final, un tanto apresurado y hasta anti Climático pero creo que fue digno.
4/30 c68 2CaptainKriss S5-SIERRA-117
*INSERT "Duel of fates" Ost*
4/22 c67 1W8W
So there are long term consequence of Alex trick from last chapter. Good because it rise stakes. Not good for him as he will be fighting 1 vs 1.

Like it was said real war is not solved by duels. Fortunately Atena is creasy to assume trap.
4/11 c66 W8W
Battle and its difficulties are well depicted.

Emil makes for great super weapon to break really heavy offenses. He is really impressive no wonder army of him repealed aliens.

9S give us valuable insights about Neo-Machines. There are benefits to such organization but it makes them keystone army, kill Purple Athena and all of them are finished. With how egocentric she is she definitely don't care about her force's ability to fight without her(if such thought even come to her mind)
4/2 c65 W8W
Cool idea that dragon was immune on street of the art detector but older ways were omitted as Athena didn't thought that they are still in use.

It is obvious why Alex want to deal with dragon but logical argument about it racking havoc on backline are also on the point.

I am surprised that human can use flight unit. Overall fight was really nice. A2 is a beast, experience really help her.

Blue was kidnap so I expect rescue princes or something like that subplot. I still hope that it will end with Blue ending up in sexier body. Alex love her but she feel jealous that she don't fall into definition of attractive for human.
Athena continue to be delusional as she didn't even consider that he love Blue not her to notice differences.

Delaying explosion with time manipulation was really nice and impressive trick.
3/22 c64 W8W
Dragons are really powerful. Cool that they still follow military reasoning. Multiple smaller and weaker instead of one superweapon so losses are less taxing on resources.

Experimental weapons were devers and powerful. At the same time you explain nicely why they were not standard equipment.
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