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7/1/2018 c1 Guest
Lovely - I always believed Ben and Katie would have gotten back together
9/8/2017 c1 75darkaccalia520
Okay, just fair warning I'm a little tired, so if something doesn't sound coherent, you know why. ;) But this was really cute (even though I wanted a story about a certain other couple... Ahem, Sasha, I'm talking to you. ;)). But you know I love Katie and Ben, too, and I really did enjoy this. Also, I do love this universe, so Sasha is forgiven (for now ;)). But enough joking. Time to get serious. I promise. ;)

So I love how we start, and kudos to you for picking such an iconic scene. Who doesn't love Lady and the Tramp? Well, okay, maybe Daddy Ben doesn't, but I guess I can understand it if he's watched it over and over again. I suppose that would get a little old. So, okay, I get it. I've obviously been in his shoes with my own kids. And there's always one show/film they want to watch over and over again. So much so that you could repeat it backwards and forwards...and in your sleep. ;)

So I totally love when Katie finally walks in and Ben's all, "Oh, thank God." He's like, "Let me outta here." ;P It's also clear that Ben is the full time parent here. No offense to Katie (or other working parents), but the other half might not quite understand how tiring (and frustrating) it can be to deal with a kid 24/7. So while I get her trying to stifle Ben's comments (probably so little ears don't hear), I completely relate to Ben's venting. And when the tables are turned, I don't think she'll be so cheery then.

I love that you don't say another film and let us pick one. LOL, I guess people can fill in whatever drives them up the wall.

I only have on tiny criticism. Maybe instead of 'rewind', you might just want to have Eden say, "Again."? Because rewind seems to imply it's a tape...and since those are pretty obsolete today (and perhaps moreso in sQ world). I suppose it could be on a DVR, but the rewind thing just stood out to me. I don't think kids today really understand the concept of rewind. My kids don't. Just a thought.

But overall, this was adorable. I really enjoyed it. Well done!

PS: And I really hope Sasha can come through on that other thing. I'm waiting! ;)

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