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10/24/2018 c2 PikaMew1288
That is good that the Protagonist will become the 2nd most powerful God once she unlocks her full potential. She will likely become the go-to for things that aren't important enough for the Supreme Deity to oversee but important enough that a regular Goddess of Destruction could not handle. I wouldn't be surprised if the Supreme Deity made her that powerful to lighten his own workload.
10/24/2018 c1 PikaMew1288
This is a really interesting story idea. It would have been more interesting had this been a female Saiyan turned into a Goddess of Destruction seeing as Saiyans have immense potential not to mention a Goddess of Destruction who is also a Saiyan would mean that ALL of her ki is God ki and that any Super Saiyan transformations would always be Divine ones. Having the female Saiyan being a reborn character from another Universe like a (Fem Harry Potter for example) sent to be the Goddess of Destruction for other universes like Marvel or DC would have also been interesting. Imagine something like the Goblet of Fire trying to bind a Goddess of Destruction only to need more power and drain every magical being or thing in Hogwarts as well as Hogwarts itself as well as the ley-lines Hogwarts is on and ALL the Death Eaters that have the Dark Mark through the three Marked Death Eaters in the Castle only to fail and have the Magic of all those things consumed and added to Fem Harry's Powers.
10/9/2017 c1 1SuperLombax
This story is quite excellent so far! I felt sympathy for Zurkses and his family at the hands of Hyperion, and I liked how you showed their hopelessness when it came to dealing with the god. I also love how Talia’s reaction to becoming a G.O.D. is actually realistic, freaking out and being scared of her new power rather than immediately coping with it.
9/26/2017 c2 ranmadra
Hello there I happy you back but can you tell me something is about dragon Ball super no body will answer me so I am going to ask you then it about Goku base from. is Goku base from just is stronger as the first time he went super Saiyan god can you please tell me anyway I happy you are back may God bless you
9/20/2017 c2 UltimarOfTheGods
I have a requested story that I want you to write :

Note: This in an alternative Dragon Ball Super universe and yes this is indeed an OC character I made up called Centaurious

( Basically he is so overpowered of a character / that he possibly looks over every other dimension In all of fiction / excluding our own world / and multiverse / meaning he has knowledge of everything in fiction / plus the birth of every universe / basically his universe was the first universe to be created in fiction ) who will be paired up with Vados

( From Dragon Ball Super / She is attractive and softhearted after all / A Good woman with a kind heart / In which she will soon learn of his tragic past sooner or later on in the story / basically records of his sad history / on how he became the monster he was today / which is extremely horrific and tragic / meaning it would bring most people to tears / including the ones with icy hearts / Basically Centaurious tells her about his tragic history / while she is inside the mindscape of Ultimar / Evil half of Centaurious )

Here is Info on him :

Name : Centaurious ( Birthright Name / When he was once human / In which his pure hearted soul still resides within his seriously twisted mind of a head / meaning both his good soul and evil soul together represent his full power / ( Both represent 50 percent of his full power / but when Vados eventually saves him from own inner darkness / only then will Centaurious / the good half / finally be able to obtain the other half Ultimar's power / evil half / which will no longer exist anymore / Fade into absolute nothingness / Meaning he is no longer evil anymore / Aka pure of heart )

Nickname : Ultimar - The Ultimate God Of True Omnipotence

( Nickname for someone so powerful he makes Anything - Anyone - Any- character in fiction including gods that are Close to omnipotence/ Nigh Omnipotence / cant even defeat him / Because his power is infinitely beyond what they can handle / endless eternities of living forever / he existed before fiction even came to exist / when there was only one universe in fiction / Aka His Home World )

( Also he holds all of fiction ) ( Which contain an infinite amount of Omniverses / which is nothing but a sand sized marble that he holds in his fingertip / excluding our world and the world we currently live in / aka infinite multiverse / which he probably watches in amusement at what goes on in every world throughout fiction / even though they obviously can't even notice him / because he severely dwarfs the entire fiction in sheer size alone / making them completely unaware that he truly exists out there in the vast depths of space itself )

Other Nickname: God Of Omnipotence ( Including any other type of Omnipotence that will exist - and Never Exist / plus the nonexistent ones / basically he can only be challenged by the likes of The One Above All and The Presence / sorry if he sounds scary strong but he literally has no limit to his power and potential / True Omnipotent Being )

( And All of that power that I just listed is what he can do in his base form / I shudder to think of what he can do at full power / Which is an extremely terrifying think to about / but I think Vados might be able to keep him from having the urge to eradicate the Z fighters and possibly their ruler as well )

Age : Unknown ( Possibly endless eternities / Original age was 18 years old / when he was once human )

Height : 8 Feet Seven inches ( Plus he can alter his size infinitely to whatever size he truly pleases / original height was 6 feet 3 inches / When he was human / Aka he once had bright blond hair / gorgeous face / and emerald green eyes / Peach colored skin / plus a slim well toned body structure for an attractive guy )

Type Of Being : Infinite - Dimensional Being ( No
character in any fiction can touch him or reach him / unless he wants them to )

Powers and Abilites : ( No character in Fiction / plus outside of reality can be as powerful as him / considering he absolutely has no apparent equal to Match him in power / Excluding the likes of Marvel TOAA / The One Above All and The Presence of DC Comics / If your unfamiliar of those characters then I would kindly suggest that you google search them )

Home Planet / World / Universe : Gone( He destroyed it / Because of how horrible they treated him / including the tragic loss of the beautiful girl who once truly loved him / Rayettne / Long Silver hair ocean blue eyes and gorgeous face and is 18 years old just like Centaurious / plus living alone and broken in the vast depths of space with true immortality / made him go completely mad / basically this story idea was thought up due to constant dreams I once had of him as a kid / of this once sweet pure hearted man now turned an evil monster / but in the end of my dreams I think he becomes good / due to Vados helping him out of his pain and anguish )

Home Planet Name : Galaxar ( Which shares a striking resemblance to that of planet earth itself / Same size and appearance ) .

Appearance: Has White Hair , Glowing - Red - Eyes , Pale Colored - Face with dark circles around his eyes , and wears an evil dark armor outfit , with a dark hole filled cape , flowing in the wind, He also carries a scepter .

Personality : ( Basically he is a super evil OC character with a true lack of human emotions / He used to be a kind loving pure hearted person / but the world he once lived in( which is full of nothing but anarchy and constant war / plus heartless people / and I mean literally evil to the very core ) turned him into something horrible and terrifying / he can only be saved by the love of a gorgeous angelic girl / which will turn him back into the man he used to be / meaning he still has his good half / Aka pure hearted human soul / trapped inside his own twisted mindscape / meaning there are two sides to him /
Pure Good and Pure concentrated Evil / which fight each other for dominance over the mind itself )

Lifting strength : Limitless ( Or possibly immeasurable / with no end to it )

Why Is He So Powerful : Its because when he snapped his power and potential was unleashed and became truly limitless ( Basically he literally has no limit to his power / has trained for endless eternities / and is truly immortal ever since he eradicated his home planet and universe )

Weakness: None ( But there secretly is one and only one / he can only be saved by the pure love of a gorgeous girl / which will give him the love and kindness he desperately needs / and change him back into the kind and caring loving man he used to be / Aka in this AU story it is Vados, from, DBS ,who will soon understand the true horrors of what he had experienced throughout his entire lifetime / His own secret diary / which the whole thing was read when she dreams of him )

That's the info on him

Centaurious's Biological Parent Names :

Seliana ( Biological Mother / She is good person just like her son Centaurious is )

Appearance : Seliana has long blond hair emerald green eyes and wears a long white dress with pink colored flowers all over it ) and stands at a height of five feet seven inches and has a weight of 158 pounds

Age : 60

Cause of Death : Her house collapsed down on top of her while she was in her home ( While Her son Centaurious was out with his girlfriend Rayettne and Corlex was fighting in a war for the safety of his wife and son Centaurious ) .

Current Status : Deceased

Father : Corlex ( Biological Father / Kindhearted like his son Centaurious is )

Age : 62

Cause of death : Died A Hero From War and Anarchy itself ( To keep his family safe )

Current Status : Deceased

Appearance : Has Short dirty blond hair wears a long dark trenchcoat and has piercing emerald green eyes and peach colored skin slim muscular body structure and age 62 height is six feet two inches and weighs 189 pounds .

Now here we go about the story :

This will be a somewhat dark story : but along the way as it progresses will turn into a much more lighthearted romantic story ( But there will be mentions of character death ) .

Genre : Horror / Romance .

Rated M for : Sexual Content , Language , Gore , and Sexual Themes ( with some horror included / but not much / only in some parts of the story / like when Vados looks into his past memories )

Main Pairing Centaurious ( Ultimar ) x Vados ( DBS )

Title : Serenity Of An Angel For A Man Who Had Lost Everything

Summary : Vados , was, just, enjoying, her, time, training, Lord Champa, until, one, night, she, becomes, plagued, with, horrific, nightmares, of, a, complete, lunatic, one, whom, she, thought, was, evil to, the, very, core, the, angel, then, realizes, that, she, had, summoned, the, beast, into, her, own, world, throwing, everything, into, chaos, but, the, angel, then, realizes, that, beyond, the , beast's, terrifying, eyes, is, that, of, a, kindhearted, man, who, just wanted, be, loved, by, someone , one, who, could, help , ease, his, own, pain, and, misery , but, first , she, must, help, him, overcome, his, own, evil, half, through, pure, compassion, and, serenity, for, a, man, who, had, lost, everything, but, one, thing, is, for, certain, it, won't, be, such, an, easy, task , as, it, appears, to, be .

That's it on the story .

Hope you like my story idea and be interested in doing it ..

Please if you kindly would ..

Thank You:)

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