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for Hermione Lupin

8/18/2019 c4 2Lucyole
very interesting idea I like it so far I would be very happy if you would write more especially the friendship between Lilly, Hermione and Severus and How the Marauders react to them. *cookies for inspiration and the good work*
5/1/2019 c1 she-the-slytherin-lupin
This is amazing! I would love you to continue this story, it’s very interesting!
10/26/2018 c4 JessicaImpossible
Damn..wished this wasn’t abandoned.
2/6/2018 c4 Ini minnie maini moe
I like this fic! Please continue!
10/25/2017 c4 gginsc
What happened with chap 4? Brain fart? Anyways, I like the story so far.
10/22/2017 c3 2ThatLady234
I liked it. I hope you can update again soon!

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