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5/6 c6 12Cyan Quartz
Seeing that snipe made me think about all of my problems with Democrats and Republicans. Historically, I had always been straight down the middle. I liked some of what they both had, and it was balanced out by flaws that the other party didn't have. Not always of course, but the big stuff like Climate Change, Equality versus Class Economics, International Peace. Abortion I always swinged back and forth on. These were always firmly represented or forsaken, depending on the party. Hilary vs Trump, I didn't care I disliked them both equally. (Hilary with that basic security breach, Trump with his in your face attitude and inappropriate speech) And then this pandemic hit, and we HAD to watch the news.

And honestly? I tried to watch every different news station. But even before the pandemic ALL I ever saw on the tv was personalities crowding on the Trump-Hate train, at first over legitimate stuff like some of the stuff he used to say, but once that got beaten to death they put it in a folder to rehash for the millionth time next week and went on to ranting and raving about perceived problems and just random nonsense, they were just hating on the guy because it got them good ratings really. Just nothing headlines. That was one of the tipping points for me.

This pandemic just made it worse. Here was a guy I hated, doing his best to pull our country through this, meanwhile all these claims of big tech companies controlling politicians ACTUALLY starts to make sense, with every major social media website coming together to fucking bury our leader in bullshit, as much money and broken policy as anyone with any platform can throw against him, as more and more people lose credibility one the Democratic side... The Republicans stayed the same! They didn't shit the bed. I still think any attempt at dehumanizing a Democrat can apply to a Republican, if you look at the most extreme examples... But I'm not gonna lie. I really started to cultivate a visceral hatred for Democrats. The tipping point was Biden's family becoming exposed for some actual mafia type shit, some kid abusing his father's status to basically beg money from random international companies, an event which was met with total silence after a few lame attempts to say 'Russian Disinformation Scheme's which doesn't even make sense, Russia wouldn't want a leader like Trump in office! I could go on, but perhaps shouldn't.

My point is, Democrats are a big reason why I've been forced to shift to Republicans. Donald Trump couldn've been SILENT that entire campaign, he still would've looked better than the zoo on the Democrats side. I don't even like his environmental policies! I at least feel comfortable with my assessment that he's been made a much better man because of the presidency. Don't think he's racist or as much sexist anymore. On the other hand, my belief in Democrats has completely folded, and I'm cynical enough to believe they just talk about helping minorities, but don't have any intention to actually do so. I mean, Biden stops the wall from being built even though the materials are already bought and placed (and really, I like the idea of the walls because if the cartel, since when is protecting a border racist?) But he has no plan to improve the deportation of illegal immigrants? Apparently he's got them in a hotel, but he hasn't increased the maximum capacity or anything. My information is outdated on this particular bit for sure, but I just can't stand to watch anything but Fox anymore.

My last complaint is that Democrats and the organizations they support either publicly or through indifference (a problem Trump had admittedly) have basically undermined support in law enforcement and general patriotism, and they've enabled very lynch-like behavior in our college campuses. The sad thing is that I don't think the blame lies with the Democratic PEOPLE, I think it lies with their politicians. Seriously, I don't hate anyone who supports democrats, even though I'm Christian I try my best not to let that affect how I treat gay people, and I literally flinch at racism. I think we've all let stereotypes and stories of not just people but parties blind our decision making, and I don't think you can avoid that even with your eyes closed. If there were a third party I'd jump on it, but we both know that's never gonna happen.

I know disingenuous social justice warriors don't solely make up the Democratic party, and I know racist hooligans don't solely make up the Republicans. They exist, they have leading positions, but even there that isn't everybody. There are several politicians on both sides that I like, and really, we're rooting for politicians what's wrong with us.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings, I thought I was past my anger! Truly, I am enjoying your story, your writing style has had me laughing out loud this whole time... This whole time, I've been gearing up for a big, smiling review with compliments and probably no criticism... And then I saw one little joke about Republicans, on the same line of logic of jokes I've heard about Democrats really- I was disappointed. Honestly, if a few things had gone different in life, I'd be able to enjoy such a joke, even if people I love are Republicans. But so am I now. Partly to just scrap the wall between me and my folks, partly because I have no other choice now! But I still feel disenfranchised from my own people. Lost the faith you probably have. I hope you never have to feel that. I don't know you, but you seem a talented author and genuine enough, I really do wish you the best.

If there is anything you ever take from what I've said, let it be this- It's good to find a news source you can trust, but NEVER trust it completely. Alot of the seedy faults in other channels/papers/websites exist in yours too, they just aren't pronounced enough, desperate enough, greedy enough to notice as much. For now. I said I only trust Fox News now, but I often see things that I just KNOW they're making up, or shoving under the rug. Not to mention they pride themselves on having a politicaly diverse cast of personality, but their Democratic member is run down and ignored SO often you know he's either not really a democrat, he is a democrat but the pay is too good to risk losing his job if he speaks up too much, or the rest of the cast has made him really, really tired of his job. It's a shame too, because I WANT to hear the Democratic side of things, but when this guy is allowed to talk he NEVER agrees with the Republican, in fact the way he waits to say something so completely against what the Republican thinks, then the Republican just insults him and the Democrat takes it silently with little rebuttal... He's only there to make Republicans look good, right? The rest of the cast is having an actual conversation but these two are like a rehearesed comedy act. It isn't real, and this is why I hate the media far more than any political group or member. They just lie and try to make their viewers feel good so they keep watching.
5/3 c2 ankur2005
Hey there! a new reader here, really liking your story! Keep up the good work author!
5/2 c10 Erwann
Hello tout story Is so good
I am a frensh fan
Good job
5/1 c10 Deal With Itt
I read all 10 chapters in the last 2 days. This story awesome I hope chapter 11 comes out soon. I'm really interested to see what hell do during the time jump.
5/1 c1 0hhbabygirl
4/29 c10 Paladin02
I can't wait for the next chapter, thank you!
4/28 c10 HardlyFlaccid
Damn, just found this story, and really enjoyed the humor and power fantasy. Hope to see more soon!
4/27 c10 6Gen3sian
I NEED MORE CHAPTERS! Also, nice going, I like it!
4/24 c10 Aptxkudou4869
This is good stuff man. You deserve all the favorites you've got and even more to come. I'll pass this fanfic down to my children, it's so good. Something lighthearted yet entertaining is surprisingly difficult to write, but I have no doubt that you can do it, given your 10 chapter track record. I hope this gives you some motivation to write more, and if not, thank you for writing this much anyway!

4/24 c9 Hnbutt
Somehow a hippie jiraya made me cry from fears and laugh in tears. Well done
4/23 c10 Guest
I so love this story. Wish it would get updated
4/23 c6 Guest
Can naruto communicate with animals? He's already done so twice.
4/23 c7 Guest
Fu, the seven-tails's jinchurriki may be a good pairing. She's practically a blank slate if you're willing.
4/23 c7 OtsutsukiMitra
Make naruto/Karin pairing. It keeps the uzumaki blood there and their children can be red headed
4/23 c8 1Osborne0042
F*ck, I can't help but imagine the Lee vs. Sakura Scene, and it doesn't even help that the music currently playing on my playlist at the time is a heartbreak song...
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