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17h c10 Redpanda1224
Lmao just binged this and all I can say is I love it!

Damn ten-ten just outed Naruto.
1/21 c10 Anon emous
Big fan
Please keep going
1/14 c10 samaritan17
looking forward to the next chapter
1/14 c10 1LukasChisDeans
I hope you update again soon. Naruto vs Gaara will be very interesting
1/14 c10 Nickd1291
Just now saw this story updated, love the chapter. Saw that you had plans for a HP fic in the works. Would absolutely kill for a Common Sense: HP Edition.
1/13 c10 strawberry
to the person who said they would kiss minato in this, same. i absolutely adore his ‘scenes’
this is a great work! i remember re-reading this back in early quarantine and was extremely sad it was uncontinued.. but apparently it was just a long break! thank you for writing and all of your hard work
1/13 c10 ambsma
I love this story so much for all the dialogue you wrote for all the characters
1/13 c10 Luxarca
I Love It...
1/12 c10 Roberto9090
continue, legend
1/12 c10 Just a bored Highschooler
The dialogue oh gods it's so good
1/12 c1 1CalculusNova
I'm just going to point this out, and hopefully you will agree. As this is a crack fic, I am well aware that situations and scenes, character descriptions, etc., will likely go WAY over the top, and that's okay because it is part of the central theme. It works within its own universe, after all.

This is neither a negative nor positive comment, but your take on Minato is rather interesting. Let's say this book encapsulates the spirit of who Minato really is. If that is the case, he must be a REALLY trashy Hokage, and here is my reasoning why. What kind of Hokage put their lineage before their village. A book detailing how to be THE BEST ninja could possibly be, but only grant this knowledge to their descendant? Yeah, really trashy indeed. XD

With that said, let's see where this story takes us.
1/11 c10 2Tendragos
I'm a new reader, just wanted to say great story! Definitely deserves a place on my follows list!
1/11 c10 Flower power 11
In your authors note you said you would change it to Rock Lee instead of Lee Rock because it sounds better but Lee is actually his last name. In Boruto, Lee has a son named Metal Lee which means Lee is the family name. Might Guy/Maito Gai’s first name is actually Gai though because his father’s name was Might Duy/Maito Dai. I thought that was just a weird little fact because I always thought Lee was his first name.
1/9 c10 steel.metal14
fucking love it. more.
1/8 c10 Blu
/sigh I would kiss this Minato, no cap
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