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8/1 c1 Guest
Man why do all the best fics not continue? This would be in my top 5 all time if it was longer.
7/30 c10 That2-one3-girl4
Thanks for the hard work!
Can't wait to read more.
7/21 c10 Enri734
Pls make more! I really enjoy this story as it is a little off canon story which makes it interesting. Really hope u update soon!
7/7 c10 Guest
Continue it please! And can you make it so temari dates naruto? I think it would make sense here, and it’s one of my favorite ships
7/5 c10 Jhenifabray
7/1 c6 Death Lantern
I know a lot of republican Americans. Non can match Sakura in stupidity.
6/27 c10 Prosim
Prosím o dopsání je to dokonalý a nevikove
6/26 c10 1Jpx0999
i have a new look into naruto jutsus now,i have some time to look at the wiki of naruto now as well and thing of it THAT way,people REALLY understimate fuinjutsu and juinjutsu
6/21 c10 Guest
Disappointing, this has the potential to be my fav fic but hasn't been updated in 2 years.
6/21 c1 3pattonquyana
damn you 2020, you gave us COVID and took away this fic! I hope you are alright, and will continue it. at least tell me how it ends!
6/20 c10 1Vercalos
Well, it's been two years. I hope you revisit this fic.
6/14 c10 3Jordin-Pendragon
God damn teeeeeaassseee
6/14 c10 BentoBirdie
6/13 c10 troutman30
Seems your "muse" has disappeared as fast as it returned. It's a shame but writers block has ended some of the best fanfiction stories on this and many other sites like it.
I'll keep following in the hopes the elusive "muse" returns or 2023 comes without an update.
6/11 c10 Sj1969
More please
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