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for We Ditched the Graveyard Early: Chapter 1

8/10 c9 mumphie
A wonderful story. I like it when Harry hunkers down and learns. I do hope that someday you will return and finish. I know how real life can really turn left and leave you no time for fun and hobbies. Good luck, and I hope all is well.
8/9 c9 Fics4Eva
Write more please. I want to know who Harry goes with to the balls.
5/11 c1 Elly
I think it's not as common because then the author either has to make an original idea of how to ressurect Voldemort or needs to create a new mini antagonist for the next school year. I've seen it done to age up Harry so he's fighting death eaters on a more even playing field as an adult but never done as more than an aside
5/4 c3 Skeletaure
Oh no. Someone allowed Kant near the Fidelius charm.
5/4 c1 Skeletaure
I think the title/summary for this fic does not do it justice. I very almost skipped past it on the assumption that it was crack. But actually it's a fascinating divergence which you are taking seriously, and I am enjoying the magical focus.
5/2 c9 4WandSparksRCoolerThanFireworks
3/13 c1 TrumpasaurusRex
Harry said, "I think you should have the map." He didn't want to give up the map. But Voldemort had nearly just come back, and if Dumbledore had had the map, it probably wouldn't have come close to happening. "You tap it with your wand and say 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.' Then the map appears."

Cringe. Dropped.
2/5 c1 Sheelahdog
I think I heard light magic called altruistic magic in another fan fic. It feels right. but the other names are okay as well. I am enjoying the story.
1/14 c2 keht.jelicho
I liked Bright Magic, but that does make it seem like it would all leave you feeling bright/cheerful. with self-sacrificial and even sorrow being potential empowering aspects/emotions for it, well I don't know if that is really the best descriptor.
Maybe Altruistic Magic? Dark Magic is selfish and self-obsessed Magic for the most part, so a counter/opposite extreme would be a Selfless Magic, Magic focused on an/other(s) rather than one's self?
10/3/2021 c8 1thrawnca
House elves' situation really is a bit grey, isn't it? It does seem to me like *something* should be done to eg reduce the scope for abuse, but it's not so clear whether the institution just needs some reforms, or if it genuinely does need to be burned down. The fact that elves could be ordered to lie about how they're treated is a definite cause for concern; I'd feel better about the whole situation if you could be sure that an elf had ways to report abuse and preferably terminate the abusive employment.

I think Harry and Hermione are getting along fine. If they don't have romantic chemistry, that's okay; they both still seem happier than they were at this point in canon, and there's less friction in their relationship.

By the way, "Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay" has now sent wizards into space, although it wasn't the primary focus.
10/3/2021 c6 thrawnca
I quite like the way you've developed Harry without creating a total angst-fest of Dumbledore being eeeevil. Hopefully Ron pulls his socks up, too.

A minor note, the tickling charm is "Tarantallegra". "Rictusempra" is quite different; when Harry used it in the Duelling Club, it caused Draco to double over, wheezing. Between that and the fact that a "rictus" is associated with pain, I'd guess that "Rictusempra" is like a punch in the gut.
9/2/2021 c9 ironhair
Find " Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare" a really lazy author device by jkr to portray Hermione.
That no one suggested Hermione change it to even some thing as simple as Elfish Welfare Promotion Society or EWPS was just a bad plot device.
9/1/2021 c1 ironhair
7/23/2021 c9 Caver Floyd
Good story.
7/7/2021 c9 1clover cat Klee
I really like how different this is - especially how different Dumbledore treats Harry without having to focus on Voldemort. I also like how mature yet realistically teenager-like Harry is - though his thoughts on the Hermione/Ron situation are uncomfortable for how unkind they are, it is more realistic than for him to just be perfectly alright, and I like that he acknowledges them and works to get better. Though I feel like at times he is a bit overcritical of himself - he was(still is) a child and working with lacking info - it is also important that he realises those mistakes as mistakes in order to grow!
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