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for We Ditched the Graveyard Early: Chapter 1

9/2 c9 ironhair
Find " Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare" a really lazy author device by jkr to portray Hermione.
That no one suggested Hermione change it to even some thing as simple as Elfish Welfare Promotion Society or EWPS was just a bad plot device.
9/1 c1 ironhair
7/23 c9 Caver Floyd
Good story.
7/7 c9 1clover cat Klee
I really like how different this is - especially how different Dumbledore treats Harry without having to focus on Voldemort. I also like how mature yet realistically teenager-like Harry is - though his thoughts on the Hermione/Ron situation are uncomfortable for how unkind they are, it is more realistic than for him to just be perfectly alright, and I like that he acknowledges them and works to get better. Though I feel like at times he is a bit overcritical of himself - he was(still is) a child and working with lacking info - it is also important that he realises those mistakes as mistakes in order to grow!
2/24 c8 1MonCappy
I know this story is abandoned, sadly, but if they aren't gelling romantically, go with it. As much is it is my favorite pairing, I would prefer a natural reading Ron / Hermione over a forced Harry / Hermione even though I utterly loathe the former with every single one of my neuron pathways. If the muse for this story ever bites you again, please don't force that pairing.
11/4/2020 c6 marvinkitfox1
Your comments about relationships:

Harry and Hermione are not a perfect fit, but they are plausible.

Harry and Ginny is a definite possibility, but in the canon books Ginny DID NOT EXIST. She was not even a background character, she was merely the Weasley not-brother, and possibly the person who used/was used by the diary to open the chamber. And even THAT is mere speculation,as it WAS NOT NARRATED. Poor ginny, the less-than-two-dimentional ghost

Ron and Hermione? Ron may want Hermione, but there is no way short of Imperious for Hermione to want Ron. This is *ron*. Lazy. Not just non-intellectual but actively anti-intellectual. Insecure, but jealous. Traitorous. He *repeatedly* stabbed Harry and Hermione in the back, abandoned them, and badmouthed them. He wants his wife to be a housewife. Hermione has ambitions, vision, causes. Even amortentia would not explain Ron marrying Hermione.
11/3/2020 c5 marvinkitfox1
Oculist: "You're far-sighted"
"But as a result, you're near-sighted"

And the reader is blind-sighted. Not to mention confused.
11/2/2020 c1 marvinkitfox1
Dumbledore:"Your Muggle clothes, why have you not resized them, colored them?"

Because, you bumbling dork, If i did that then Vernon Dursley would beat the ever-living snot out of me the next time YOU sentenced me to Durzkaban, for contaminating his existence with unnatural freakishness.
10/2/2020 c2 Helene Nightfire
Ok. I totally went off the rails and erased my previous debate on light/dark good/evil positive/negative. Too ambiguous and I was going in circles.

I think to rename Light Magic you will have to rename Dark Magic. Maybe a clarification of the definition? What is dark and light magic? My original definition was that Dark magic is involuntarily sacrifice and Light Magic is voluntary sacrifice but Pettigrew loped off a hand ‘flesh of the servant willingly given’ under duress but by his own choice. Was the resurrection ritual not Dark magic but Light or maybe neutral as it also required ‘blood if the enemy forcefully taken’.

Magic can be used for good or ill of the individual or society regardless of its origin. Is it really a morality question with the line between in constant motion? Are there hard lines that cannot be crossed? When Lilly Potter couldn’t escape Voldemort she arranged that her death be forced by Voldemort (She certainly didn’t WANT to die) for her individual gain (Harry’s survival instead of Voldemort). Was Lilly Potter practicing dark magic?

I’ve given myself more questions than I started with and not answered the original question.

Sorry I don’t have an answer!

My closest suggestion is to keep the label Light Magic if you keep Dark Magic and work on the definition and use the ambiguity as part of the plot.

Hope you keep writing fanfic as well as your own books! I haven’t seen anything new on Amazon. Hopefully that will change in the next year despite your day to day obligations.
8/22/2020 c9 Aphrael9
I am loving your story, hope all is well with you.
7/29/2020 c9 3Nebresh
I like it a lot!
7/18/2020 c1 aslooneyastheyget
Hey I love this story so much! I really hope you will come back to it someday! It was a joy to read all the chapters you've written so far! Thank you for writing!
7/13/2020 c9 Joellel
Some criticism here. I LOVE a lot of your stories they're the kind of fanfiction i actively seek out and ignoring some ticks your writing style has and your insistance on mostly making hermione seem like some kind of godess in most of them they're still amazingly written which is kinda rare espacially when combined with a very good plot. but WHY OH FREAKING WHY TO YOU ABANDON YOUR STORIES JUST AS THEY GET INTERESTING like polymagus or something like that i forgot had such a brutal cliffhanger it made me mad af. Anw i still follow them just in case you get an epiphany and decide to complete some of your stories because they are that good. I really hope you do.
7/8/2020 c9 Guest
Some of the best writing I've seen on this site. You have a talent for it.

If you need more motivation to get back to your unfinished stories, perhaps you should set up a Patreon account?
6/8/2020 c1 6harryptterr
Seems very interesting so far
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