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9/24/2023 c1 AlastorEX616
Great work assassinating Naruto's character
7/27/2023 c1 Guest
This is top-tier fan fic, the characters are super well done, and the interactions really show your understanding of the source material. I really hope you come back to this. dont listen to the fools leaving reviews to either buff or nerf the Saiyans. theyre perfect, and its impressive you can write such a good story given the massive discrepancy in power between the two fictions.
5/22/2023 c12 1Sheddendo
i love your story, it's a hidden gem among the vast ocean of shitty fics. but please, DO not ruin your story with execcive underage shipping, faaaarrr too many stories I used to like have fallen victim to this as many of them went from a cool story with a cool and unique concept to borderline disgusting and predetory pieces of garbage made by vile and creepy human beings. if you ever come back to this story after 3 years, don't fall victim to the intrusive thoughts.
5/20/2023 c1 Sheddendo
5/16/2023 c14 romeroFan
I'm sorry to hear about your stories not receiving a lot of reviews. There is actually a reason for that. Lately, FanFiction did an update where the users have to actually go into their settings and turn on the email notification for published stories. They did not make that well-known to the public... not good, FanFiction... :(

This is easily your best story to date - please don't give up! Your writing is phenomenal... :)

You also accurately display the correct power levels of the DBZ characters - them essentially being gods... :)

Unlike others here on FanFiction who actually nerf them. It's super uncomfortable... :(

That said, I'm truly sorry to hear about your lack of reviews, and I wish you the best. That's actually FanFiction's fault, not your fans. Your writing is really good - please don't get discouraged, okay? You're doing great... :)
5/8/2023 c15 JL-King686
Man don’t stop. I was skeptical starting this, but grew to love it. Please continue!
1/24/2023 c15 Vlog1994
I really enjoyed the fic and the writing style. I only hope that you can continue the story
4/12/2022 c15 Ohma
man, I really wanted to see how you planned on changing the story further...but I guess you've dropped the fic already..

it was really well written too, it was a fun ride though.
4/12/2022 c13 Ohma
"this time"

man, the feels..
4/11/2022 c7 Ohma
the light tone at the beginning didn't prepare me for Trunks' internal monologues
4/11/2022 c5 Ohma
Honestly a fun ride, character interaction is what I come for in fanfic...

I like how you don't plan on nerfing them, I don't really mind but it would feel still feel off for me whenever characters I know are getting nerfed. If I wanted fight scenes it's better to just watch an anime.
12/30/2021 c15 fadumo2468
Aw I caught up! That being said If the dragon balls don’t work I’m pretty sure the grand kais should be able to locate them, I hope piccolo is ok, and I’m nervous buu is out in some other dimension blowing up the planets and tearing holes in dimensions or something. Maybe buu will tear a hole into the Naruto world and finally give the kids a run for their money.

Oh and F hiruzen and the shinobi world, vegeta will blow up their planet for treating his son as a breeding machine. Also trunks really being a ‘Yamaha’ right now with ino being ‘bulma’. He’s practically whipped at this point, SAD.

I hope you upload!
10/8/2021 c15 Guest
Welp this story dead with no chance of getting finished. I guess I do not blame you if I was dumb enough to do the seal on Goten (or any on non-naruto characters) since that makes everyone think that you plan on nerfing Trunks and Goten (or as certain guests reviewers have said: making them nothing more than slaves). Still, none the less its quite sad that this story will not continue.
9/8/2021 c15 Guest
Welp looks like this story is dead. Sorry folks but it looks like the author of this fanfic is not gonna continue this and has decided to write new stories without bothering to even finish one.
7/25/2021 c1 Buff
Buff the saiyans more and godlike.. Show how even ten tails is just a drop of water compare to oceans of power that the two boys have
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