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for Daybreak: Her Side Of The Story

1/6 c25 F.Williams
*Standing applause*...watches the ending credits and see's "To Be Continued..." .~
1/5 c24 F.Williams
YYYYEEESSSS!~~ 2 more "books" of yours to read! SWWWEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT
1/5 c22 F.Williams
1/5 c21 F.Williams
WOW...POWERFUL...and altogether heart wrenchingly sad
1/5 c20 F.Williams
AFRIGGINGMAZING! Had I not known any better, I would sware SM herself had wrote this. You have such a talent for seeing the end result and organizing the steps while keeping the reader truly engaged. It almost pains me to read if Im being honest, why you ask? Because the more I read...the less of it there will be TO read LOL /crying...truly bittersweet.
1/5 c16 F.Williams
LOL the level of S&M with these two is hilarious...
1/5 c15 F.Williams
Albeit years after you've written this, nonetheless...outstanding work~!
1/2 c5 F.Williams
The fact they are both equally in lust/love with each other yet, vying to see who is more clueless to the fact is hilarious...
2/27/2021 c25 6DavidTheAthenai
This is one of the best FF that I have read in a long, long while. I admit I only got here because of the person that reccomended it to me, as I am far from a Twilight fan, but because Char's taste is impecable, I decided I would give it a shot, and HOLY GODS if this ain't gold.

The prose is fantastic, the characters are strong, defined, full. Each one has a distinct and strongly conveyed personality, the etherealness and otherness you bring to vampires through the pov of one is gripping. Makes you feel interested in their lore, want to learn more about them, even them being so different from the classic mythic vampires that I grew up with. (I still hate that they sparkle, but that is hardly a fault I can pin on you, and even then you present it in a way that makes sense and feels like a lot more than just 'I shine like a fabulous diamond')

I think the decision of genderbending everyone is the biggest hit of the story. It balances the worst aspects of the original's concept fantastically, and then you round the other sharp edges with your own spices magnificently.

I went from disliking Edythe to hating her, to understanding her, to loving her with the fondness you have for a struggling young sibling. She is, without a doubt, the piece that makes the story what it is, and by the end I have a feeling that Beau's will do that part on the sequel.

I am really looking forwards to reading the rest, and I rejoice at the fact that it's written already. Thank you for taking the time and effort I know it takes to do something like this

I am so late to the party that is not even funny, but if you are still out there I hope this maybe brought a smile to your face.


11/29/2020 c19 LAVB
I know I’m reading this several years after you wrote it, but this is an amazing chapter. You truly get everyone. Each character, you give them depths and as I read I keep taking in your version as if it were absolute canon, not just a fanfic. Thank you for writing this.
11/26/2020 c1 Guest
I wanted to wish you (and your loved ones) a terrific Thanksgiving! Thank you for all the enjoyment your work has given many of us.
10/10/2020 c25 Naruto2448
This was an awesome story. I absolutely loved it from Edythe’s POV. I hope your story gets turned into a movie with the original Twilight ending.
10/10/2020 c23 Naruto2448
This was another awesome chapter. I like reading it from Edythe’s point of view.
10/9/2020 c13 Naruto2448
I absolutely loved this chapter. You did an amazing job.
10/9/2020 c11 Naruto2448
You are absolutely doing this story justice. I like how this is from Edythe’s pov. This would be awesome as the next Twilight movie.
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