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for Old Faithful

9/12/2017 c1 Lonny J
Nice! More, more...
9/12/2017 c1 James Mowery
Casey in Dubai, one of his canonic haunts. This is a very nice little tidbit! The way you've portrayed the setting puts me in mind of Robin Moore's "Dubai" in a good way of course. I haven't been anywhere in the middle east in a coons age but as I recall musselmen countries aren't too big representations of people in art (the cherubs) since the more strict types find it borderline blasphemous but things may have changed since then. In any event a minor quibble.

This is a really good upscale "Terry and the Pirates" setting full of mercenaries, scoundrels, and warlords in short just the sort of place you'd encounter John Casey. The problem is now I'm really curious about the rest of the story which you tell us in your note you've discarded. DRAT!

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