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for Who pays the price

5/22 c17 21keitaya
Whew! What a chapter.
Does Berit regret his temper? Looking forward to reading more.
9/26/2019 c16 67everlovin
Yay an update! I'm intrigued. Keep it coming
9/26/2019 c16 21keitaya
Sad that the gods are gone but I look forward to reading more.
Keep up the good work
6/22/2019 c15 keitaya
Wow... Quite a time jump.
So is Berit following the bloodlines of his friends? Or someone that we don't know about yet?
I look forward to more.
1/31/2019 c13 keitaya
Yay! Rear chapter. I look forward to more.
I will admit that Berit has always been a favorite of mine :-)
1/24/2019 c12 keitaya
Interesting storyline.
I would definitely like to read more.
3/1/2018 c6 LilliMae
Hello - just wanted to reach out and give you a kudos on your writing. I’m a big David Eddings fan but haven’t picked his books up in quite a long time. I happened to stumble across this on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Appreciate you taking the time and energy and having courage to post your writing. It’s been great so far. Looking forward to more.
2/21/2018 c1 Dr Spiggly
Hi, thought i would drop a review, since you don't have any others! I think this is great, and really looking forward to how it is going. My only issue is trying to work out the timing of how the incident at the beginning happened in relation to the action in the books, but as a plot it works well! Looking forward to seeing what happens after chapter 5, how is Sparhawk going to get out of this one?

Small world, but i also recognised your name from the only other fanfiction I read, and there is a lot more about that than Eddings FF. Keep going, look forward to reading!

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