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10/8/2017 c1 11emeraldphan
This was a brilliant story and well worth reading. It seems Erik can control everything except human nature... Well done to Raoul for realising how close he was to losing everything and to Christine for standing up for herself and her family. It's scary how much his employees will literally do everything he says, even keeping a family under house arrest, or rather, "hotel arrest"... But at least they are still together and trying to make the best of things, even if it means Raoul has to take a regular job.

The revelation about Meg was completely unexpected though! It's been a theory of some fans for years, apparently, but I never thought much about it. And it looks like Madame Giry's title was honorary, which was very common at the time.
I know it's just a one shot but I really hope Erik survives as a lot of people are depending on him, not least his daughter! All that power and yet so much self pity...
9/14/2017 c1 45Igenlode Wordsmith
"He told me that if you sing, you will be his for all time - and Gustave too!" - yes, that would definitely have been a good argument for Raoul to make (with the advantage of being entirely true... save for certain omissions). And saying that the Phantom told him this in order to mock him when he was drunk is a plausible scenario, too ;-p

I see you adopted the idea of Gustave getting travel-sick ;-D

"That moment they were blinded by electric light flashing on before them. The electric lights of a car, he realized" - I don't think that sort of focused-beam headlamp existed yet at this era :-(
Cars (and bicycles) used to have acetylene lamps that had to be lit up manually, and early electric headlamps were dynamo-driven and relatively dim even when the car was moving - the idea of having a lens to focus the beam didn't come in until around WW1...
I like the idea of the Phantom having discovered that he could hide equally well in *light* as in darkness, though; it's something that he would naturally have discovered from the effects of stage lighting.

"I keep them distracted with a ballet" - echoes of "Il Muto" ;-)

Erik has realised that the whole 'bet' is simply a question of one man's word against the other... and that if he doesn't admit to it (even if Raoul should be rash enough to condemn himself by bringing up the subject of their little arrangement), then the whole situation reverts to their prior agreement, which was that Christine has promised to sing for him. (Your Phantoms are always cleverer than the one in LND canon ;-D)

On the other hand, precisely *because* it's a rash idea and not to his credit, from Christine's perspective it's not a story that Raoul is likely to have invented...

"Pacta sunt servanda" - a reference to the contract presumably?

"I instructed the driver to bring you here as fast as possible" - I assumed he had deliberately driven the long way round so as not to arouse suspicion?

It serves Erik right that he now has to drive a vomit-stained Christine back in his precious car ;-P

"His ten most favorite liquors. Ten. Without any error, all of them" - clearly Erik has been doing his research :-(
(And/or trying to intimidate Raoul with a display of apparent mind-reading...)

"They shattered at the floor and the fine alcohol spilled and oozed away in the thick carpet" - if it was a thick carpet, would they shatter?

Naturally Erik returns to unburden himself to his old source of comfort: the portrait that never shrinks from the sight of him, never criticises anything he does and never says no :-(
It's a nice bit of insight that Christine is only willing to sing for him when he stops trying to *force* her to do it.

"a private detective he had hired to spy on her" - ah, so that's how he knew about Raoul's taste in wine!

"He took a piece of vat paper" - I'm not clear what 'vat paper' is; is this a reference to hand laid paper where individual sheets are dipped with a 'deckle' rather than being made between rollers?

"You are leaving everything to the boy? Erik! How could you?" - I thought she was already aware of this, having overheard his intentions? (But of course eavesdropping on what someone *says* he is going to do in the heat of the moment isn't at all the same thing as seeing proof in black and white that he has actually done so.)

"she had an older document where Erik appointed Meg his heir" - that explains why the Girys feel so much slighted by Erik's focus on Gustave (and is presumably what Erik is referring to when he tells Madane Giry that "you'll be repaid as I promised", but at some unspecified point in the future!)

So Erik's offer is basically that he will support Christine in New York in the manner to which she is accustomed, while encouraging Raoul to ruin himself ;-p Not entirely an enticing deal...

Apparently he doesn't have a Plan B beyond getting her to sing at least one performance - is he relying on the power of his music to influence her, or is he prepared actually to be content with simply hearing her sing "once more"?

"A man who would gamble you away in his drunken stupor! You can't go with him!" - oops. He can't condemn Raoul for that bet without admitting that he lied about the bet not having taken place... Although the argument that he was just trying to test Raoul's fidelity might have been a plausible one if he hadn't earlier denied the bet's very existence ;-p

"even the best laid schemes could not force love" - and what Erik has never really grasped is that in fact they tend to destroy it :-(

Working in the supply corps certainly isn't very glamorous (which explains why Raoul had always refused the opportunity), but it is at least an honourable employment. I wonder how he knows that he has a knack for it, though? Certainly not from anything that we see in LND ;-p

"the Girys found the door to Erik's flat unlocked. That was highly unusual" - particularly if he was planning to commit suicide, I'd have thought; was he perhaps subconsciously hoping to be interrupted? Or was this part of his 'consideration', ensuring that his staff didn't have to break down the door in order to discover his body?

"You can't die, not with this testament!" - ouch. And I'd assumed she was worried because she actually cared for him ;-p

"Meg is your daughter, you idiot!" - and that's *certainly* an unexpected twist! (And a salutary reminder that Erik is actually of Madame Giry's generation and not of Christine's...)
It seems she did quite a bit more with him when they were young than just bring food and clothing ;-p

"I was lucky that he ignored her when she seemed to fall in love with him, both not knowing that they were father and daughter!" - under the circumstances, I'd have thought she would have done a *lot* more to discourage that :-(
Interestingly, I gather that there is a verifiable tendency towards incest when people who don't know that they are closely related meet in adulthood - so that fact that Meg is Erik's daughter (and doesn't know it) *might* have predisposed her to feel drawn towards him without knowing why...

However, it does at least seem that this gives Erik something to live for :-)
9/12/2017 c1 MyNina
Wow, your plot is full of surprises! First I' d like to Sax that it makes sense that Christine ran away with Raoul - he is her husband and she knows Erik too well... and because of their horrible past I absolutely agree with you that she would never stay with Gustave in Phantasma! And Raoul wohl fight for his family as well...
Meg being Erik' s daughter? That is an intersting idea, who knows what happened in the cellars of the Opera ;-) I really enjoyed your story, because the original LND plot leaves too many questions unanswered...
9/12/2017 c1 10angelofnight
I don't know why ... maybe since it's a direct sequel AU ending... but I'm not into this. Your writing is always improving. I hope mine is as well.

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