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for Hikigaya Hachiman's Path to Reformation

1/27 c66 Thedarktheme
nice chapter man
1/25 c2 6Riven Ansen
I really want to get into this because of how its always at the top list for this fandom in favorites and follows, but I really just cant. Two long slog chapters where nothing really happens, and nothing to hint at how exactly this story will be different than canon other than meeting certain characters slightly earlier.

The summary boasts about reformation for Hachiman, but all he's been doing is being vaguely annoying most of the time and pointlessly long winded other times. He doesnt need to change immediately, nor should he, but I really dont think I can sit through 30 chapters of him shouting in his head and making references and jokes every time he opens his mouth.
1/1 c58 1Exaggerate
Mother and father, mom and dad aren’t capitalized
10/22/2023 c1 1valkrus
I really hope you will tone down the Japanese words in the future. I mean honorifics are acceptable but something about using imouto instead of little sister kind of...cringe
10/4/2023 c66 darcdavelgaming
nicely delivered as always
9/29/2023 c66 Guest
Bro just casually drops a character resembling Coco Adel from RWBY.
9/30/2023 c66 J-SECTION-L
I didn't expect to see action here, Hachiman is quite a badass.
9/28/2023 c66 Masterboy
9/28/2023 c65 Masterboy
when will hachiman return to japan?
9/28/2023 c66 1Solitary Heart
SUIIIIII it's back I've been waiting patiently and you always deliver thank you
9/14/2023 c65 haribo7861
Im glad you uploaded
9/7/2023 c37 Chomusuke
Feels bad about the last few sentences, you'll eventually get one Ice queen. Anyways the chapters great.
9/6/2023 c31 Chomusuke
I slightly retract my early review, This one redeemed it a bit.
9/6/2023 c29 Chomusuke
Im gonna say it... This chapter is by far the most disturbing and hard to read since I started this story, Really 28 chapters of nothing to show for and you follow the cannon at that, where are the butterfly effects that should be happening? This is by far the most disappointing chapter so far.
9/6/2023 c18 Chomusuke
Generic ending
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