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for Hikigaya Hachiman's Path to Reformation

12/1/2022 c50 Pembaca Sampah
Just discovered this 5 years old fic today. Nice read, but Hachiman at this point barely feels like his character in canon if not for his siscon tendency.

Also give more Shiromeguri and Irohasu screentime please!
11/21/2022 c49 bruvdamante
The cutter fell down straight to my left foot Fck
11/21/2022 c46 bruvdamante
You're making Ayanokoji as complicated as TicTacToe man. Chill a bit on the edge- Sht My hand's bleeding...
11/19/2022 c46 joshuayilonychs
wait so 40 chapters in and what has hachiman reformed? well, nothing really for the better apparently. hope he gets better
11/15/2022 c45 Guest
Ok, change the protagonist, this isn't 8man
11/9/2022 c62 SomeGuyOnline
11/8/2022 c62 Zechs-DXD
This ia a really nice chapter and it's great that you are still updating this story because this has become one of my most favorite fics in the website and I di hope you update soon.
11/8/2022 c62 CrazyxEnigma
This has certainly been an interesting ride, out the fics that try and "reform" Hachiman this is certainly the most comprehensive. This has been pretty well done though the "twist" went a little too far into edgelord territory and Hachiman wouldn't be able to control his expressions as well as he claims he can, it's more likely he believes himself to be a fake rather than being one, though Hachiman from canon would find this version of himself repulsive like Shiro and Archer from FSN. My only other criticism is since the cast is so large it's difficult to give everyone proper screentime so some like Shizuka feel shafted. Oh and I really like what you did with the Hikigaya parents, you made them likeable and feel like actual people.
11/8/2022 c62 Dangal
Thanks for the update!

Great chapter!
11/8/2022 c62 ZEDNEMwashere
“that black Squid ink pasta” is that a motherfuckin JoJo reference?!
11/8/2022 c62 Mestre720
Thank you for the chapter!
11/7/2022 c62 Azaleaelf
finally got updated! hope you update new chapter soon!
11/7/2022 c62 MinusIQ
Oh shiet you're alive! Hallelujah!
9/13/2022 c45 diazxb
Is humanly impossible to fake all of that, especially the blushing, and him "calculating" the exact second his mother would enter the room is imposible as well. I don't know why you forced this "plot twist" so much.
8/3/2022 c1 Guest
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