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for Hikigaya Hachiman's Path to Reformation

8/4/2022 c1 Fuck Names
7/21/2022 c52 1ObeRun
Oi, I'm having second thoughts about my favorite ship wtf. Is this possibly turning into a Hachi x Rumi fic now (JK)?
7/21/2022 c50 ObeRun
"As long as I win in the end, no matter how dirty or low I go about it, nothing else matters.H. H

I swear, Ayanokoji vibes I say xD
7/21/2022 c45 ObeRun
Eyo, what's with this?! Something like Ayanokoji level monologue?! Ohoh?
7/21/2022 c43 ObeRun
And Hachiman got cockblocked by Hachimama LMAO
7/21/2022 c44 ObeRun
Hachisaki ship... EHHHH?! Tho this is great and I can say I have no qualms about this, but still...! Kah, I need a dosage of Hachi Haru moments! I won't let that ship fail! (Either way, I'm fine with Hachisaki as well heh)
7/21/2022 c41 ObeRun
Oi oi, yukinoshita. Girlfriend? Too fast I say! U just got reconciled!... Well, I honestly placed my bet on Big Sis Haruno so yeah... hm
7/21/2022 c41 ObeRun
Yukino... yandere? Eh~
7/21/2022 c2 ObeRun
Dang, this is hilarious xD. I don't know but I'm cringing on some lines too hard but still, the humor on it upsets the cringiness! Ha! So far, so good
7/18/2022 c2 RandomGuest
This make Hachiman all the more hilarious to hear when it shows his thoughts more. His humor is spot on.
7/11/2022 c61 Dangal
Just binge read this entire story and it's a masterpiece! Can't wait for more
7/11/2022 c45 Dangal
God damn, that was an ayanokouji level monologue
7/6/2022 c1 ornstein
I've been rereading some of the key moments in this fic like Hikigaya's first encounter with with Yukinoshita, confronting the source of the spam mails, or Kawasaki getting manipulated by Hikigaya, and I've gotta say. Each reread just gets me more hype about the next chapter and the future of this fic. This fic has some flaws of course but, overall this one's just an excellent read all-throughout.
6/26/2022 c61 Bongskie
Ohhh Tess x Hachiman moment, nice. 10/10 great chapter
6/23/2022 c2 Guest
Thanks for update this is was a very long wait thanks for the new chapter and take care and i like very much this fanfic Thanks again.
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