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for Hikigaya Hachiman's Path to Reformation

6/23/2022 c61 Dr.Wakeem22
Hachiman with his goofy ahh grin :skull:
6/23/2022 c61 Thedarktheme
I approve
6/22/2022 c61 TroxX101
It’s nice having hachiman with a change of scenery
6/22/2022 c61 LD1021
Whoohoo it’s been a while! Thanks for the update and the good laughs, loving the recent developments. Keep it up Author-san
6/22/2022 c61 Alabama47
Also thanks for the update Author-san!
6/22/2022 c1 Alabama47
I really hope this is a harem and I also like Tess, she's definitely a waifu material. Moreover Japan's fertility (and birth) rate had drop, hope you made this into an A.U. and make a law about having a polygamous relationship approve in the country.
6/22/2022 c61 Harris Hussain
Tess best girl! This better be the pairing
6/22/2022 c61 MountainBookSage25



Also, new harem member
5/30/2022 c59 kasimrox3009
Hope you update soon
4/30/2022 c1 BurntRat
dang kinda hard to like this Hachiman when he’s fake as fuck
4/21/2022 c60 kasimrox3009
Hope you update soon. Been 5 months since you last did
4/10/2022 c60 1NNathann
I love Hachiman’s relationship with the foreigners! It feels like they mesh really well together! Great chapter and looking forward to more!
4/4/2022 c10 Guest
This shit is so fucking in character, probably the best fanfiction I've read on this Fandom. Good job on creating a masterpiece.
4/2/2022 c45 DeepBlueCat
This just got interesting
3/25/2022 c60 TroxX101
Love this story
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