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for Vongolo Principessa and Hound of Namimori

4/18/2018 c4 Frwt
new chapter..._
4/5/2018 c4 13foxchick1
I can't wait to see what happens next.
4/4/2018 c4 1Shiho-Akemi
Coincidences of life ~ Do not tell me you will choose Tsu ~ xD
Mimimi If I used to ask about Kyo-kun, now I do it for Mukkun! He is in the Estraneo at the moment?
... I feel like I'm getting too far ahead of the plot edkefnfij
4/4/2018 c4 2merendinoemiliano
, maybe is just the hellish past, but i guess he won't be like thath all the time and i hope he will help his girlfriend to train a up the good work and see you soon, i hope you had a nice Easter.
2/8/2018 c3 Frwt
this is cool
1/17/2018 c3 13foxchick1
Can't wait to see what happens nest.
1/9/2018 c3 Bell2629
yay update~ and happy new year! hope you had a nice break. tsuna gonna keep making those bentos huh... wonder why jk... she does have some good friends though, i mean hana being all protective. and it looks like he likes the bentos... i wanne try it too~
anyway, can't wait for more and thanks for the update!
1/2/2018 c3 3ambiguous person
My first time reading a Tsuna/OC pairning, and so far, you have a really interesting story!

I think your OC has similar characteristics with Hatsuharu Sohma from Fruits Basket, but that's just my opinion... The way you described him really caught my attention and my first thought was he was like Hatsuharu.
1/2/2018 c3 2merendinoemiliano
Nice and interesting story, even if your oc seems a little too much Gary , i'm curious to see whath you will do and Now Reborn will year.
1/2/2018 c3 1Shiho-Akemi
For some reason ~ I imagine to a small puppy trying to exceed enormously to the bigger one ~
Oh! Was Kyoya listening to the rumors ~? It of the bloodhound approaching someone certainly, and it without striking the person in question ~ Altar... I believe that I get entangled ~
Happy Year!
11/30/2017 c2 EkiNana
this is the first time i read a story about fem!tsuna x oc..oc like him ofcourse..and it's quite interesting..i hope you can update more.. ~
11/4/2017 c1 Wolfsrainrock3
Your story is amazing!~ Can't wait to read more of it
11/4/2017 c2 Tanukichibi
Please update! All the best on your exams frirst tho
11/4/2017 c2 13RoastedPorkchop
This is a very interesting fanfic, and it's the first Fem!Tsuna x Oc I've seen. The concept of having Yakubo be a delinquent is really cool, and I guess it's kind of something flexible to work with, since you could experiment on backstories and whatnot. I'm excited to see how their friendship would develop, how the feelings would start, and of course, Reborn's reaction to this unexpected development!

Love this story, and good job! c:
11/3/2017 c2 Bell2629
noooo don't leave me hanging... can't wait for more interactions between them though forgot to mention but he sounds very handsome! i always love characters with two colored eyes! and also the black with white streaks of hairs! reminds me of those badass characters in manga like jiang ye or the great conqueror!
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