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8/21 c32 4Huntingkiddo13
I am so happy you are coming back. I loved the original and have reread it several times. Take all the time you need!
8/1 c5 Baz62
My only request would be to remove Ron. I find him offensive, rude and practically as bigoted as Draco.
7/29 c32 12mastercheif1229
Great that you're rewriting this! I just hope that you make Percy a lot stronger in the rewrite, as form what I have heard, he was much weaker than he should have been in the original version of this fic.
7/10 c32 Guest
didnt read it all soon as i read what that dirty filthy whore was up to i forward it ihate the story now
7/10 c10 Guest
what a dirty whore i hope his father kills the bitch
7/2 c31 Kidase
Hey, i just finished your story and i really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work :). I hope you still plan on updating, otherwise no pressure. I still like your story, especially the way you brought Camp Half-Blood into the wizarding world!
6/25 c1 posidonfrahorus
it's been a while since I've check in on ffn. while i do want to read the new chapter, I don't remember the plot and finals start in 2 days,... cant afford myself to reread now
6/23 c8 maxe03
Harry shouldn't be planning on spreading Percy secret and history without his permission. A little surprised Percy didn't tell the doctor and just have her swear on the styx.
Surprised Thalia alive and wonder why he hasn't contacted her before know and why he contacted her out in the open.
Whelp this is it for me that whole situation with ginney was just stupid
6/23 c7 maxe03
Given that Percy knows a war is coming soon I don't see why he was so happy to find out his sword wouldn't work on them.
It was stupid for him to apologize for not telling harry he's a demi god it's not not telling someone all your business isn't lying and going by that logic harry was lying to him by not telling him he's a good wizard.
6/23 c6 maxe03
A little surprised Percy emotions aren't affecting his powers and wonder how his anchor being dead will affect his powers.
Wonder if Percy got an owl or some other pet and if he'll be good with runes and wards given he was able to cast Grovers ward in Gabe after seeing it once
6/23 c4 maxe03
Wonder what proficiency level Hecate gave Percy and if he can shape shift. Also hope she made sure to gave him the ability to protect his mind and surprised she didn't seem to give him the ability to use wandless magic
6/23 c3 maxe03
Dumbledore seems like an jerk surprised they didn't point out that his neighbor is who they want him to help
6/23 c1 maxe03
How old is Percy?
A little surprised his uncles gave Percy a gift containing there essence when it seems like they could have got the same effect with blessings.
Glad Hecate gave him her blessing though I do wonder why she didn't give him basic knowledge of the wizarding world
6/23 c32 2Going Dark
Whoop whoop! Lesss go!
6/23 c32 Ltbutterfly287
I really want to read the updated version cause I liked the premise but didn't like the whole killing all the demigods who we know and then making wizards a actual threat to gods. Most people fail to realize it because all fanfiction writers make Percy operate from their own shallow views but he did actually enjoy quests and fighting. He never once complained or felt indignant over going on quests so realistically if the gods you have send him over explain the situation he would more then likely agree to go. Lastly you could easily make him and Annabeth go and still to a daphne pairing by either making them view each other as more like siblings or have them be together but both want Daphne to be a part of their relationship.
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