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10/2/2020 c30 14Dimac99
Oh, man, I feel completely hollowed out now. This was an agonising read. Jeez, Luke does not deserve Lorelai. But you're absolutely spot on about the shame, that's what I always thought was at (or at least one of) the root of his problems. I honestly don't know how Lorelai can forgive him, although of course I was hoping for a happily ever after.

Richard and Emily. Wow. I pity her. What an empty, meaningless life. What's the point when her husband, daughter and granddaughter don't really want anything to do with her? Pride comes before a fall, indeed.
4/4/2020 c30 B
I loved this so much..perfect amount of angst. Honestly, this Luke didn't dessrve Lorelai. I love Richard and Lorelai's improved relationship. This was so wonderful though, and what a b*tch Emily stood her ground, so proud.
11/12/2018 c30 Guest
Very arduous but in a good way, I agree it should not be that easy to just get over and through all their issues. If this had happened in cannon, even if "off air" they would not still be stupid and un-together in the revival - where, apparently, they had wasted all those years and didn't even seem to be in love with each other.
2/17/2018 c1 Rainy Day Woman
I'm sorry that you aren't writing fanfic anymore. I truly loved your work. Crawling was an absolute tour de force that made me giddy those fall mornings to wake up and read another chapter. I loved the first 5 years of GG and you treated the characters honestly.

Thank you.
12/4/2017 c4 34complete-randomalities
Oh my heart! Incredible chapter. Honestly prefer this to the show's storyline.
11/6/2017 c30 girlface
real id, too lazy to log in!

OMG this story was so good. YOu made me go through a whole box of kleenex! I'm sad to see Emily not get it but Lorelai learning that sometimes people aren't safe to be in your life seems such a good but sad lesson to have come out of the story. I love the way you explained Luke's shame, and why Lorelai could forgive it more easily once she knew what was going on. Can't wait to go back and read other stories by you!
10/9/2017 c30 Guest
So, they're all a bit messy, but really, they always were. I appreciate your bravery in sharing this, especially since it's a far cry from a lot of the patch-up-in-a-chapter-or-two fics out there. I'm fond of your version of Richard and can easily see Emily sliding into the character she's portrayed as in this story. Luke...well, I still don't understand the awful downward spiral his character went into in the later seasons, but I appreciate that you explored pulling him back. Overall, I liked this fic, even as some of it was hard to read from the sheer emotionality of it all, but the emotion is also cathartic, and I appreciated that as well. Thanks for sharing!
10/9/2017 c1 MysteriouslyCertainPeanut
Wow that was heart crushingly perfect and beautiful. I'm wrecked. Emily
10/6/2017 c30 sarah.reiniche
loved loved loved this story. also love you are writing gg fan fiction. I'm a junkie.
10/6/2017 c30 18PurryCat
Yay, you did it! Congrats, siostra! You finished the whole story, as well as got the Ls back together and hitched. Yes! Happy dance! Bitter Emily doesn't get it. Par for the course! Personally, I *love* the car metaphor. The one on the show, as well as your take on it. And you did it without Christopher's interference, so double-yay!
10/6/2017 c29 PurryCat
I read this as a reward for when I was done writing my new chapter for the day, and what a reward it was! Lovely Christmas scene. I'm all for a family scene without Emily's snide remarks... Perfect gifts for everyone, which means you came up with the perfect gifts for the characters. I'm scared and looking forward to the final chapter at the same time. The good thing is that just like with GG, I can always come back and reread.
10/6/2017 c29 fanficfun15
Luke and Lorelai went to boot camp in this fic...got broke down and built back up. And all under the leadership of Sergeant Richard Gilmore.

I am looking forward to reading this again! Thank you!
10/6/2017 c30 Droolia
While I'm happy that Emily got to be a part of the final chapter, I kind of wished she was in the outside looking in. I guess, in a way, she is. In a prison of her own making because of her expectations. She can have her heart wrap to its content all alone. Lorelai, Luke, even Richard, have come so far. I'm amazed that they still interact with her. Thanks for sharing this story. I hope everything settles soon enough, not just so you can write longer fan fics because you're totally capable of it, but because home stress/worries suck. Hope to see you around sooner rather than later.
10/6/2017 c29 Droolia
You must be an awesome gift giver. Those were some really good ideas.

I didn't recognize the song until your AN. Now I can't stop singing it in my head.
10/6/2017 c30 6AJ Granger
I like the story. There were things I wish I'd seen more of, but overall, the focus on Luke and Lorelai, Emily and Richard, was a nice change. I honestly wasn't sure through much of this that you would bring Luke and Lorelai back together, so kudos to you for plotting out a story that was so filled with love and angst and sadness that those of us who followed faithfully were really pulled into it wondering how it might go.
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