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for The Untold Prophecy

12/12/2021 c28 Astramilitarum01
It's a very interesting take on the Narutox StarWars story, with pretty deep character development.

For me personally is was sadly not very enjoyable in the later chapters, I'm not that big of a fan of the inclusion of Sasuke and the whole drama plot in general. Doesn't take away from it being a good story but it's just not my thing.
11/23/2021 c5 Jared51
You got rid of Mandalore for this shit.
11/17/2021 c29 1unseenw0lf
Really enjoying this story. Your fight scenes are top notch. Was concerned with how the Padme breakup was being portrayed but you revisisted it and closed it up nicely. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter
10/30/2021 c9 1Panjason
Ok… I was having fun until you decided to have Naruto take Anakin’s place as Padme’s toy.
The decision to have him “guard” Padme so long by the council was extremely illogical and dumb. It’d be basic psychology to swap out the guard to prevent attachments.
The ride was fun though!
10/11/2021 c29 Guest
Where you at?
9/29/2021 c28 ABitterPill
You know, orbital bombardment, even from standard turbolasers, would make the Akatsuki have a very bad day. Even worse if they involve heavy turbolasers. From so far up that they won't even be able to see. Pretty sure that 99.9% of jutsu don't measure up to capital ship weapons fire anyhow so no getting through the shields.

As another thought, if the populations of the elemental nations are so diminished, why not just recruit the whole lot of them? Take them off-world and into the wider galaxy. It gives Naruto's alliance some harder hitting power on the ground front to complement his ground army, and once they get caught up on how the galaxy runs, some people who could give interesting ideas on how to pursue his galactic ambition.

Pain and Akatsuki can have the world and know they'll never get out into the greater galaxy. Pain wouldn't be able to comprehend the scale of the galaxy anyhow.
9/2/2021 c29 naruto44namikaze
hi, idk if I've commented before but I hope you're still continuing this story and if you have a discord fir updates, still love your work as well
9/1/2021 c29 Guest
Is this dead?
8/7/2021 c28 crea9587
No matter how long it takes. It is more than likely worth the wait.

I still can barely wait for the next instalment to one of my favourites on this site.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
8/5/2021 c2 Antianti12
Don't know if i commented on this before but now i know why i stopped reading the first time this is a harem, ill pass thanks tho.
8/5/2021 c29 Guest
espero con ansias el próximo cappp porfa vor no la dejes en las mejores partes están por vewnir
7/27/2021 c1 Guest
One of the best stories ever
7/15/2021 c5 brandonmunoz499
Can siri be the love interest
7/15/2021 c29 Guest
Pls update soon the wait is killing me
7/11/2021 c1 Guest
Este primer capítulo no me gustó y siento que los capítulos que viene no serán lo que yo esperaba que fueran
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