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for The Untold Prophecy

9h c1 1Revan Emrys
Great first chapter
8/22 c29 Dagoth Ur
Hey N’was, decided I’d come back just to remind you how much you fucked up this story with the shitty decision to keep the elemental nations a thing in Star Wars, along with your shitty OC, Kenichi. I personally wouldn’t have gotten this bad at making a despicable character. Such intoxicating innocence
8/6 c11 Knightfall00
I really hate when people add an uchiha just to add an uchiha when it’s not needed in the story, like he doesn’t need a uchiha opponent to challenge him there is a whole host of people that can do it in the star wars universe ie. Ventress, Cadmen bane, count dooku, aura sing. Just to name a few each of them is more than capable of killing jedi. And what the hell was jango doing way the hell out there in space you said it took yoda something like 6-8 months of flying to get to naruto’s planet and he only went out there because the force was guiding him there.
6/18 c29 Wayne
Thank you for the story. I just wish you could continue. There is so much that you can touch on from here. Hinata, Kakashi, Killer Bee, does Naruto learn shadow clone, Sealing, The flying thunder god, wind nature, senjutsu... does Naruto help the ninja alliance vs Madara Uchiha and Kaguya Ōtsutsuki does the Ninja aliance help Naruto vs the Empire and the separatist. There is so much to touch on I'm sad to see it end.
6/14 c29 GRAKSAW
This story has been dead for 2 years and a month an a half. I doubt anything about this story will continue; This has been the most fascinating story I 've read all year and here I am complaining this will not continue. An since this story your friend made, it hasn't continued either. This is a sad mess that won't be completed. I hate when stuff this great, just ends up dying without explanation. You've tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it didn't even matter.
5/8 c29 Guest
Vas a seguir con la historia?
4/4 c11 Kirito Tatsumi
Bruh, I wish no other shinobi would appear.
3/24 c1 corpuzevan4
It’s good
2/28 c29 Guest
By the way, I know this may be a bit late. But are you going to have Naruto acquiesce to the demands of the Akatsuki for the you-know-what stuck in his body? I'd mean for this story, I guess. It kind of make sense in a roundabout way. I'd mean the root cause of his problems or most of it from the earliest days is the you know what. And when they come in force and he sees it again in his grief stricken state who knows what he may or may not end up doing, am I right?
2/21 c28 Hyperman15
Among the best Naruto x Starwars stories of the site. Maybe in my top 3 actually.
2/20 c25 Hyperman15
WTF ! The bounty hunter his him?!
2/2 c29 ABitterPill
Is this story dead? It's starting to feel like it...
1/24 c1 kylerees148
this story is amazing I hope you come back to update it :)
1/18 c29 Clonebustering
Next chapter come on bro this stuff is awesome
1/1 c29 Blank Lord
What a fic! Easily one of my favorite on the site. I’m grateful that I was able to read this. Thank you for the effort and time.
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