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for The Truth

9/2/2020 c3 3daniM2004
This was great and I had totally been stressing about that dang necklace, too!
2/19/2019 c3 DBZfanLou
I have tear in my eyes,what an amazing story this was, you are an great writer, well done
2/19/2019 c2 DBZfanLou
Beautiful chapter!
2/19/2019 c1 DBZfanLou
Excellent chapter! Well done
5/22/2018 c1 othersideofreality
Please write a asperica fanfiction too. U write well please please
10/6/2017 c1 7ElizabethMKJP
I did need this in my life. Thank you totally loved it
9/14/2017 c3 Virtue01
Totally enjoyed the alternative ending and your writing skills.
9/13/2017 c1 2LadyMadisonSchreave
Loved it! What's the surprise?! You left us on a cliffhanger and now I want to know more. You should make this into a story... Update please!
9/13/2017 c1 3starryworlds
I really like this! In my opinion, it was well written and I enjoyed reading this!

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