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9/24 c11 Guest
Up. Good chapter:) I like!
9/24 c6 Guest
OK, so at the beginning I was wondering why on earth you would spend time describing the «other» character, but during the whole chapter I was wondering whi the hell»Sam» was, so the introduction of new mutants suddenly was very nice! good story:)
8/3 c13 Wendan20
That's just evil. The man is just really stupid or really evil if he actually believes that.
8/3 c1 Bookworm
Nah, it's better than most, actually.
8/2 c49 Knight5946
Ok in reading the q and a at the top, it seems the question about the venom was misunderstood, the question is about the venom in the acromantulas bite, not Venom the character as it was said that she got hit by one of their pincer fangs in the previous chapter
7/22 c15 Guest
Neville didn’t tell Harry about Aiden having an invisibility cloak. You’d think that would be a pretty big deal.
7/22 c11 Guest
Dumbledore threatens an 11 year old student...

I don’t understand why Harry doesn’t say shit about his past to his parents. They ruined his life yet you’re dragging out the process of them getting their comeuppance which would then fuck their trust in Dumbledore.
7/22 c10 Guest
If Harry wants to get back at the people who ruined his childhood, why doesn’t he tell them what his relatives did? That would ruin whatever trust his biological parents had in Dumbledore & if it didn’t Harry would know to never trust his parents in anything.

You make Harry come back to Britain yet first chance he gets he does nothing to ruin Dumbledore in front of witnesses.
7/22 c9 Guest
Skype wasn’t invented until 2003...it’s 1991...
7/22 c7 Guest
Sending Harry away from his newest family for no good reason. Voldemort is still alive so I’ll send an 11 year old. Poor plot point, seems you’ve written Professor X to be an idiot.
But hey you get to advance the story now where Harry will be under Dumbledore’s thumb, in a school with his brother who hates him. Good decision making there.

I don’t know about you but if I was Harry I would hate and resent the Potters & Dumbledore for getting rid of him. Seriously Harry only feels ‘indifference’ to them? So he doesn’t care that they got rid of him to essentially allow him to get ABUSED FOR YEARS. Yeah, fuck off with your shitty reasoning.

You clearly have limited understanding of emotions as a person if you believe Harry is ‘Indifferent.’
7/22 c6 Guest
Well that was anticlimactic.
7/22 c2 Guest
Fully grown man punches 8 year old in the face and continues until he’s winded...yeah Harry would be dead, at least make it believable.
7/22 c2 Guest
‘July 31th’ ...wow...opening already has a mistake

Also Harry/Ginny is so bland, you have a crossover story and you keep it to Canon...missed opportunity.
7/21 c13 1Nathow
Hello may I ask you what if in any new stories if lily takes Harry to gringotts and then returns to potter manor to drop Harry back home before going to dumbledore and yelling at him because of what she found out at gringotts and lily says that Harry’s scar is gone so Lily And James are furious about him lying to them about Harry being a squib and lily tells him to stay away from her sons because I think in a new story of yours there could be a literal Dumbledore bashing
7/20 c2 Nathow
Fantastic writing well done keep up the good work and please update very soon with a new fanfiction where lily disagrees with the idea of sending Harry away and decides to take him to saint mungos to check if he is a wizard
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