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4/2 c1 reisova
50 shades off grey ...
3/30 c1 Gingers Unite
Incredible. I loved it.
3/7 c1 lessa001
I'm not sure that I have words to describe how perfect and right this story feels for Maria and Georg. I think you have expressed the dynamic perfectly- he needs control and she is attracted to structure and discipline but fights it every step of the way before surrendering. Marie is so curious and feels everything so passionately. I can see why it would be intoxicating for the Captain to seek to control how that passion is released and see what limits he can help her reach. How are there not more stories like this is this fandom? I would truly love to see more.
6/26/2020 c1 Pat
This is smoking hot! A dark Captain is sooooo exciting and sexy! I'm loving some of the suggestions for a sequel from other reviewers too. This story seems to have brought some creative ideas out of them.
7/14/2019 c1 40his-red-head
Please let there be a sequel. This was great!
3/1/2019 c1 Guest
6/17/2018 c1 HugeJulieAndrewsFan
I’ve enjoyed this chapter and I agree with some of the others that this should be a multi-chapter story with a part two of this story. The complete should be taken off cause this story was left with a cliff hanger
12/21/2017 c1 SarahMay5504
11/18/2017 c1 58gothicbutterfly95
Well I actually thought this had quite a bit of plot.
I thought it was really interesting how it's during the engagement period, but with the way Georg feels about it, it actually worked very well. The idea that Agathe had been completely against it and there was this one dark moment in their marriage was very interesting.
The way Maria took it all in was great, from asking him to be himself, to worrying she'd done something and giving him time, to confronting him when that became too much. I'm not super-clear on the past you've given Maria, but given what Georg wants to do to her, I think it's a testament to how much she loves and trusts him that she didn't run out of the room screaming. The way they talked it through before anything happened created a situation that made it believable for her to be okay with something that could very well instinctively remind her of her past.
Then the sash went on and...well then it became plot-less for a while. And of course her word was 'whistle'.
Love how she used it when it was all finished to get him to stop so she could tell him her answer. Of course he immediately thinks it's a 'no' so her using the word then was a great touch. (I haven't read/seen FSOG so I don't know how similar it all is, but I liked that)
And her final cheeky line about finding a room in the house, and asking him if he was coming. And to bring the crop. Classic.
11/5/2017 c1 Emily
I can’t put my thoughts about this as elegantly as AugiesAnne but this is the best erotic story I’ve read. And makes FSOG seem tame. More please.

Btw love the idea someone come up with of Maria soothing G’a insecurity by showing him how pleasurable it is to be on the receiving end. Hope you take that ball and run with it for a chapter.
10/22/2017 c1 33augiesannie
I've read this story 1000000 times, I've corresponded with you about it, but now I want to go public with my praise for it - what took me so long?

Here's what I had to say about it the, oh, I don't know, fifth time I read it:

First I would like to say that it has been a great disappointment to me that most adult M rated fanfic doesn't do much for me. Even the story I wrote MYSELF kind of left me cold (that might be like tickling yourself though, it doesn't work). I thought this story was seriously hot. And I mean I don't really think 50 Shades is that hot, but this had the right mix of Georg and 50 Shades and it was just ... spectacular. (despite a few hilarious typos).

OK many things to like, but the most brilliant thing you did was to introduce the Agathe backstory, because it gave Georg a vulnerability so he's not just a sleazy guy. He's frantic to dominate her and frantic to confess and ashamed and guilty. We do see the unnerving, dark Georg through Maria's eyes but we also see the human side of him. The tension during his big reveal was truly unbearable.

Another genius thing was for Maria to figure out that Agathe didn't like this part of him, and the revelations that came after that, along with her arguing that they should try it and then decide what to do about it afterward. A level of trust and intimacy beyond G's previous marriage I also really liked something about how Maria asked him if it was only in bed - like she is trying to figure it out, I guess.

There is so much good writing and imagery in here that I stopped writing down my favorites after a while, but they included things like the riding crop being a pendulum and its tapping; when she is surprised that she isn't bleeding from the hurt he's inflicted on her, and how anger "seeps into the cracks." Also "monstrous twisting need."

Also loved the double meaning of Georg knowing he will give her what she never knew she needed, that line reads very differently the second time!

About the crop - of course that was the right thing to do! How could you have doubted it!

For some reason I really liked how he stopped to adjust his buckle, I don't know why.

OK, the last thing: I really liked the part where he says that tying her hands will help her. I don't quite really understand why that is true, but I like the idea, and it was the one bit that inspired me to think about what else could be written - something about the idea that she is restless and that it calms her down.

And now you have inspired me...

thanks for this amazing story!
10/21/2017 c1 RavenMRoyal
Please post more
10/11/2017 c1 Saharafire
This story completely rocks! It is so in character for Georg to be into domination. I really really want you to write more chapters. This should be just the beginning.
10/8/2017 c1 Alison
This is one of the best erotic stories I have read. You are right, Georg really is the poster boy for the BDSM life style. I can really see him as a Dom and you have written it brilliantly. But I was really interested that some of your reviewers could also see him as a Sub. I had never thought of that, but it might be really hot and erotic too.

Like everyone else, I really really hope you will continue with this awesome story. You are so talented! Brilliant job.
9/30/2017 c1 SarahMay5504
This... is BRILLIANT
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