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for An Irish Wind

4/21 c72 Gracen900
The amount of screaming I did. I am obsessed with this fic and I’m gonna think about it forever, you may have ruined my love life cause I’m gonna compare every man to James and be disappointed
4/15 c72 Guest
It is nice to see how their bond has become stronger. She is worried of what the others thing of their relationship, when those others don't seem to mind at all. I hope they won't find any real trouble in Williamsburg from the locals or Jack making a mess, they all deserve some time of peace, while they are working their next move.
3/17 c71 demisses
This is by far favorite chapter yet! We've got some honest communication, not just repression, we've got a plan for our heroes, the possibilities are endless! Cam you believe I spent every waking moment that I could reading this? Well done! And looking forward to when you come back
3/17 c70 demisses
ah finally. i so very hope they get it together and stop putting their foot in their mouths.
3/17 c64 demisses
Sigh. Honestly I feel like both of them have waited too long at this point. If he were to confess suddenly, Fiona likely believes hes doing it just to placate her. Shes that damn hard on herself. Stubborn fools.
3/17 c63 demisses
Fiona get out of your head and talk to the man! So many issues that simply TALKING would resolve. Talking and listening.
3/16 c62 demisses
Finally someone gives that poor girl a hug
3/16 c61 demisses
What a chapter! Loved the wedding but dammit why does Fiona always misunderstand everything with James?
3/16 c60 demisses
Eeee I should be sleeping!
3/16 c44 demisses
Finally someone straight up telling Fiona she is worthy. 17th century feminism baby!
3/16 c40 demisses
oh em gee? a marriage of convenience? this story has everything- if that is indeed what happens lol. I'm pretty sure Fiona is going to put up one helluva fight on that- bless James ; ;
3/16 c39 demisses
Eh pretty annoyed with Fiona and everyone continuously telling James what he wants, and then Fiona seemingly purposefully missing all the in between the lines that hes giving her. I know shes not trying to hurt him but every time she mentions his love for Elizabeth or mentions they wouldn't have suited its like shes trying to all the same. Block heads lol
3/15 c36 demisses
Lol Fiona has done the equivalent of a modern girl taking a boys hoodie and I love that he didn't request her give it back.
3/15 c35 demisses
It's not a beach but it was a bit of peace and bonding
3/15 c34 demisses
Did I already mention the need for a sunny beach, long make out sessions, and no treacherous bastards? It's still needed lol
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