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10/25 c69 Smithy
I am happy for Ambrose and Anastasia, and it's very sensible for her to help her grandma. Smell a life-long romance, there.
10/24 c70 2HunterofArtemis1812
They’re finally on the same page! Holy heck that took them a long time...
looking forward to more xx
10/24 c70 Guest
I do like this chapter! James never leaving her side, the connection seeing the vision and his openess to this and their physical bonding. I hope they won't have any doubts of the other's love anymore.
10/21 c70 Gracen900
Wow I love it, incredible I can’t believe they did it on the deck, but I am so happy
10/2 c69 Gracen900
I have been non stop reading this for the last two days and I am now so emotionally invested that it’s crazy, I love your writing and the character development you’ve managed to create I’m literally on the edge of my seat for every chapter and I cannot wait for those two to finally admit their feelings for eachother
9/23 c69 Guest
The only ones truly happy are Ambrose and Anastasia. It is like the arguing in the meeting made Fiona and James walk backwards two steps in their relationship. Will, the voice of logic, has a good point and he is right wondering when it will right time to tell him about Andromeda. Are they really going to annul the wedding? No objections, even in the last minute?
9/1 c68 Guest
Finally the trust to tell what had happened and her express her guilt. I really enjoyed their talk in the cabin with details of their lives and dreams and I believe they enjoyed it too. They should do it more often than avoiding each other. I agree love comes from talking.
Keep up the great work!
8/23 c67 Guest
I don't know what this weird storm really is, but if it helped them to come closer, open up and talk honestly then it is a good thing. Looking forward for the rest of it.
8/5 c66 Guest
The cave was completely changed and most importantly, it intensified the feelings or perhaps insecurities of James and Fiona. I like how you wrote these two in there. Now that the conversation has started, must reach its end. I hope this isn't what will drive them apart.
8/2 c23 2smallchildwithMACBOOK
wait she's 22?
7/30 c15 smallchildwithMACBOOK
don't get me wrong, I love the whole Perseus and Andromeda thing, but I want to point out that that makes Fiona Andromeda. in NO way would she let herself be sacrificed and have to be saved by a handsome prince.
7/20 c65 Guest
The man is so sweet, going to the other side of the island just because she was curious and saying about believing in magic because of her. How intriguing what all the women sensed about the island, not being wanted. Would than mean danger for the group? Even for the "chosen" ones like Fiona and James?
7/2 c64 Guest
This time is was James' turn to be scolded and he deserved it. I admire Elizabeth's restrain not to smack both James and Fiona's heads with how they are acting. What is he waiting for? He knows she loves him. If he confesses his feeling perhaps that will make her trust him with the events in jail. At least the other two potential couples are in a more normal and growing fondness.
7/1 c64 sillystring-roxs-the-earth
The pining intensifies! Can’t wait for the inevitable declaration of love
6/28 c63 Guest
Wow great chapter!, please continue writing this, I can't wait to find out what happens in the next part
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