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8/20/2020 c39 Guest
I just feel very happy that there is a series this long because so many things are just like 3 chapters. Thank you and you got ur account the year after I was born so...
7/31/2020 c38 12NaoSa
I read this whole series and loved it! Amazing job and I love your plot and how you wrote it! :)
2/4/2019 c34 3DivergentMage
You just had to kill Warren *counts on fingers* I think 3 times.
7/13/2018 c39 Rayah19
This was a great ending and i understand why you'd want to put to stop to it at this point. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this series! My favorite book of the series would have to be about Murdred. I wish you great luck with everything you do from this point on. Im gonna continue rereading the series because it is my favorite series and also I love long stories! And for maybe the last time: I really enjoyed the story(ies) [and as well as the series]! -RayahXx
7/12/2018 c29 Rayah19
I really loved the story and the 'mini' story! I felt a little kid reading a fairytale. The way you have the story moving is truly unique and I'm really enjoying myself! -RayahXx
7/12/2018 c27 Rayah19
I like how the same kisses used to make Kendra fairytale are the same kisses used to restore her powers! The brother/sister teamup was much appreciated and I fairly enjoyed this chapter. -RayahXx
7/12/2018 c24 Rayah19
Hey! I found this chapter to be amazing. I like the creativity of the boys getting past the dragons. How Warren had a 'clone' and Seth going Level 7 Angel mode (my new name for it) was awesome and it really felt like a hype moment! Btw I'd have been r&r but my wifi went down and I was internetless -_-. Can't wait to finish the story! -RayahXx
7/10/2018 c39 32super legenda
So, this is the end, my thoughts...
These 10 stories were amazing!
It's a shame that the popularity decreased, i loved all of your stories and had very good times.
Thank you for doing this.
7/10/2018 c9 Rayah19
Okay, so Hiiii! I 'm back! YAYyy- no, no yay. ok. But I can't believe that you've completed the series. Congrats! Though I may not have been active since last year, I am sooo glad that you finished and Being Honest This is STILL my favorite series to read and I haven't ever gotten tired of it. So now that I'm back I am going to read and review (every few chapters of course) and enjoy everything this newly finished story has. Btw I'm going to start from Chapter 1 because my memory is a little hazy. Yea anyway, Congrats on finishing your series and I can't wait to finishing this story and review it! -RayahXx 3
5/2/2018 c16 17Melissa Waters
I'm sorry I haven't reviewd! I was just busy with school and everything, so I didn't have time to read. This was amazing! I hope you'll update soon
4/10/2018 c15 Melissa Waters
Yessssssss! I loved this chapter! Please update as soon as possible!
4/4/2018 c14 Melissa Waters
Ooooohhh... myyyyyy... goodnessss! How can you leave this at a cliffhanger this bad?!
4/3/2018 c13 Melissa Waters
I'm again sorry for not reviewing! I absolutely loved thos chapter, though! I hope you update soon!
3/19/2018 c12 32super legenda
When you will continue?
12/21/2017 c11 Melissa Waters
Yessss! I loved it! Please continue, as soon as you can!
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