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for Ulga, Sorrow Man, and the Mellon Collie

8/12/2018 c4 11FebruarySong
What a delightful update! Thank you, as ever, for the thoughtful recap at the beginning of the chapter. Your style is very reminiscent of good ole Jirt himself, especially the lighter tone of the Hobbit. I think he would enjoy this gentle story.

Also, uh, "Ulga hadn't the faintest idea what that meant but it sounded like an insult and she felt offended." Me? every day of my life?
8/4/2018 c4 Balloony Toons
I love this! Your writing style is so calming, it's a lot like Tolkien's when he wrote The Hobbit. I really hope you continue this, the story is amazing and incredibly vivid.

Have a great day!
2/18/2018 c3 FebruarySong
*suspicious eyes* is this series of books about magical Rings that can transport you to other worlds perhaps Narnia? The idea of Saruman possessing that series delights me.


I can't wait to see what world they have fallen into!
2/18/2018 c2 FebruarySong
Hey! I finally have time to catch up on this fab story. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long!

First of all, can I just say the highest of praise hands for your helpful (and adorable) chapter recap at the beginning? I wish more authors did this. It was SO appreciated.

Loving the mention of Gothmog as an orcish hottie, honestly wow

Orc flirting and Ulga having to deal with unwanted sexual advances is such a delightfully modern take, I love it.

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE
1/10/2018 c3 13eschscholzia
"When in doubt, blame the Valar. Or Sauron." - I love this. Don't forget Melkor too. He takes the fall for a lot of stuff.

Magical teleportation rings? I see what you did there. ;-)

I love the mental image of Saruman trotting down the stairs of Orthanc, his robes hitched up above his ankles so he doesn't trip. I bet he has thick woolly socks on underneath to keep warm- all those stone floors would be cold.
1/5/2018 c3 Guest
A Narnia reference- but really, how else could yellow and green teleporting rings have worked out?

The plot is really picking up speed now! We've got all our Middle-earthian characters, now all that's left is the Normal-earthian family and the RV. I harbor a faint hope that the RV will be a rust-bucket held together with duct tape and faith, and that it will break down at some point in the story to kick off some character development- but this is just my rambling. I can't wait to see what you do with the family; characters introduced in groups of more than two can be hard to remember, but I'm sure you can pull it off!
1/2/2018 c2 Alex
oooh i like where this is going!

And I love how you give a glimpse into the Orcish culture without giant text dumps. It goes so naturally and makes perfect sense.

I'm really getting to like Ulga
1/2/2018 c3 canadiangold
The hecking Narnia ref at the beginning! xD
And then the Magician's Nephew crossover... flipping brilliant.

Juls your writing is getting better even between chapters! I love how it switches between graceful and nearly poetic to humor without so much as a hiccup.

Your stuff is awesome. I'm really looking forward to more!
10/14/2017 c2 Grey Day
I have lost my words.
This is amazing! I have no idea how this can simultaneously be so humorous and so sad- even as one chuckles internally at the inept attempt at a funeral, one feels horrible for it, because the poor thing doesn't know how to have a funeral. If this were a movie it would get all sorts of reviews.
All this to say: I dearly hope you continue! This is an incredibly interesting premise, and I can't wait to see where you take it.
10/13/2017 c2 eschscholzia
I greatly enjoyed this chapter- Ulga's life is a train wreck, and I can't look away. She is so witty- her life is wasted as a orc. Do you suppose Saruman can do one of those makeover montages with peppy soundtrack music where she gets a new hairdo and wardrobe and takes off her glasses, and suddenly her life is so much more fulfilling?

Or have I just gotten too fatalistic in my old age?

Thank you for this antidote to the mainstream.
9/15/2017 c1 11FebruarySong
Ulga is cute with her crush and her big warg basically called Dog!
9/15/2017 c1 Grey Day
This is- I don't know what this is, precisely , but I think it is (and will continue to be) good. Can't wait to read the rest!
9/15/2017 c1 13eschscholzia
This is a very intriguing start! I am very curious to hear more about Ulga and why she is there, and why she is so interested in people. I am looking forward to reading more, when you have time. I understand how life goes.
9/15/2017 c1 canadiangold
This was so cool! I love the way you write, it's so dramatic and descriptive and almost poetic.
So Ulga is a... orc? and finds humans attractive? neat idea
Can't wait to see more!

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