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5/18 c1 2Aryuto
Alright, let's go over the facts. Lily Potter is known as the brightest witch of her age, and is quite skilled in potions and charms. Yet the Lily Potter we are presented here is scared of using her magic, sometimes forgets that she can even use magic to solve problems (such as finding missing people), and is a pseudo-elitist. Despite making the point over various chapters that she cares not for status or blood of people, she seems to only interact with nobility elites and does nothing for the benefit of the small folk of Riverrun or King's Landing even though she has the boons of magic. The Luna Lovegood transported to Westeros story is much more believable in a good-hearted woman with some magical training making an actual difference in common folk's lives - better farming during winter, common access to healing potions and medicines, better sanitation, etc. I'm beginning to think that Petyr was right about Lily; she has forgotten the little people now and is content to live in her elitist circles without changing a thing about the new world she is in.
The author has spent chapters detailing how empowered a woman Lily is in learning how to fight and taking action, but when it comes to actually engaging in the plot and trying to stop a war, she does nothing. She does not find the missing Lyanna or Rhaegar despite being very skilled in Charms. She does not make runes and jewellery to protect her loved ones when she knows they're going off to war. She does not even have the courage to use magic to apparate more people out of harm's way, like Elia and her children, as she did for Lysa. In trying to make an empowered, independent, and strong-minded woman, you have in fact made a maiden locked in a tower who is extremely passive and accepts the world around her passing by.
5/12 c39 silverrain-shiningsun
I miss this amazing story!
5/11 c1 Face Yourself
The obnoxious death scene that took up this whole chapter just killed off my interest in this story, if that's the way you write characters. It should've been skipped entirely.
4/27 c37 Helaaquet
Um why the hell didnt Lily just apparate them to dorne… why didn’t she find Lyanna before this… makes no sense at alllllll
4/3 c39 surge911
This dead?
3/27 c39 amk41196
I really hope this awesome story is not abandoned...
2/12 c18 Guest
Get Elia pregnant again so soon? Doesn't Rhaenys still need to be breastfed?
1/15 c13 Neos Primordial
She could use magic, I don't know why you used Lily as your mc, you could have created an OC you know, if she is using no magic. She can use wandless magic very easily and what she does with it, nothing. Just an example of how much you have ignored her magic abilities is the she doesn't even use a cooling charm on her when going shopping, she just suffers the heat to the point she feels her dress will melt off, it just proves you have no plans of using magic in this story, so I ask you again why use the Harry potter tag in your story, should have just created an oc and have the story removed from crossover section.
12/20/2023 c39 Anon
Loving it so far! If you put her on the throne, the expectations for this story rise immensely... I am looking forward to it!
12/12/2023 c1 Soul Sendant
complete trash
12/4/2023 c1 Naruto420
Robert was a psycho who had many Bastards even when he was betrothed to Lyanna. So I personally don't like this pairing.
11/26/2023 c39 geekmodeboy.1
Looking forward to the next one
11/15/2023 c39 HSkarsgard
I read this in one go which upon reflection wasn't smart given that it's now nearly 3am and I have work at 7. oh well. this is bloody brilliant so far! I absolutely love Lily and was genuinely hurt when Elbert died despite knowing she'd eventually end up with Robert. The scene with Ned and Lyanna had me smiling because like you, I agree that many writers completely gloss over the fact that she was a homewrecking hypocrite of the highest order. very few stories show her getting her just deserts and I look forward to seeing how her life unfolds post war. The character development in this is spectacular and I will anticipate each update with baited breath. thank you!
11/14/2023 c22 OogaChooga
to not obliviate at least Brandon and Petyr seems incredibly foolish. regardless of morality Petyr CLEARLY has an idea to abuse this knowledge and she doesn't really know or like Brandon. She only loses if she doesn't obliviate.
9/19/2023 c3 Really1
Lily never saw the 21st century. She died in 1981
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