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5/13/2022 c37 jayod
Love everything! Looking forward to more!
5/13/2022 c37 hoa.sunny.10.99
I like it!
5/13/2022 c37 anindhitania238
I LOVE IT! yes fuck lyanna and rhaegar! they could drown in the seven hells for all i care
5/13/2022 c37 Mortal Book Lover
Wow! What a twist, I really liked it! Thank you for the update!
5/13/2022 c37 17PhaedraZev
Ha! You reap what you sow Lyanna. I'm sure I know the choice, considering your ship intentions. Though it's still great to see the options offered to her. And no one pays attention to the Reeds so that will be something.
5/13/2022 c37 1Wal Otter
I'm loving this chapter, It's like a karma came to bite Lyanna on the ass.
Also the moment that Lili and Jaime managed to relax and talk was also satifying in charecter development part of the story
keep up great work
5/13/2022 c37 Hmmm12
I hate lyanna so much. She hated Robert because he was dishonorable but run of together with a married man with 2 kids. Yeah really honorable. Then again she was 14-15, and I remember how stupid I was at that age.. So I blame Rhaegar more.
5/13/2022 c37 WRoosterdf
Magical cores are not canon. To the harry potter books, at least. It's a common fanon, but baseless.
5/13/2022 c37 18Anonymous Wandmaker
Oh i definitely love this chapter! Most stories just go the pity way with Lyanna but this... he is the Lord Paramount. His father and brother died! She acted like a teenager. i feel like going to the capital and witnessing the numerous deaths will make her eyes open even more. Thanks for writing this. A breathe of fresh air in my opinion.
5/13/2022 c37 1malinkody
That rant against Lyanna was satisfying. But then again, I feel she is the victim of grooming. In Westeros no one would be aware of such a thing. And these kinds of things seem common in medieval fiction. In that sense I understand Neds reaction. The forced marriage seems in line with such a culture, and to be honest a medieval Lord would possibly not have given Lyanna any choice at all. Very nice way to leave us with a cliffhanger though. Loved the chapter. Thank you for the update.
5/13/2022 c37 LordStrange
Lyanna is still sounding like a immature brat and is not facing any repercussions. Lily will probably marry Robert, right?
5/13/2022 c37 32jumpingmanatee
SERVES HER RIGHT THE STUPID SELFISH BITCH! I loved it I never thought there was anything remotely romantic or right about Rhaegar and Lyanna. Not even Jon, look at the life he lead, nothing but misery and woe.

I love your version a million times better, thank you for writing this chapter. I can't wait until next time.
5/13/2022 c37 16Blackbird0
Wow, go Ned! So Lyanna will go north and marry Howard, and Lily will marry Robert to tie him to the Stark Arryn Tully alliance. Rhaenys will be betrothed to their future son. Did I guess it right? :O
I’m looking forward to Dorne!
5/13/2022 c37 2merendinoemiliano
Masterpiece of Ned's introspection and very good way to portray these new events
5/13/2022 c37 10TrashGlooblin
I love this story so much, such great writing!
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