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11/9/2022 c38 18PhaedraZev
Ah, so THAT'S how this pairing happens. It certainly makes it realistic, in the sense that Lily wouldn't search for love by her own choosing. Especially after Elbert. Having Lyanna live is a smart choice, otherwise Robert would be... well, Robert. At least this way he can learn to get over his feeling for Lyanna without grieving her. Though I'm curious about the lack of news of Jon. Is he alive/born? Did Ned send him elsewhere so no one would suspect a male heir? Curious to hear what his situation is.

This is a great chapter. I like how you wrote Doran and how this plot is shaping up.
11/9/2022 c38 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun to see the side's seeing the new board and trying to find there place on it
11/9/2022 c38 1macmillanan
I'm enjoying this story so far looking forward to more chapters!
11/9/2022 c38 6WriterRose1998
Love this story!
11/9/2022 c37 BananaLover
Another thing. Considerin that Ned is not married in the story to Catelyn, does that means he is going to marry Ashara? Bad move that one. Lily will not forgive nor forget that humiliation agains her sister, nor Losrd Hoster Tully, considering that was one of the reason he participated in the war as a Rebel.
11/9/2022 c38 BananaLover
OMG! I am sooooo excited for what is to come!

Love the chapter. Cannot wait for a POV from Robert's perspective when Lyanna rejected him, and he reacting to that. You took that from us! Please write that.

Well, until next time.
Stay safe, take care and blessings to you
11/9/2022 c38 NobleHumanRocks
The suspense is real! Everyone is moving their chess pieces and scheming. I'm looking forward to see every lord presenting their case (betrothal offers) to Robert; especially focusing on the competition between Lannisters and Tullys when the stage is set in Kings Landing.

Even though we all know who Robert will choose, I still want to see how Hoster and Tywin will present their cases. Plus Cersei rage and entitlement is always fun to see. Thanks for another great chapter.
11/9/2022 c38 18Anonymous Wandmaker
Glad to see you're back and hope you're well! Glad to see the story picking up as well. I wonder Cersei and Tywin's reaction to Lillian and Jaime, lol. Both not getting what they want twice over. Curious to see what Robert thinks of Lillian as a bride. I also think Lyanna will come to regret her decision later down the line... if she doesn't end up slightly crazy. Hopefully she doesn't fill her son's head with lies because that'll fail and leave the boy hated. Can't wait to see what you do next!
11/9/2022 c38 nerdalertwarning
Excited for an update and excited for the new twists and turns! Maybe I’m just hormonal but I’m in the mood for romance lately lol and can’t wait for Lily and Robert to meet again, sparks will definitely fly (hopefully not literally)
11/9/2022 c38 KEZZ 1
Wonderful chapter Thankyou
11/9/2022 c38 6Black Magic99
I both love and hate Doran’s idea, but do hope you follow through with it. That kind of drama makes good reading
11/9/2022 c38 MaliaSlytherClaw
Omg a new chapter!
I'm glad that Elia Lily Jaimie and the girls are okay and safe in Dorne
I hope that Lily will take the time to mourn those she lost
I wonder how Lily will react to Doran scheming for her wedding to Robert
Great update!
I can't wait to read the next chapter
11/9/2022 c38 32jumpingmanatee
I loved it! I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you so much for updating, you made my day!
11/9/2022 c38 29Boris Yeltsin
A well done chapter.
10/26/2022 c37 MikoWhiteFang
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