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5/12/2022 c37 61lil'hawkeye3
Idk honestly Ned isn't even being harsh here. I think you did a good job with this scene.
5/12/2022 c37 mathdump
I think that ned was much more forgiving in cannon because he literally ran into his sister as she was dying and was unable to learn the truth, but in thus timeline, the rosy picture he has of her has been shattered. I do however, question the detail in which lily explained the workings of magic to Jaime because she is supposedly self taught and also has no incentive to go beyond a rudimentary explanation.
5/12/2022 c37 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
Even if Rhaegar won battle and killed Robert, war would still go on. Both Ned and Jon make sure of that. Dorne would be outrage by Rhaegar new wife. May even try to kill Lyanna out of anger. Faith of the seven wouldn't support Rhaegar, when they found out his 2nd wife. It would be against there teachings in taking multiple wifes. Last time that happened was Maegor.
5/12/2022 c37 49Writer Nightpen
Really loved Ned's actions and how he is depicted. This is a man pushed to the breaking point by responsibilities he did not want.
5/12/2022 c37 3Dark Angels and Light Angels
Yeah, I'm glad you have Lyanna shown the extent of her selfishness though I will say that I personally think Rhaegar is more at fault, he was the older married one with 2 children. Anyway my personal headcanon is that Lyanna only intended to give Rhaegar her virginity as a last spiteful "fuck you" to Robert but she fully intended to marry him as she is a Stark and her honor would demand no less. And as she intended to give him her virginity he instead stop her away against her will but that's my personal headcanon.
5/12/2022 c37 5Citopal
ahhhh lyanna facing some CONSEQUENCES?! finally! i always thought that if she really had gone with rhaegar willingly, she would be the most naïve and stupidest character in the series.
she's almost always portrayed as this tragic loss of a beauty who died so young for love and so on, but really, she'd just run off with a married man and set off an entire war by not telling anyone. with rhaegar dead, it's truly cathartic to see someone get told face to face just how stupid they were.
also at least this way robert won't hold her as this impossible ideal woman anymore.
5/12/2022 c37 Isles
Wow interesting, so in this story Jon really is bastard, Lyanna is such a foolish girl
5/12/2022 c37 kingmanaena
i liked this i understand watch you wrote but ned and his father had been told by lyanna a few times she did not wont marry robert her famous quoute Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man's nature
5/12/2022 c37 licaulf02
I'm glad Lily and Elia and the kids were able to get out of King's Landing. And it's great to see that the Mountain suffered before his death. Jaime's decision, while not surprising, is still nice to see. I wonder what Doran's reaction will be. I bet he'll be glad to see his sister alive and his nieces safe, but it creates a whole slew of issues for Dorne to face, especially after the Reach surrenders. I think Ned's reaction is a bit too much. Ned's actions are probably the one I hate about canon Ned and Ned in this story. His decision to raise Jon as a bastard was him betraying his own family over his "brother". It was a quick "everyone wins" decision that betrayed Lyanna and was a cowardly move by Ned. Ultimately Robert's reaction to Rhaenys and Aegon's death says all you need to know about him personally and Ned raised the (possible) heir to the Iron Throne as a bastard. Although (some) blame can be given to Lyanna for her decision to run away with Rhaegar, the person at fault died on the Trident. Lyanna was 14/15 when she ran away with Rhaegar, while he is in his mid-20s and also the heir to the Iron Throne. Not only that, but why isn't any blame given to Brandon for his actions? I understand he was probably not in the best mental situation after being told his sister was kidnapped by the Prince, but still. He went to King's Landing and publicly declared for Rhaegar to come up and die. Even a sane King would punish him and not once did anyone think that Aerys might react in an unorthodox manner?
5/12/2022 c37 chocoPhantom7
OMG! You genius! I love it!

You had me with knots and bugs in the stomach because of the excitement. I was practically screaming "YES, Justice at last", when Lyanna survived. She need to face the consequences of her actions. Let's wait for her reaction when seeing 1st hand the chaos and the gore, caused by the war.

On another note, I don't think marrying her to Howland is a bad idea, but making him acknowledge her child as his, will make no sense, because Jon has the stark looks. Putting him side by side with Lyanna, someone will know, especially those who saw her as a child or personally ( or physically) knows the Stark. Make no sense.

Still I love everything. I await for more.

Stay safe, take care and blessings!
5/12/2022 c37 Charon99
Great story, I love your characterisation of Jamie and Eddard.
What I don't understand is why getting out of the city or being in danger in Kings Landing at all was ever an issue? Couldn't Lily have apparated everyone of interest out to Sunspear at any time?
5/12/2022 c37 BriSha01
Has que Elia y Lyana se encuentren ( eso seria epico y agregale a Lili dandole su meresido) y que al final Reina se lleve a Jon... Porque de una forma u otra el siempre sufre en el norte ( en todos los fan fic ) cuando muy bien se podria quedar en esas tierras donde los bastardos no son culpados por los errores de sus padres.
5/12/2022 c37 6Black Magic99
Something that is also never brought up is that she is a teenager around 14-16 yes its her fault but imo she was smooth talked by a prince with faulted promises. And given her conditions in canon, i think she left with him willingly got “married” and was kept prisoner once’s things went to shit and she realized how badly she fucked up.

She is both a cause for the war and a Victim to the prince.
5/12/2022 c37 Ashes Ascending
Nice chapter! Keep it up
5/12/2022 c37 1Evaline101
I don't think Ned is being harsh at all. I'm glad to finally read a story where Lyanna lives and faces the consequences of her actions. However, I do wish word gets out that she willingly ran away with Rhargar. But not Jon though. Anyways, great chapter.
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