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1/6/2018 c6 Angelicsailor
Whoa-! Lots of drama and foreshadowing going on over here
1/6/2018 c6 NightlyRowenTree
Thanks for the update
1/6/2018 c6 Shadow Wolf 15846
It’s sad that she died but that’s how it was back then wasn’t it. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
1/6/2018 c6 A Frozen Shadow
Shame but not unexpected that she’d die, great work with making Petyr seem more liable than his cannon self, keep up the good work
1/6/2018 c6 alice
vivement la suite
1/6/2018 c6 10J.F.C
Well, Lily is doing the opposite of her intentions, rather than friends she is making herself look even more lovable for Petyr. Still, there's a positive side to her actions though. She might possibly fulfill the goal of him forgetting about Cat, specially after she reminded him that he has less chances with Cat than with Lily. Cat is unrealistic on his terms, but Lily is not such an unrealistic goal...being the third child after all.

Cat is a child herself, no way she can control him, but Lily is an adult, she could definitely keep him in check when needed. Better for his eyes to be on her than causing trouble for either of the other two sisters. Hope you update soon.
1/6/2018 c2 Angelicsailor
Uh well I'm still going to read this but I hope that Gregor Clegane and the Lannisters get punished for Princess Elia's Rape and Death and the Deaths of Her CHILDREN that might be a thing that could make one stop reading if it goes unpunished.
1/6/2018 c6 Guest
Cant wait for the start of her romace with R. Happy newyears!
1/6/2018 c6 23Altiria-Aty
Lily with her siblings is quite cute especially with that last seen with Axel. but oh I worry for her and Baelish. i somehow doubt she'll l be able to alter that much.
1/6/2018 c6 sucuri
It's so cute, Lily and Petyr's friendship, and the way she compares him to snape! I'm glad she gave him a chance.
I wish I knew what he thinks of her, if he still has a crush or if he is focused on Cat like in canon and just sees Lily as his best friend.
Hopefuly we will see more family time next chapter, Lysa deserves attention! I hope having two pretier sisters dont make her self esteem worse, especially if she already likes petyr and he gives her sisters more attention than her.
Can't wait for more chapters!
1/6/2018 c6 chase manaena
this was great please update as soon as you can
1/6/2018 c6 2LittleAngel2292
I like this so far. I kind of think you're going to pair up peter and lily, or
1/6/2018 c6 Guest
poor baby tullys
1/6/2018 c6 DullReign82
More, I must have more! Great chapter.
1/6/2018 c6 ficreader2011
i don't want lily to become a useless breeder. in westeros family go without seeing each other for years like cat and lysa. lily can easily live her live of adventure and exploration.
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