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9/20/2022 c37 13Jefardi
I am very excited for them to finally reach Dorne. Also to see Jamie look very VERY out of place. I hope everything is going well for you!
9/19/2022 c28 jmantsch0702
Can't wait for the marriage between Lilly and Robert I really hope that Robert still gets semi-depressed and starts to gain some weight just for Lilly to pull him out of it again with something like "I don't want to be married to a fat King" dragging him into the training yard and keeping him in shape.
9/11/2022 c24 g0dgr1d
I don't think that's ideal. Two of the four children of Rickard Stark has been betrothed to the southerners, Brandon and Lyanna, tho still unsure if Ned will marry Ashara. Then, Benjen will probably take the black. With no other marriage that binds North together with the Stark, the bannersmen will revolt with that kind of set-up lmao but I guess some kind of plot armor could cover that lol
It happened in the canon and where are they now? Jk
9/11/2022 c23 g0dgr1d
Oh shit Petyr be doing that shit again here
9/11/2022 c15 g0dgr1d
Petyr is going to make a dumb decision that includes Elbert, isn't he?
9/11/2022 c9 g0dgr1d
The emoticons in this chapter lmao
First I've seen in a while in this site
9/9/2022 c37 stixes
Aw, man. What a cliffhanger! Really excited to get to Lily and Robert now though. I really enjoyed reading your story. Hope you are well and post soon <3
8/27/2022 c37 BananaLover
Hello! Is everything okay? You have not updated in a long time. I hope you are well.

Cannot wait for the next chapter!
Stay safe, take care and blessings
8/23/2022 c37 1Roxas fleur
I can see how you have lyanna and rhaegar very much. Please do update. We haven't seen any romance between both main leads yet
8/21/2022 c37 geekmodeboy.1
I want more! When is the next one?!
8/20/2022 c37 Amelia831
I mean you can’t fault Lyanna but only because people forget she’s an TEENAGER whom was shelter in the north band then force to married a guy. It would even rattle my feathers and make me be rebellious. Although I like to think Rhaegar had seduce and trick Lyanna to fall for her charms in order for her to come willing. And Rhaegar grew up in court and was already an adult, it was probably easy for him to make a hopeless shelter teenager like Lyanna to fall for his charms so quick. I know those things would’ve work on me at that age.

Anyways so glad Elia and the kids are saved, though I don’t what’s gonna happen to them expect they probably be disinherited and forced to married later on. Can’t wait for the next one!
8/18/2022 c37 JessiFitz7
I love this story so much! I’ve had my fingers crossed the entire time that Elia and her daughters would survive and I’m so glad that’s happened! I’m also really glad excited to see that Leanna survived as well and will actually have to face consequences for her actions. I’m really curious to see how the relationship is going to develop between Robert and Lily. I love reading all of your HP/GOT crossovers! While reading this I noticed you mention a story you wrote called Book of the Stranger. I’ve searched your page and even googled it but couldn’t find it anywhere. Is there sone place the story is still posted or sone way I could read it? I’m really interested in seeing a relationship between a female Harry and Jamie Lannister. Are there other stories you’ve written in the HP/GOT world that are no longer on but are somewhere else I can read them? Thank you again for writing this story as well as all your other stories! I’m excited to read what happens next!
8/17/2022 c1 2AliyaHuma
I really liked this story and was reading with pleasure and then ı thought to check the couple ( sorry ı generally don't read notes) It was a heartbreaking discovery for me...
Well, good luck to you with your story this just taught me to read writer notes so ı can stop reading the story without getting too attached.
8/10/2022 c37 Ame
Ojala se sepa mas rapido que tarde la verdad de Lyanna, tantas muertes y debe tomar responsabilidad por todo. Saludos y actualiza pronto por favor.
8/5/2022 c37 Liz
Primero me gusta tu historia, en enero lo leí ahora veo que haz actualizado en mayo...
¿Cada cuánto tiempo actualizas?

Si tu estas impaciente por avanzar, nosotros el triple para enterarnos ;)

Un detalle que para mí no es creíble, es porque no se APARECE DIRECTAMENTE en Dorne, si Jaime ya sabe de su magia, lo podría hacer dos o tres veces seguidas y aparecer cerca de Dorne. O sea que si utiliza su magia para llevar a Elia a Lys porque está deprimida, pero no usa para salvarle la vida, incluyendo la suya.

Otro detalle, cuando recibió la noticia de la muerte de su prometido (ahí uno ya puede ver las miles de muertes innecesarias y de inocentes) , ella debió haber hecho algo más drástico con Aerys, nosé un imperio o la muerte, esa inacción no es creíble o aceptable para un personaje como Lily.

Voy a pensar y adelantarme como podría llegar Lily a estar con Robert, Doran pedirá que sea Lily la que se case con él y su heredero se case con Rhaenys, esa será la CONDICIÓN para mantener la paz con Dorne y de paso fastidiar los planes de Tywin Lannister...
Jajajaja me daría mucha gracia ver ese escenario jejejeje

Gracias por seguir actualizando, pero de nuevo te pregunto
¿Cada cuántos meses actualizas?
Para venir y revisar tu historia?
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