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5/12/2022 c37 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
I'm definitely on board with Lyanna surviving after everything. In canon with her dying as Ned finally arrives, he's not going to be Lord of Winterfell and tell her the HORRIFIC truth of her actions. So now she has to actually see and live with the consequences of her actions. To know how her family has been killed in battle and to see the absolute destruction that has been brought to the Kingdom. The other thing is that it's not just Ned and Howland who know she WILLINGLY ran off with a MARRIED prince who has LEGITIMATE children from his LEGITIMATE wife. Nope, there are others outside of them who aren't so fond of her and Rhaegar that know the truth of their actions and it can be used against them. So damn excited to see how things are going in Dorne and honestly I really want to see Lyanna try and justify to Robert why she didn't/doesn't want to marry him.
5/12/2022 c37 NobleHumanRocks
At last! I have been waiting for this chapter since Lily called out Lyanna and Rhaegar's selfishness. It is good to see that Lyanna gets a dressing down for her selfishness and called out on her hypocrisy. She didn't want to marry Robert because of his licentious ways, fine, but then runs away with a married man with two children and a wife -who isn't dead by the time-, and does similar things she judges Robert for - the hypocrisy is real.

Thank you for calling Lyanna out on it. I'm looking forward to when she and Robert meets, if she has the courage to tell Robert she won't marry him. I hope also she gets a dressing down from Lily and judged by Elia's glare just to complete the circle.

Thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work!
5/12/2022 c37 litlecruz
AAAAHHH THIS CHAPTER WAS PERFECT, (well, they always are, but anyway). Thank uu. Can't wait for the next one.
5/12/2022 c37 SeleenaMarieDragonMistress
A standing ovation from my side of the screen just for you! I will admit I do enjoy the whole "Lyanna running off with Rhaegar is a good thing" trope on occasion. But Ned laying into her for her stupidity is just masterful! I've actually never read a story where she survives to actually pay the consequences of her actions, so it is wonderfully refreshing to read something new. It's a rare story to isn't predictable enough to sleep through. Thank you for thinking outside the box and delivering a wonderfully written story! I will, as always, eagerly await the next chapter being posted.
5/12/2022 c37 pure1ruby
Heeeeellllll yeah I always wanted to read something where she was put in her place, delusional annoying ass…. Lol
5/12/2022 c37 30Sparky She-Demon
Good I am glad that Lily, Jaime, Elia and the girls got out cleanly. And that the explanation of magic was done.

And boy oh boy. You let Lyanna live. And she has to live with the consequences of her actions. She'll always going to try and put Jon on the throne. Might I suggest an Obliviate spell on her? Or the Imperius curse, which requires contempt to be used and maintained? I'm sure Lily has *plenty* of that for Lyanna. Personally I think Lily should just AK her. Westeros would be better for it. But then Lyanna's suffering would be over, and that wouldn't do.

Way to go Ned!
5/12/2022 c37 Chaney2250
Woot! I like the fact that Lyanna was told to her face what she has done, never made much sense that she ran from Robert for not being "faithful" but had no trouble sleeping with a married man. Is it wrong that I want Cersei to actually have a somewhat happy long as that heifer stays away from the throne!
5/12/2022 c37 5Light Lord Cybergate
Hope you're happy now Lyanna. You have nobody but yourself to blame.
Seeing as this is a Lily/Robert pairing it's pretty clear what Lyanna's choice is going to be.
So...this opens the path for Lily to become Roberts new bride.
I wonder how Robert is going to refuse Tywin though. You can be sure that the old cat is going to offer Cersei to be the next Queen.
Of course, in canon, there was no Lily to stand in their way, so the only valid option in canon was Cersei seeing as Cat and Lysa had already been married at this point.
Not so this time.
Seeing as Robert never liked the Lannisters and since the Tullys had given troops long before Tywin decided to do the same, it makes sense that the first ones to get rewarded would be the Tullys. Tywin may rage and throw a tantrum about this but he only has himself to blame for taking so long to decide which side to join...and that's saying something as Old man Hoster took his time too, to secure the marriages first before allowing his troops to join the battles.

Interestingly, this time the Royal family survived and Tywin's Mad mountain did not. This weakens Tywins position even more. Robert could very well decide to punish him for failing to 'capture' the remaining royal family. He did it to his own brother, so why not Tywin.
On the other hand...seeing as Elia and her children were not killed, the Martel's may or may not be as angry as they were in canon. Will they still have the 'silent feud' against house Lannister? I guess they could since the attempt on Elia was still made...even if it did end in failure thanks to Lily. That can however not be forgotten.
Once things for sure Tully..or rather Lily, is now a strong ally to House Martel.

Which leads me to the next question: Will Elia be happy with Lily becoming the new Queen? Would she be willing to let her remain the Queen later on? Would the remaining Targaryen's want the throne back later on? (Thereby removing Lily as Queen)
On the bright side, at least IF they do decide to want it back, and if they do succeed, Lily will no doubt be pardoned. She did after all rescue Elia and the children. The same can be said for Jamie.

And what about Cersei now? If she is not going to become the Queen, then who will she marry?
I guess she could go to the Vale... seeing as Lysa is down south. Hope she doesn't mind getting married to an old man instead. Oh, and guess what... no Jamie to keep her company in bed either. At least, not unless he returns home.

Either way, the world as we knew it to be is now very different.
5/12/2022 c37 2GuardianXAngel
Harsh! By the Old Gods, Ned was completely in the right. Too many stories have Lord Stark playing catch up from the beginning as he wasn’t trained to lead but to follow.

Well now the leader has arrived and we get to see how he howls. Will Benjen be allowed to take the Black? Will Lord Stark seek to improve the North?

How will he secure the North with the Houses Dustin and Ryswell angry at House Stark?

So many concerns, so little time. I love seeing a proactive Eddard Stark.
5/12/2022 c37 5Rose1414
Very well written! Loving this story
5/12/2022 c37 3RHatch89
It's a really interesting and intriguing plot twist :)
5/12/2022 c37 Bambina-belle
Queen or Lady Greywater? That is the question...
Thanks for updating
5/12/2022 c37 Cleo9427
YES! This is the verbal slap in the face I needed to read! FINALLY. Lyanna truly got on my nerves with all of her hypocrisy. It’s total blasphemy for Robert to whore around but it’s oh so romantic when you run away with a MARRIAGE MAN? Apart of me wants her to marry Robert so she can be miserable but I also don’t want Jon growing up without his mom. At the same time Lyanna’s lies have caused the death of who know how many families. Then again I firmly believe a child shouldn’t suffer the consequences of the parents’ actions. Jon’s happy childhood or Lyanna’s suffering for all of the death she’s caused. It’s like Sophie’s Choice for me rn.
5/12/2022 c37 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun seeing them making there escape
interesting to see that lyanna lived also will be fun to see her choice and seeing john and going not with ned but some one else
5/12/2022 c37 MaliaSlytherClaw
Amazing, simply amazing
I absolutely love that scene with Lyanna and Ned
That was a much needed discussion, and for Lyanna to be faced with her actions
Thank you for this chapter
I can't wait to read the next one
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